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Name: Lew
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Originally Posted by Adrian W View Post
"Por Nada", BigLew. How about you listing one of your "Most Beautiful" Campgrounds.
One of these days when we have a chance to again camp, I would be glad to.
When I was much younger we would camp at Ohiopyle State Park in Western PA with our children and brothers family. We did that quite often. It had the best scenery in the State of PA. during the fall. Some people would not agree with that, but I'll stand by my statement.

Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania


Ohiopyle State Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some of our best times were at this state park.
Thank you for asking Adrian.
Lew & Linda

ps....we would spend hours with the kids here.....

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Name: Adrian
Trailer: Lance 1985~'Casita de Campo' ~23' 4"~Dinette Slide Previously: Scamp 16 ft Side Dinette, Front Bath
New Mexico
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Wow! That's some WaterSlide! Reminded me of Texas' Pedernales Falls State Park by Johnson City. A neat place we spend a few days with our kids some years ago.

No Super WaterSlide, but water & a falls. Ha!

Speaking of Water, Canada's Waterton Lake National Park's Townsite CG was really pretty, with great expanses of green lawn with campsite mingled in it & with many large trees as well.

We had stopped at Fort Macleod, Alberta when on our way to Waterton from Banff (really neat campgrounds around there as well). It was were the first RCMP made an appearence. It was in the general area of a neat site, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. At Waterton, We were there in '97 and stayed at least 2 days, we stayed at Townsite Campground because the Crandell Campground was full.

Townsite - "Located at the south end of the Waterton townsite, this campground offers 238 sites (95 of which are fully serviced), hot showers, flush toilets, food storage and kitchen shelters. There are no individual firepits. This open, mowed lawn campground, exposed to winds from Upper Waterton Lake, is an excellent place for RV's or for those who wish to be within walking distance of town amenities."

Crandell - "Located along the Red Rock Parkway in the scenic Blakiston Valley, this campground is set in a pleasant montane forest. It offers 129 unserviced sites, flush toilets, piped water, kitchen shelters, some fire rings and firewood, food storage, recycling bins, and a dump station. All sites are back-in, and loops may be tight. We recommend that only camping units shorter than 9.5 meters/30 ft use this campground."

We had our bikes with us and rode them to town and on some trails. We also had a canoe and we did go canoeing on Cameron Lake which had ice banks at the far end of the lake on the US side of the lake, small glaciers breaking off icebergs. Due to wind we did not canoe on Waterton Lake.
MAP http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/wat...it1/b.aspx?m=1
***** MAP Townsite http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/wat.../visit1/c.aspx
*** Head Smashed-In http://history.alberta.ca/headsmashedin/default.aspx
MAP http://history.alberta.ca/headsmashe...bj_map_lrg.gif

In the Video ^, at Cameron Lake, we canoed from where the camera was to the far end of the lake, which is in the US. Very pretty on the lake in a canoe.

We were in a smallish MH towing a Geo Metro with the bikes & canoe on the car. Same trip as when we stopped at Massacre Rocks in ID. Also stopped at St. Mary's CG at Glacier...my son & I canoed on St. Mary's Lake. As one drives up Going to the Sun Highway, one can see a small island in the Lake with a tree or two on it. We discovered it is not an island but two small ones. I believe we canoed between them. Couldn't tell it was two from the road. Beautiful lake, Beautiful country.
Here's a photo of the islands:

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Name: Lew
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We would ride the rocks until we wore holes in our jean shorts! lol....
I need to get back up there!
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
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We've been on the road for 11 years, camping at least 200 days a year more than 2500 nights on the road, have been to every state and province, many numerous times and we can not find a favorite, most beautiful place. Yet the most common question from our non-RV friends it's what's your favorite... definitely we found 1,000s of places we could happily live.. yet the best one is the next one.

I think what overwhelms us is the beautiful places that few go to, like the Chiricahau Mts this year, or maybe Mary's Harbour, Labrador.... none of the places that we ever had on our must see list. As much as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone are a rush, sometimes the crowds make them less than what they really are.

Now I love Yellowstone and it is a must see for everyone, truly unique but some silent mountain hikes are just as beautiful and fulfulling. Thankfully there are just too many wonderful places to go.

This week I spent a couple of hours exploring the multi-colored beach send of Oregon thru a magnifying glass, wonderful colors close up.

There is no end to the wonder around the next corner, at the next stop. There is so much to be stimulated and tantalized by that I just "applied for an RV life extension".

Today we drove another of the cross Oregon roads from the coast thru the Cascades. Everyone of these parallel to the river roads, beautiful and interesting. I looked forward to our drive towards Crater Lake, but my heart ached leaving the Oregon coast knowing it will be at least two years before I get back, a similar feeling when one leaves the middle of a Redwood forest....

The most telling thing to me is we've been to Port Orford and Bandon 7 times and feel like there's so much more.... and there is. It took us until our 7th visit to discover the "pancake" at the Paradise Cafe, or the China Mt Road or the Sixes River hike to the coast or ..... just too much to do...

Two kids exploring their world with their eyes wide open...
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Adrian
Trailer: Lance 1985~'Casita de Campo' ~23' 4"~Dinette Slide Previously: Scamp 16 ft Side Dinette, Front Bath
New Mexico
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Exactly, Norm & Ginny

I liked the Oregon & Washington Coast as well. Neat places all alone them, as well as the California Coast.

We have stayed at Birch Bay State Park near Blaine, Washington twice over the years, used it as a base for going to Victoria & Victoria Island in Canada. Once on the way out of Canada, once before going into it. It is a 194-acre camping park with 8,255 feet of saltwater shoreline on Birch Bay and 14,923 feet of freshwater shoreline on Terrell Creek. The park is rich in archeological significance and offers panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains and Canadian Gulf Islands. Very nice park, neat views, neat seafood in the area. Not too far from Port Angles.

We enjoyed a short stay at Sequim Bay State Park, a year-round, 92-acre marine camping park with 4,909 feet of saltwater coast in the Sequim "rainshadow," just inside Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula. The bay is calm, the air is dry and interpretive opportunities await visitors.

To get to Sequim from Birch Bay, we did take a ferry to Port Townsend. Can't remember route at this time. We also took a ferry from an island, which we drove to from Sequim, to Seattle. Bough some fresh pawns at a small country stop & shop and some smoked salmon from some guys selling it from their van along the way. Go some crab boil at a Super Market in Sequim. Oh, was it a feast! We went to the Aquarium in Seattle and rode a tram to close to the Space Needle.

Before leaving Washington, we stopped at Cape Disappointment State Park (formerly Fort Canby State Park) is a 1,882-acre camping park on the Long Beach Peninsula, fronted by the Pacific Ocean. The park offers 27 miles of ocean beach, two lighthouses, an interpretive center and hiking trails. Visitors enjoy beachcombing and exploring the area's rich natural and cultural history. The nearby coastal towns of Ilwaco and Long Beach feature special events and festivals spring through fall. It was very nice. Some sites are on the beach or very near it. Neat area, neat campground.

The campground was Walking distance to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse which began operating in 1856, and is now the oldest lighthouse still in use on the West Coast.

The bridge over the Columbia River is neat to cross at Astoria as well. Fort Clatsop, a Lewis and Clark National Historical Park was neat to see, our young kids loved it. It is near Astoria. No camping there.

In California, "Hearst Castle" or "Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument" is a must see. San Simeon State Park is just south of the Monument and isn't a bad campground & one can walk to the beach from it. One may even see Elephant Seals backing on the beach in the area just north of San Simeon as well.

Camping in the Red Woods & driving to see the Sequoias at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks is a rush. We didn't get to camp at Yosemite National Park, but camped outside it & did day trips into the Valley & other parts. Very neat to say the least.
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Name: Lew
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Thanks Everyone! I am making sure I "copy & Paste" all this info into my "to-do" file.
The first thing that comes to my mind is how much everyone has traveled. I envy you all.
My day is close (retirement).
I have not seen Oregon or Washington, so that will be at the top of our list. We've been doing a bit of reading about Bend, Oregon. So much to see, and so little time to do it.
Thanks Donna D., Adrian, RgRug, and Norm & Ginny!
Any others??????
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Name: Kinga DeRode
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One of my favorite camping places is Big Bend National Park, especially in the basin where it is cool when the rest of the park is baking.

Another favorite is Acadia National Park in Maine for the ocean scenery.
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Name: Diane
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East of the Mississippi, the Manogahela National Forest in West Virginia by far!!!
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Name: Reid
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The scenery in southern Utah is spectacular, we have some favorite places in Idaho, along the Salmon River in Stanley Basin, but nothing compares ,to us at least, to Central Oregon which is pretty close to home. The Metolius River is about as scenic as it comes w/ good fly fishing as a bonus. So many incredible places on Cascade Lakes highway-Little Lava Lake-the head of the Deschutes River is especially pretty
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Name: Frederick
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Red face The most beautiful place for me is also the most difficult

Originally Posted by BigLew View Post
What's YOUR favorite place to camp (beauty wise)?
I cannot take the Fiber Stream there.
It won't fit into a backpack and weighs considerably more than the 75 pound limit I was capable to take...

I was only there only once, 35 years ago, and I doubt I could survive the hike to get there today.
But the memory of it shines as brightly for me as if I were there yesterday...

Havasu Falls in Havasupai, Grand Canyon - havasupaitribe.com

This should be on everyone's "Bucket List."

(Even though it is different today than when I saw it.)
Frederick - The Scaleman
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Name: Rob
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Very tough question. All the parks I visit have their own unique beauty and I have not been disappointed.

Glacier National Park is a place that draws me back, perhaps from memories of visits when I was younger.

John Muir once said about Glacier, "Nowhere else is so much Majesty compacted together."
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Name: Imogene
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I concur with Frederick.....Havasupai is a bucket list thing. I attended NAU in Flagstaff in the 60"s, was a member of the NAU hiking club and we made it to Supai at least 3 times per school year. Was last there for a hiking club reunion when most of us were approaching our 50's......finally reached an age when we could afford and most importantly NEEDED to have our camping gear toted down and up by mule/horse. Would not take the Scamp, LOL.

As to other favorite camping spots thru-out the USA, every place I have been in this country, canada, mexico, northern europe have all had their special qualities. The destination is important but equally important is the trip there if you can take the time to find those hidden gems during the trip.
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Name: Jon
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Tough decision! - My favorite National Park is Glacier. Favorite State Park - Ricketts Glen in PA. Favorite area - Southern Utah.
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Name: Dave
Trailer: Bigfoot 25 RB and Bigfoot 21RB
British Columbia
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Haines Junction, Yukon

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