weirdest thing you saw campers do - Fiberglass RV

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Vivian's story from another thread --

BobB's report of setting up his satellite dish for TV reminds me of a couple we camped next to in a lovely forested area in Montana. Late into the evening they were screaming at each other in positioning their dish, and I decided the most important thing they could have brought was walkie-talkies so the whole camp didn't have to listen to them!
-- makes we wonder what is the strangest thing you've observed while camping.

I had seen people leaving unsupervised campgrounds with a small, enclosed fire still smoldering, and we simply kick sand on it or drown it with water. Late last summer someone left a wilderness camping area with a HUGE roaring fire going -- and they had not even taken the trouble to surround the blaze with rocks.

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I have seen STUPID DANGEROUS things like that frequently.. I put fires out too.

The weirdest thing I ever saw was two young, but full grown women trying to stuff themselves and all their stuff inside a "Hello Kitty" childs tent.

They slept in it all nite, in the rain, when they had an empty pick up with a canopy that was empty they could have stretched out in.

I swear, you looked at the tent in the morning and you saw bulging elbows and foots. It couldn't have been more than 4 feet long.

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The Trailer Goddess and I spent our last Anniversary at a KOA in Burlington WA on the July 4th weekend. We ended up set up beside a couple who were obviously newbees at the r/v lifestyle and they in turn were 'roughing it' with fellow newbees. BOTH couples had new trailers, NOT rentals. SHE who must be obeyed and I watched the two men struggling to build a small portable propane BBQ they had just purchased that afternoon @ Camping World. There were screws and nutz n bolts falling all over the place!! MOST of which were never relocated....
...the worst part is, they WERE following directions!!!!

...later in the evening I ventured to ask WHY they had elected to buy a new (gas) BBQ and use their own propane, when they could have just as easily purchased an electric BBQ (less set up) and they are already paying for the electricity they were using???
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In Sequoia National Park, a camper took out a chain saw, started it up, and proceeded to cut up firewood from downed trees in the campground. The rangers arrived in record breaking time.
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One summer at Elephant Butte State Park New Mexico, a German tourist couple in a rental slide in pickup camper unit were at the dump site. After empting the black waste and I assume grey, they began to fill the fresh water tank with water from the clean out water hose hooked up at the dump site. I told them that would not be a good idea, they did stop. I explained about all the people who more than likely did some very nasty cleaning out with that hose and pointed out where they could get potable water at one of the campsites.

Earlier, we had watched a woman in a motorhome craming a hose at a dump site in Washington State with water and who knows what running down her arms off her elbow. It was a multi stall site, we change sides, not wanting to use the same hose.

I wear disposible gloves now days when using those dump site hoses, etc.


PS: Later I learned that in Germany, they do not drink water out of the tap, in bottles perhaps. A cultural thing, the German Teacher at a local high school told us about it.
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The absolute weirdest I've seen wasn't exactly in a campground, but at a trail head. We were headed for a 2+ mile 800ft gain hike to a lake to spend the week-end. While getting ready at the a small pickup with a canoe on top pulled up. One of the 3 guys started asking us questions about the lake. I mentioned that I had never seen anybody take a canoe into that lake. The reply was "We're young". I shrugged my shoulders and continued to get my boots on, and etc. They unloaded the canoe, put two large coolers in canoe, 3 heavy sleeping back, a Coleman 3 burner stove, lantern, and to top it all off two guitars. One guy put on a very small day pack. One guy picked up one end, or should I say attempted to pick up one end. Scratched his head and tried to pick up the other end. I don't know what happened after that cause we headed on up the trail and never saw them again. I often wonder if they managed to get that canoe across the road, I know they didn't make it the lake.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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I once saw a man pull the right front wheel of his pickup onto a concrete picnic table base and proceed to drain the oil from his engine onto the ground. After he put new oil in his engine and threw the emty cans on the ground he left. This was in a COE camp at Grapevine Lake near Dallas, TX.
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  • I once saw a guy take "boards" from a picnic table for use as firewood. It ignited very dramaticly to his suprise mainly because it was made of recycled plastic.
  • I saw a couple rig up a generator to a full size window air conditioner and and set it the front door of their tent.
  • I witnessed a group of guys lug a pony keg 2 miles into the Jemez mountians, then later they came to my camp begging for food because they didn't bring any.
  • There was a group of kids that boated over to our camp one night and acted as if we were long lost friends. As they came closer by the light of the fire we realized they were naked and had painted themselves blue from head to toe. We quickly discovered that the mushrooms they had eaten were not portabellos.
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YEARS AGO, I lived with 4 guys that I also worked with. We hung out everywhere together so much so that I was just "one of the guys." One night two of them and myself decide after a few beers that it would be great to go camping. Tent, sleeping bags, beer we had everything we needed off we went. When we arrived it was very late so and found the campground gate locked. To far out to turn back and to late we decided what seemed resonable at the time to go down the road aways and pull off on a dirt road and park our truck and camp..who would care was or thought process at this point. We thought we were quite a ways off the road as we wound our way thru the trees. We made a fire (lucky for us we made a decent attempt at a dug out fire pit and sat around the fire drinking some more. My buddies and I picked up all the cans and put them in a pile next to the tent and the three of us went to sleep in a tiny little tent...again nothing hinky these were my friends and nothing else so it didn't occure to me thins might look a little weird until the next morning when we hear .. "Good morning Ranger here, anybody in there?" Huh what was that, "Ranger here anybody inside the tent?"...oh no was my first thought. I poked my buddy Todd, you go out there I 'm not going to. Then Jason mumbles something so the three of us are chatting over who should go talk to the ranger who could here every word we said. Todd goes out to talk to him and of course he wants us all out there. So here Jason and I come and now I feel the embarrasment rise in my cheeks as I know this doesn't look really good , two guys one girl, small tent lots of beer cans. (HUMILIATED) the young Ranger took pity on us because we did put the fire in a pit and we did have the cans in a pile which showed we at least had a plan to keep it clean, he gave us the quick speach of why not to camp outside the campground , how illegal it was (turns out we were barley off the road and in broad daylight we could throw a rock to the street without using force. We payed for our "campsite" and he let us go on our way, we got a good laugh out of it later, but I still remeber how embarresed I was crawling out of that tent.

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I like Dave Barry's line before he tells a funny story -- "There may have been some beer involved in this decision".

If you want a drink of tap water in Germany at the table, put a couple of aspirins on the mat, point and ask for a glass of water -- My ex discovered that when we lived there.
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On a northern canoe trip we arrived at the put-in. Unloaded uor canoe and gear from my friends pick-up and portaged it all to the lake. Four boys came along with two canoes and their load. Coolers, sleeping bags, backpacks and four cases of beer and a huge barrel of draght beer wrapped in canvas and dry ice.[All this in an area with an alcohol ban] We were fascinated with their load and so stayed behind to watch them off. They had a cool one while loading their canoe and then had one for the road, uncorked another which they each took with them We figgured that this was one group we would stay clear of and headed off in another direction. The next day we took off again only to run into the "boys" at a portage. While we carried our gear to the next lake they were trying to tow the fully loaded canoes through a rock infested gorge that ended at a waterfall. They were drunk as could be and this was 10 oclock in the morning. They looked like an accident waiting to happen so we dissapeared across the next two lakes without looking back.
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WOW! I must lead a very sheltered life - I don't recall anything like the posts so far!!

The only thing that comes to mind is camping next to two rented RV's containing some folks from (I think) Switzerland. They got all set up with a bit of confusion - looked like their first night out with the rented rigs. The next morning while I was enjoying my coffee, I noticed some consternation across the way. First couple is looking at something on the ground by their rig, much discussion . . . then they go get the other couple at the campsite next to them . . . all 4 of them circle around this spot on the ground and the very animated discussion continues . . . . and continues. Finally, curiousity got the best of me - so I amble over ask what's up.

Turns out someone had let a small dog wander around the campground over night and the little pooch had left a 'deposit' - and these 4 adults were totally grossed out and couldn't figure out what to do about it!! A quick trip back to my trailer for doggie bags and I took care of the rather small problem (next the mess my greyhounds can make!) for them - you'd think I had saved them from a rabid Grizzly attack!! A short time later, one of the women appeared at my trailer door with a little bag of Swiss chocolate for my troubles.

Sure hope those folks weren't planning on doing a lot of hiking - no accounting for what they might have run into on a trail!!!
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I'm sure there are things that I have forgotten over time, maybe on purpose, but my odd little tale is from northern Wisconsin. When I lived up there I frequently would head to a wilderness area (note that I said wilderness area) that was fairly close by just to hang out. One day I was on the beach of this nice isolated lake, all by myself, hoping to hear a loon or something. In my hand was a nice, cold can of Coke. Then suddenly a gaggle of Campfire Girls showed up. One of the girls looked at me in surprise and asked where the soda machine was. I looked around and all I could see was a lake and trees, which seemed to go forever.

Hmmm, I don't think 20 some miles to the south was the answer she wanted.

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I watched one of those huge motorhomes while maneuvering to get a straight shot into his site pull off into the grass across the road and promptly sink up to the axles in the soft ground.

Much digging of holes and placing firewood in them to try to make a ramp out. To no avail.

A couple pickups tried to pull him out. Didn't even budge him.

It took one of those monster tow trucks to winch him out. He said he was paid portal-to-portal and that it was a 45 minute ride each way. That bill would've tapped out my travel budget for sure. It made for an interesting few hours people watching.

I do love watching a professional work. That tow truck driver really knew his stuff.

Quando omni flunkus, moritati
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