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Name: Mary
Trailer: Escape 21; (formerly Casita LD 17 & 16)
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[quote]I agree with so much of what has already been said. Just shows how simpatico most of us are with regard to WHY we do what we do.


The pic below is part of a series I did of streams in the Great Smoky Mountains in 2004 and 2005.

Attachment 9430

That's beautiful, Robert. Thanks for sharing!

Mary F Fiberglass Rules!
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Name: Ian or Vicki
Trailer: 17 ft Burro Widebody / 2007 Explorer Sport Trac
British Columbia
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Camping is quiet, simplicity, nature, solitude, reading, making our own music, listening to birdsong and river current, walking among the trees and clambering over rocks, campfires and starlight.

RVing is CDs and boomboxes, TV and DVDs, loud talk, lotsa beer, crowds and cocktails, thrumming generators and dangling lights and whatever it takes to keep the natural world at bay.
What Jack said. Each has its place depending on mood and mental condition. The joy of a portable accommodation is that you can choose whichever it is you need at the moment.

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Trailer: Bigfoot (25B21FB) / 2002 Ford F-150 5.4L V8
Posts: 32
For years, when I lived in the East, the annual trek to the Allegheny National Forest in NW PA was a highlight of the year— whatever year! For two to three weeks we would boondock and veg out: enjoy the sound of running water, sit and stare at the stars, collect firewood, enjoy wonderful campfires, play with the dogs (and enjoy their delight in the forest experience), watch wildlife, fix wonderful food, and mostly just get back in touch with selves and the real world of nature— sometimes rough and hard, but always a good tonic. Oh, yes: we also enjoyed the absence of other homo sapiens.
May I ask where you went in Allegheny National Forest? My son and I have been tent camping in Potter county PA (north central) and would like to plan a trip further west when the new Bigfoot finally arrives.

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Name: Peter
Trailer: 2005 19 ft Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
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This is a timely topic for Lynne and I. Our original idea for a trailer was something akin to a rolling tent with a comfy bed, a toilet and kitchen facilities, but that idea has morphed and grown into something a bit closer to a rolling hotel suite with a kitchenette and no pricey mini-bar. So last night we were sitting in our 19' Scamp (which we parked out front so visiting friends and family could peek inside and see what we've been up to) and commenting that we almost need to remind ourselves that this is our "camper."

For the two of us it makes sense. Tent camping was itself never our end goal, but a means to an end: getting out, away from home, somewhere where the trees grow tall and long walks where the air is clear and quiet are just outside our door. We'd do more of it if early morning toilet stops could be done without getting all wrapped up in shoes and a warm jacket.

The modifications we're making to our trailer accomplish all of that and more. Even so, Lynne has a thought that perhaps it would be nice to have a really small 13'er . . . something more basic that feels more like "roughing it . . ."

At least when you compare it to our Scamp 19!

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Trailer: 1987 13 ft Casita
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Camping is getting away from it all and back into nature for me. The Casita, although new for me, will allow me to get into nature faster and stay longer. Finding the perfect place for the tent and my "princess and the pea" body, setting it up, moving into it and then everything in reverse for going home including spreading everything out to dry (once before leaving and again at home), cut into valuable nature time. But I will still tent it too.

One of my coolest nights camping was being on a hill with a wine in one hand and myself in a comfy chair on a dark night. No one around for miles. My dog was going across the slope below me and I was watching the silhouette of an owl following her, about 10 feet above, as she crisscrossed the slope. I assume since she is big, the owl was taking advantage of her scaring up some dinner. That bird was totally silent, Phoebe didn't have a clue she had a tag-along.


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Trailer: U-Haul CT13
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Wow, I thought I was alone out there reading all the stuff from folks talking about appliances etc. Relax, my brothers spend months every year all over the country that way. They think I'm nuts.

I look at it as "tent camping with a trailer". Seldom park amenities -propane heat, light and cooking. I'm not sure it's boondocking, but I spend lots of time in the mountains or on the crick with nobody w/in miles.
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Trailer: 2005 17 ft Escape ('Turtle')
Posts: 388
The simplest definition of camping to me is sleeping outdoors. Our small basic trailer qualifies. It gets us off the ground & keeps our experience in nature simple. (however I miss some of the night sounds we heard better in a tent).

But there is more to the experience of why we camp. I would agree with Jack, the experience my husband and I seek when we camp includes quiet, simplicity, nature, solitude, reading, listening to birds, water and wind, walking in the woods, beach, etc. Living in the woods on a road that has become WAY too trafficked, absence of human generated noise is crucial.

Note: according to Webster the word is from the from Latin campus meaning ‘level ground,’ something we can all agree is important to a good camping experience!
"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -- Lao Tzu

Enjoy our travel photos at: Turtle Travels
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Name: David
Trailer: Bigfoot 25 ft (25B25RQ)
Posts: 298
My favorite ways to camp:

#1. Put tents, ice chests, food and beverage into a medium size whitewater raft and float down a wilderness river for 5-15 days. Some of the best river beaches are on the Salmon River in Idaho, to name just one.

#2. Hire a bush pilot in Alaska and get dropped off during the fall caribou migration. Weather can be marginal but the wilderness experience is second to none. We use two tents for this. One to get dry in and one to sleep in.

#3. Backpack into the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. Some of the biggest native cutthroat trout anywhere. Or the Canyon country in spring or fall is nice. This used to be our number one favorite way to camp before we discovered rafting. Like RV's, rafts carry more stuff than a backpack.

#4. Drive to the end of a two track road on Forest Service or BLM land. Drag a wall tent and a few amenities out of sight of the road and set up camp.

#5. Pull a small travel trailer down the worst dirt road we can stand to tow it on. Drag the trailer off the road as far as possible. Try not to be seen or heard.

Anything else we do with our trailer we don't claim as camping. We love road trips and this is our travelling hotel room. Certainly an RV park and most campgrounds don't really seem like a "camp" to us, but they are still perfectly good places to stay while travelling. We just never thought of using our trailer as a substitute for tent camping. They are two completely different things, both of which we enjoy.
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Name: Larry
Trailer: 1983 13 ft Scamp
Posts: 553
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To my first wife, "roughing it" was Motel 6 with black & white TV and an unheated outdoor pool.... Carrie, however, (aka "MS Always Right") prefers camping in my version.. boondocking ( I should have never let her visit my Elk camp....) She is so contented to spend a weekend or longer just sitting out under the trees reading and vegging. (we just got back from one) I pulled all the electrical out of the 13, even took the water tank out-turned it into storage space (just pack jugs and 5 gal cans for water). Nary a complaint--- I think this one is a keeper. Larry
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Trailer: 1989 Bigfoot 17 ft and 1989 Li'l Bigfoot 13 ft
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Nary a complaint--- I think this one is a keeper.
...the Scamp, or the wife??

Actually, that makes you a happy camper with the "Lady and the Scamp"
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Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
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Camping ... is getting away.
Camping is quiet, simplicity, nature, solitude...
I can simply sit by a rushing woodland stream for hours and hours and revel in Doing Nothing except absorbing the sound, the sweet smells, and the sight of the patterns the water makes.
a good fire...
There are so many eloquent people here, that I thought I'd start with a mosaic of what's been said in harmony with some of my thoughts.

Then, I have meditated on and contemplated about what our vehicles are defined as. The dichotomy I often read is Camp vs. Portable Hotel.
How do others view our vehicles? What newspaper classified section do persons generally find them in? Usually "Travel Trailers". That appears to be biased toward the Portable Hotel school of thought.

But then, here in California, the Guvmint has created a financial bias toward Camping, by greatly reducing the vehicle license fees for a select few Camp Trailers.
Camp Trailer
A "camp trailer" is a vehicle designed to be used on a highway, capable of human habitation for camping or recreational purposes, that does not exceed 16 feet in overall length from the foremost point of the trailer hitch to the rear extremity of the trailer body and does not exceed 96 inches in width and includes any tent trailer. Where a trailer telescopes for travel, the size shall apply to the trailer as fully extended. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a camp trailer shall not be deemed to be a trailer coach.
There is an element of sacrifice here. If you want to go camping, you're limited by law to 16' and the first 3 don't count! Otherwise, you're just traveling, and must pay the full amount for your license plate, please. Those who must assemble their "Human Habitation" are really sacrificing a lot, so they ALL are included. Another part of sacrifice would be the lack of utilities provided by others. You want Water? Light? artificial breezes? food preservation? etc.? Provide it yourself! Electric outlets don't grow on trees.

I especially am in harmony with the Doing Nothing part mentioned above. In today's intense labor environment, you've GOT to "get away" to get away with doing nothing.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Trailer: 1978 13 ft Scamp
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The dictionary says..."A place where tents, huts, or other temporary shelters are set up, as by soldiers, nomads, or travelers. "

We call it SCAMPIN!

I think we all just want to get away and enjoy one another and no one at the same time, with my 13ft, i use as a rolling hardsided tent really, removing the heater and the fridge and even possibly the stove top. Im just not wanting to sleep on the ground and set up and clean up is a breeze with the scamp.

We camp in tent sites because there is no need for hook up. bring everything you would with a tent yet its all secured in the scamp.

Cooking mainly over the fire and occasionally on the propane stove.

Camping by the water is a favorite, waking up when there is nothing up yet but the wildlife, hearing the water rush down the mountain in a hurry to go somwhere. Its a great way to STOP, we have such busy lives. Scampin allows us to slow down and enjoy one another.
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Name: Jim
Trailer: 1997 Casita 17' SD, 1981 13' Burro, 2014 Tacoma Crewcab 4x4
Posts: 240
Taking the Burb and trailer to see what is over the next hill is what it is all about to us.
We have camped in over 30 states - camped in National Parks, State Parks, National forest, State Forest, a few private camp grounds, Truck plaza's and along some deserted road in the middle of nowere.

We hike, Antique, look at history, and the way people live when we travel.

When we pull the 13' Burro we are camping , when we use the 25' Sunlite trailer we are RVing.
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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Liberty Deluxe
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We don't consider ourselves to be campers, ....... we're travelers, and our Casita is our portable motel room, with kitchenette.

We're not too choosey about the amenities offerred by the RV park we stay in, as long as they provide full hookups.

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