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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
Posts: 9,016
I still own a tent It gets used once a year or so to sleep in, and most other times as a storage area or place holder for camping spots :-P For health reasons, I can no longer be on the cold ground, and am not able to hike, especially in higher elevations where all the best spots are. The tent only gets used in the best of weaher, and even then, I am skeptical.

I do very much miss the simplicity of the 13 Burro I sold recently. BUT.. I don't find the 17 to be much more unmanageable. It does not take any longer to place in a spot, and only a couple minutes more in set up to hook up the water etc. I actually have incorporated all the boondocking and shortcut ideas I had with the 13 in the 17, while leaving the major systems intact so I could use them when I have luxurious hook ups.

So, "camping" with it is no different to me than it was with the 13. I will go to all the places I did with the little guy with absolutely no extra consideration because of the "larger" size.

I was scared of the dump station at first, but that too, only takes a couple minutes longer at leaving time. Certainly not anymore than interrupting camping time to trek to the shower or bathroom, which I now do in the comfort and warmth and privacy of my own space. (I did so in the 13 too, but it took a bit of set up and rigging)

Like Roger, I use mine several times a year as he and his wife do. It goes to a nice RV Park (Which.. panic.. has been evacuated today due to a fire!) and I shorten my commute for a week or so for a break, while enjoying early evenings in a wetlands area.. with all amenities. It's almost like having a vacation while working!

It also is an escape pod for wildfires, the biggest natural threat near my home, and often gets used in leu of a hotel for long term work projects located farther away than my normal 45 mile one way commute. I know if I get shooed out of my house due to fire, that I will be much more comfortable in my own space with familiar things and systems than I would be on someones couch, or in a hotel room trying to hide two dogs, and worrying about my home. I am IN my second home.

Speaking of dogs, if you are a pet person, they LOVE the extra space, and I love not feeling like I am living in a kennel. Mine play in the aisle, and sleep in their own space that does not intrude on my living area.. a luxury I did not have in the 13.

SO... it's a vacation house, a camper, a home away from home, and I am quite comfortable IN and WITH it in any setting.

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Trailer: 1975 13 ft Trillium
Posts: 2,535
Ian, IF you read this, it might be worth your while to get 'off your island' and come to our egg meet in two weeks at Harrison, B.C.

Reace from Escape R.V. will be there for the weekend 'modeling' his '07 Escape 5.0 (fifth) which is directly designed to be towed by down sized pickups. Check them out on his website!!!!

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Name: Eric
Trailer: Bigfoot 17 ft Gaucho
Posts: 159
We gained 6 whole inches in length moving from a 17' Casita SD to a 17' 6" bigfoot. Reasons for the change:
1. I want a place to lie down when I come back in the afternoon from outdoor activities. We had both tables in the casita made up for dining and the usual guests.
2. I want a more comfortable bed instead of the side dinette -- we use 2 beds.

We spent a bundle for a tow vehicle and very little on the upgrade for the trailer.

We've taken 3 trips with the BF and I haven't regretted a thing. I think I made the right choice for our family (2 adults and 2 golden retrievers). We also have lots more floor space at night and don't have to walk quite so gingerly to get to the bathroom.

we have loads of storage compared to casita. But the tow is a hog and gets the horrible gas mileage roger discussed in his post -- it's a tradeoff.
We also now have a 3 burner stove and a conventional oven.
I love both trailers. I would recommend almost any fiberglass maker to a prospective buyer.

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Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
Posts: 8,152
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so my question is this. What are the opinions of those that have been there and done that? Any regrets from moving to a larger trailer? What size has ended up as just right for you?
We have no regrets. The Fiber Stream 16' seems to be just right.

The Compact Junior had a 66" x 75" bed which was immensly comfortable for 2, (persons less than 6' tall) as long as you didn't mind entering and leaving from the foot of the bed. The lights were mounted on the front wall, so we slept with our heads toward the front wall. It was a narrow trailer, so sleeping sideways was not an option, and we did not have the crawling over one another issues that sideways sleeping generates.

However, that much bed in that small of a trailer leaves precious little space for anything else. There was only room for one person to stand when the bed was made up, and every movement that was not in a prone or sitting position had to be negotiated for.

The Fiber Stream's king bed has the longer dimension from side-to-side. Before we added a shelf to the front wall, we slept fore-and-aft, like we did in the CJ, but with our heads toward the back of the trailer, due to the lights being mounted on the wall separating the bedwomb from the kitchen. The shelf encroached upon leg/foot room, and was inconvenient at night, so we switched to sideways sleeping. The shelf has become Robert's bedside table, and he gets the crawl-over chore for the privelege. Once I am asleep, nothing disturbs me, so I get crawled over. In the relationship dance, the little details make a big difference, especially in a small trailer.

The bonus is the bathroom! We had a portapotty in the CJ, but even though I created space to use it (sacrificing the closet/ice box space) it was still too "Public". The bulkhead (wall; for you civilians) between the bathroom and kitchen in the Fiber Stream is quite a water and air tight boundary. Odor control is worth putting up with the temperature differential. I much prefer having a shower within the trailer.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Peter
Trailer: 2005 19 ft Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 1,519
Lynne and I are fairly new to RVing and to FiberglassRVs. Our first and current trailer is our Scamp Fifth Wheel. Who knows? Given that I'm busy making modifications that may make this trailer into an almost ideal home-away-from-home this may be our first and last trailer, too.

There are, however, somethings that catch our eye. A larger, wider "U" shaped dinette with room to stretch out in, sofa style, on a rainy day or while we drink our morning coffee and read the paper would be a real win. I'm going to try out a few ideas and modifications that may or may not make dinette into a happy, comfortable sitting space, so we may be able to fix that.

I do not, however, think I can fix the low ceiling of the bathroom. It would be nice to have a shower that one can actually stand up in instead of perching on the toilet while bathing. On the other hand, since our main concern was having a private toilet, perhaps the shower thing won't be such a big deal. Or perhaps we'll develop Escape 5er or Bigfoot 5er lust. Only time will tell.

Which brings us to the things we really wanted and get from our RV: a small-ish home-away-from-home that has seperate sleeping and dining spaces, heat, a comfortable bed for two that's separate from the dinette, a private toilet room and kitchen facilities in an economical, comfortable-to-live-in-on-the-road package that's easy to tow and allows us to use a (at least somewhat) fuel efficient tow vehicle that we can disconnect while we explore each of our destinations. Our Scamp is all those things, and the more we work on it and spend time in it, the happier we are we bought the trailer we have now.

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Trailer: Bigfoot
Posts: 604
Thanks a lot to everyone who has contributed their experience and well-stated analysis. If some of you aren't professional writers, you should be. While I was initially seeking info from people on their trailer experience, the discussion of the type of camping experience and why people prefer their style has been enlightening as well. Once you clarify the type of experience you desire, the type of trailer required seems to flow from it. The problems arise (again) when you identify distinctly different experiences. As a Metis, I pretty much grew up in the bush - I was lucky enough to have my Grandfather around for a while - and he passed along his love of and experience with nature. When I am camping to experience nature, ie hang out in the bush, I think a 13 footer would be ideal. A simple economical place to sleep off the ground, maybe with some heat, as a nod to my disabilities. However, I also want to do some serious travelling. Expense is less of a concern, as I need enough of the civilities provided by a larger trailer to spend a month or three in healthy comfort. But I still want to camp, not RV, and I may have to occasionally single-hand it, so I think a 17 seems to be around the upper limit. I think I have, however, resolved my "guilt" for considering a larger trailer. Oh well, I guess what I really need is two trailers. Thanks again to all for your well-considered opinions.
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Trailer: Boler 1700SGH (Stage II twoftitis)
Posts: 284
Work is slow today so I'm feeling literally prolific ....

I've always been a 'tenter' but my wife is a 'shower and warm toilet' sort of camper. Now we have a 5 year old boy so we ditched the tent and bought a Boler 1300. I took a lot of perspective from my friend down the street. He started with a 14 foot fiberglass trailer of some sort, then bought a 22foot generic to get more room. But needed a big tow vehicle and so was maintaining an extra Ford truck just to tow the trailer. So he sold the 22 and bought a class B motorhome... But he still had the maintenance nightmare and huge fuel bills. So he sold that and bought a tent trailer. He decided he didn't like the tent trailer because you can't put anything in it until you get to camp so with 2 kids and a dog, the minivan is chock full of stuff until he gets to camp and then it takes him an extra half hour to get everything setup. So he just sold the tent trailer and is going to use his parents 5th wheel and tow vehicle until he can find another 15-17 foot fiberglass trailer which he figures will be just about perfect.

So Yuri made me sell my 1300 to him which left me scrambling to buy the 1700 that you now see in another thread. A decision I've since come to regret (though I hope Yuri and his family enjoy the 1300 despite the fridge 'incident'). I think once we get the 17 whipped into shape, it'll be great. The only things I didn't like about the 13 is that we didn't have a dinette and were always eating outside. When it's cold and miserable and you're eating outside in the rain, you wonder exactly why you have a trailer. Plus, the floor of the 13 was always packed full of clothes at night because we had nowhere to put anything ... In short, the 13 was just a _weee_ bit too small for the 2.5 of us; but in retrospect, given the amount of effort I've invested in the 17 so far, I'd gladly go back to the 13.

Hind sight is perfect ....
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Name: Ian or Vicki
Trailer: 17 ft Burro Widebody / 2007 Explorer Sport Trac
British Columbia
Posts: 447
Ian, IF you read this, it might be worth your while to get 'off your island' and come to our egg meet in two weeks at Harrison, B.C.

Reace from Escape R.V. will be there for the weekend 'modeling' his '07 Escape 5.0 (fifth) which is directly designed to be towed by down sized pickups. Check them out on his website!!!!
Thanks for the invite Doug and I actually considered dropping in on the gathering but I just have too much work here on the Island. But on a trip to Calgary late in April we stopped in Chilliwack to see Reace's babies and have arranged to rent an Escape 17 in September. If it's as good as it's billed we'll probably order one then.
Also, it sounds from what I read that you're another refugee from Winterpeg. Hate the rain here but it sures beats the minus 30 stuff.
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Trailer: 1975 13 ft Trillium
Posts: 2,535
But Ian, its almost 30 there today,LOL

Reace informed me that the cost of fiberglass is directly related to the cost or oil and thus when oil goes up, expect the cost of things related to it (fiberglass & ??) to escallate as well.
He is coming to the meet to 'model' his new 5.0.

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