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Old 11-15-2005, 12:43 PM   #1
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Name: Ches
Trailer: 1992 Kustom Koach 17 FT
British Columbia
Posts: 4,897
By now lots of you regular folks know that this forum was hijacked.Did you learn any thing from this.
I always kinda trusted everyone and why would some one delibertly want to harm a inocent site .I always posted my pictures here and never kepted a backup at home.WHY-----I always thought they would be here--Plain and simple.Well guess what.I have no more of my trailer photos.
My lesson is now I will keep a backup on disk of anything important to me.

What did you learn?

Retired Underground Coal Miner.
Served in Canadian Army (1PPCLI)
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Old 11-15-2005, 12:53 PM   #2
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Byron Kinnaman's Avatar
Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
Posts: 6,462
Back up is always a good idea. I have a program that creates thumbnails, and keeps the location of all my photos. I used to put them on a CD, but now I can get more on a DVD.

I also intend to make a copy of the DVDs and put them in a safety deposit box.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Old 11-15-2005, 12:56 PM   #3
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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,540
That there are mean-for-nothing people in the world that have more time, than common sense on their hands.

Wonder what kind of jollies the person who hacked this site got out of the deal.

Hope a big case of heartburn........

You made a very valid point Ches. Backup anything that's important to YOU. Removable media is pretty dang cheap for those one and only copies of important pictures/documents.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Old 11-15-2005, 03:44 PM   #4
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Trailer: 1982 Burro 13 ft
Posts: 12

Only a big case of heartburn? Oh I wish more than that on them. At least a weeks worth of the terrible cramps and constant trots to the bathroom. In addition I hope their fingers cramp up so bad they can't pick their nose let alone use a keyboard for any purpose. Big oozing painful, infected sores on their butts that makes it impossible to sit down would be nice also and a cluster of warts on the end of thier nose and their mouth covered with cold sores that never go away just for starters.

As far as what I have learned well I have decieded it is time to learn how to do back-ups. This site has been so chucked full of priceless info (and I am sure it will get that way again soon) that was heartbreaking to lose. I really miss the burro link that was created. Thank goodness I did print out Burro door goes and how to repair it with step by step pictures. Now I just have to find it. I am sorry I did not get a chance to read all the old posts. When I had a few minutes I would always pull up some of the old posts and read through them. I must say I learned something new almost everytime I did that.

I am sure we are going to come back bigger, better and stronger this time. Amoung the many members there is just too much info to share and talk about.
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Old 11-15-2005, 03:55 PM   #5
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Donna D.'s Avatar
Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,540
Ellen I like your "revenge" much better than mine.

Did you mean this link: Burro Trailers

The only other links I can think of, went back to other pages on the forum...and right now those don't exist.

If you want the documentation from the Burro site, I'd suggest you grab it now....
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Old 11-15-2005, 04:07 PM   #6
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Lizbeth's Avatar
Name: Liz
Trailer: 1979 13 ft Boler, 1987 & 1988 Bigfoot 5th Wheel
Posts: 2,027
I learned that I'm really addicted to this site and the people here (actually I already knew that).

I've been though several computer crashes over the years and I'm not good about backing things up. When it first happens it's very frustrating but I just rebuild. It's the same thing that will happen here, everyone still has the info it just needes to be rebuilt. Humans have amazing computers in their heads!
1979 Boler B1300 | 1987 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | 1988 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | We officially have a collection!
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Old 11-15-2005, 04:08 PM   #7
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Trailer: 1982 Burro 13 ft
Posts: 12

Thanks but no that is not it. This was a bunch of different info/posts about the Burro trailers that was all put in one spot. On my favorites I put it as Losta Links 4 Burro. I am hoping that since it was a while ago that might come back at some point but the time Michael gets done.

Hey while I have you around I need you to send me your email address so I can email you the Amerigo info. Shannon still has the manual in her computer so I am just going to have her send them to you via email. Do you want Lil Big Foot and Burro Manuals and papers on how to put the Burro together also?

I have also been playing with my signature and want to know if it looks okay?
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Old 11-15-2005, 06:11 PM   #8
Pam Garlow's Avatar
Name: Pam
Trailer: U-Haul 1985
Posts: 3,259
I wondered what happened to all the fabulous info on this site. I figgured someone archived it and I just didn't know where to look!
I've never been able to figure out those who get pleasure from trashing other people's hard work. They're a pretty pitiful excuse for a human.
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Old 11-15-2005, 10:29 PM   #9
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Trailer: 2000 19 ft (formerly 17 ft) Casita Freedom Deluxe ('Nuestra Casita') / 2000 4WD V8 Tundra
Posts: 760
Send a message via Yahoo to Kurt & Ann K.
I haven't thought of this in years, and it's not a very Christian thought, but there is an old "curse" that seems appropriate to wish on the hijacker, "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch".
Enough said!
I'm thankful I printed info that had future potential and it is in a file in "Nuestra Casita".
Kurt & Ann K.
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Old 11-15-2005, 10:41 PM   #10
Mary F's Avatar
Name: Mary
Trailer: Escape 21; (formerly Casita LD 17 & 16)
Posts: 9,873
I learned that we have a bunch of great people who are members here, people who are interested in helping with the recovery, people for whom participation on this website means a great deal.

Of course, I suspected all that stuff already!

But the response from you folks was overwhelming... and I thank you for it!!
Mary F Fiberglass Rules!
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Old 11-16-2005, 06:43 AM   #11
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Joe MacDonald's Avatar
Trailer: Trillium
Posts: 762
I was debating wether or not we could make a backup archive on cd or dvd to be able to keep at home, or in the trailer for reference when out enjoying it. In hindsight, I guess this was a good idea, I wish I had acted on it.
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Old 11-16-2005, 08:15 AM   #12
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Trailer: Bigfoot 2500 Series (25C9.6E 'Yeti')
Posts: 101
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I have been installing and setting up networks in law and doctor offices for over ten years and I can't belive the the things people do with home computers. Your home PC IS NOT as SAFE as you think it is. I would not have a computer online with out a backup plan. But I do thank the people that do go online without one becouse I do make LOTS of money from them.
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Old 11-16-2005, 10:49 AM   #13
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Trailer: 1989 Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 2,055
As my husband tells those who service his computer: "My idea of backing up my computer, is pushing my laptop away from me."

I learned that we lost nothing of importance and gained a valuable insight as to what a wonderful group of people play here.

This tells me that the person(s) who tried to destroy this site failed. Their feeble attempts equate to no more than a temper tantrum of a two year old and I am treating it the same way: Turning around, shutting the door behind me, and getting on with having a good time with all of you. They aren't worth the time nor the effort for me to even think about them, let alone let it bother me.

... besides, thanks to them, my Personal Messenger box is empty and I don't have to worry about cleaning it out now.
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Old 11-16-2005, 11:53 AM   #14
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Jeanne and Steve's Avatar
Trailer: Casita 16 ft 1984 and U-Haul CT13 1985
Posts: 454
Pat and Arleen raise an issue re. computer security that's especially compelling right now. After this site was hijacked, we immediately went out and bought and installed an anti-spyware program, and use an anti-virus program that we keep up to date, but is this enough? I'm sure lots of us wonder what the computer experts among us would recommend to help us keep our computers safe.

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