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Hello fellow-fiberglass fans,

I am new to this web page. I am currently looking for a travel trailer for my daughter and me. Now here is the thing: I fell in love with the concept of the fiberglass trailers, and am looking for a suitable trailer between 13' and 17'. I am already now particular about the Scamp and the Casita. How do they compare in quality? What is your experience with either of those, 13', 16' and 17'? Which one would be easy enough to handle for a single mom, while a four-year old is around?

I already gathered that those are hard to come by, especially when used. I already contacted both companies asking for more information.

Your help would be very much appreciated!



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Name: Rachel
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One place to start is to ask if you have a tow vehicle, and if so, what weight and tongue weight is it rated for?

Also, what is your price range?

The two facts above will "dial in" the choices for most people.

I can't think why any of the ones you mentioned would be harder than the others to handle. Of course many of the larger trailers will have more luxuries, and that means more systems, which means either knowing how to take care of them yourself or hiring others to do so. There is more comfort but also more potential for things to malfunction.

You have to be relatively quick, but there are definitely used Scamps and Casitas out there.


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Trailer: 2010 17 ft Escape B ('Cafe Egg')
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Oh, in the towing department I should be fine. My 2002 4Runner is rated at 5000lb. In the price department I only know that I would like to stay around 15k. I personally don't know how easy either of this trailers is to handle. I guess I mean things like how comfortable they tow, maintenance and other things, whatever comes to your mind. Thanks for your input!!
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Name: Jim
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Gerda, if you spend some time on here reading past posts, you will find some great information. This is what I did a year ago. It eventually led me to the Escape 19. Your 4Runner should handle just about any moulded fiberglass trailer, especially in the size range you are looking for. Keep asking questions as you have them, there is a great bunch of advisers around here.

You should make a list of what you must have, as well as a list of what you would like to have, in a trailer. This will lead you in the direction you should go. Our only must haves were a permanent bed, small bathroom, and good insulation.
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Trailer: 2010 17 ft Escape B ('Cafe Egg')
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Hi fellow fiberglass-fans,

Just wanted to give you an update. I looked a bit more around in older forums of this site, and found some really nice tips. It made also me looking for the Escape in addition to Scamp and Casita. Another nice option that went far up my list. As the matter of fact, I also contacted the manufacturer in Canada.

Furthermore I looked today at a Hi-Lo 15' trailer, and few days earlier at the T[at]B. Both went off my list, as I was not impressed. Now I know for 100%, that my camper will be a fiberglass!

My next step will be to look at a local Scamp trailer, I got an invitation to do so which was very nice! I will keep you all posted, and will bug you with questions as they arise.

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I'm a single mom, too, Gerda and looking to buy a 13 ft something for me and my daughter. Let me know what you learn - I'm very interested.
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Gerda (and Joy)

Couple of additional issues to consider -

tongue weight. Generally the smaller the trailer, the easier it is to move about when NOT connected to a vehicle. Depending on your own physical abilities, that may or may not be an issue.

backing up. generally, the smaller the trailer, the more difficult to learn to back up. They are just more sensitive - they veer off easier and faster they shorter they are. BUT the up side is when you get GOOD, you can really spot them in a smaller, tighter location.

You will both LOVE your new l'eggs and have many memorable trips - hopefully mostly GOOD memorite. lol
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You might also want to check out an EggCamper. Lighter and simpler than most but with more room. Made in Michigan.

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Trailer: 2010 17 ft Escape B ('Cafe Egg')
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For my choice a very important point was brought up: How easy it is to handle the trailer if not attached to the car. This makes me think that a 13' is best suited for us, besides another fact that a 13' trailer fits about everywhere! Looking for instance at the Casita Patriot deluxe, it has all amenities we would need! I am right now at a point where Casita and Escape are my favorites. EggCamper is another nice option, although I like the interiors of the first two better. I don't mind if it handles a little more tricky when backing up. I can learn...

About the T[at]B I looked at I did not like too much that the black weather strip was coming off. And this problem is encountered by many T[at]B owners. Makes me not feel to confident about it's ability to keep water out in the longer run. Also, it was described by multiple owners that water actually came into the trailer through the round door windows. Another thing: The cover of the gas bottle was very flimsy made. The interior was however extra cute and well done! The biggest contra for me was however the customer service factor: It was described by many owners here in the U.S. that it always took long time to get parts for the trailer. And apparently not every dealer of T[at]B is willing to do the service, when the T[at]B was bought somewhere else. This are all things I cannot use in my busy life. I am simply looking for something reliable AND cute, a trailer with which my daughter and I can have many relaxing weekends. Wouldn't that be something if Casita or the other fiberglass manufacturers could offer cool color schemes....?!

Joe, I keep you and our fellow fiberglass fans updated. I currently look into new and used.

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Name: Donna D
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For my choice a very important point was brought up: How easy it is to handle the trailer if not attached to the car.
I can move my 2,150 lb (dryweight) 16' Scamp around on the asphalt with a trailer dolly. Is that what you meant?

Something to bear in mind. Beds. A 13 foot Casita Patriot (w/bathroom) or any 13 footer with a separate bath... you're going to lose a bed. Right now, sharing a bed with a four-year old wouldn't be so bad... but kids grow... quickly and it won't be long before you both want your own sleeping area. If you're set on a 13 footer, skip the built in bathroom and deal with a porta-potty for those nighttime trips. That way you'll have plenty of sleeping areas... even if your daughter brings along a friend.

But, if you go to 16 feet you get more beds AND a bathroom (in some models)

Something to consider.
Donna D.
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Hi: Gerda, H... Here's a pic. I snapped at Bolerama this year. It's the cutest 13'er I've ever seen...but then I'm biased!!!
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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Please continue to keep me posted on your research and what you decide to get.
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Name: Mary
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I'm with Donna: consider the 16 ft. Scamp or Casita. (Actually I know next to nothing about the Scamps, but a Casita Spirit deluxe will give you each a bed, plus the bathroom.)

And... welcome to FiberglassRV.com.
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Trailer: 2010 17 ft Escape B ('Cafe Egg')
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Hi Fellow-Fiberglassfans,

My little daughter and I just came back from a tent camping trip to the Backbone State Park in Iowa. Love that park. This time I kept my eyes wide open looking for a fiberglass trailer, and there was none! I am just amazed at that, as those little campers just seem perfect to me. As much as I love tent camping, but it was no fun being rained out this last night and morning... Luckily the tent held up very well, but just everything outside got wet. And the tent needed tonight some drying TLC. Just reminds me again that I am NOT for a tent camper.

The more I keep looking into the little cute eggs, the more I go towards the 15' Escape Plan B, with a little bathroom. Just had this weekend during the rain a little reminder again, that the convenience of an on-board bathroom would be just fabulous, especially for my little girl. Tammy from Escape and I are already talking about that. As I know that this is a brand new line from Escape, I also still keep looking for a 13' or 16' Casita or Scamp, new or used.

Joy, I was thinking today of you, as I encountered a little T[at]B just this morning in the park. But there were mostly tent folding campers, tents, 5th wheels or bigger RV's. Please keep also me posted where you are at with your little camper research!

BTW, Alf, I agree, that is really a very nice picture! I think by now, given the options and looks, that the 15' Escape would be just perfect for us!


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