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Name: Guy
Trailer: 1978 Trillium 13 ft
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My wife and I differ in the reasons we enjoy camping. She likes to quietly hang out at a somewhat secluded campsite, just reading and relaxing. I, on the other hand, prefer to go out exploring the area. We each like to do each otherís thing as well, but our preferences are as stated. Consequently, the quality of the campsite is more important to her, while the destination is meaningful for me. What are YOUR preferences? Do you just want to get away, forgetting all the chores and obligations of work/home? Is it just a cheap motel for being a tourist? Do you treat it as a great way for the family to be together? Are you roughing it or do you bring most of the conveniences of home? Do you cook all your meals or prefer to eat out a lot? Do you want to be close to nature or is RVing on a tarmac OK with you because itís just base camp? Do you like the freedom of RVing or are your trips carefully planned? Are you likely to socialize with lots of fellow campers or do you just want to canoe in the wilderness? Iím sure there are hundreds of reasons for using our little eggs...whatís yours?

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Name: Rick & Rei
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I like to sit under a tree and watch people or nature-just sit there and do nothing.
Richard likes to be doing something, walking, swimming or sightseeing. We usually cook simple foods or make sandwiches.
If we are traveling-we usually stop and camp for the night so don`t do much of anything-until we get to where we are going.
I like camping-it is so different from being at home.

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Funny thing is I like having the Casita for all the reasons above and more depending on the "trip" we are taking, the reasons change.

The over all reason, is I hate dirty motels/hotels so having an rv is a way I can travel without having to grossed out. My dirt is one thing, but 100's of peoples dirt is another.

Staying in a primative campground is not my top choice, but if the area is where I wanna be, then I suck it up and stay.

Prefer hook ups over dry camping.

Depending on the area we are visiting depends on if we cook at the campsite or take in the local fare.

Tarmac basecamp is great if that is what is available for the area we are visiting. But prefer a private full hook up with a beautiful veiw.

Rving is about the freedom to move on to the next great adventure. I don't limit those adventures to some remote location, We have had great adventure in metro cities as well as beside some of the most beautiful streams, rivers, lakes. So having an rv enables us to enjoy all that an area has to offer.

We camp, We rv, both being compatible in the Casita but they are not necessarily the same thing.

Some people actually believe parking at Wallie world is camping.

As far as socializing, of course. There are friends I haven't met yet..........................
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Name: Frederick
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What are YOUR preferences?
...1...Do you just want to get away, forgetting all the chores and obligations of work/home?
...2...Is it just a cheap motel for being a tourist?
...3...Do you treat it as a great way for the family to be together?
...4...Are you roughing it or do you bring most of the conveniences of home?
...5...Do you cook all your meals or prefer to eat out a lot?
...6...Do you want to be close to nature or is RVing on a tarmac OK with you because it’s just base camp?
...7...Do you like the freedom of RVing or are your trips carefully planned?
...8...Are you likely to socialize with lots of fellow campers or do you just want to canoe in the wilderness?
1. For a short weekend trip, yes. Living in the middle of a high density urban area requires the ability to escape that the Fiber Stream provides.
2. Cheap? Actually a 2 star property is cheaper. Not towing is w-a-ay cheaper. Trailering just has much less "Ick factor."
3. Most of my siblings and my Dad live near the East coast, I am on the West coast, and cousins are in the middle which is where we compromise on for most Reunions. Funny thing, they all like to stay at 3 and 4 star hotels, but we end up congregating under my awning at whatever campground I am parked in.
4. Convenience, Baby!
5. That depends. If we are parked in a campsite for a week, we prefer to cook. If we are on a 6 day trek from San Diego to Syracuse, then we eat out a lot.
6. We want to be in a natural setting. Haven't tried the WalMart thing. We actually love boondocking.
7. Limited Vacations make us plan very carefully.
8. The vast majority of our time in the Fiber Stream involves FGRV rallys.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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We aren't "Campers". We are "Travelers". The Casita is our Portable Motel Room.

The Casita is where we shower, sleep, sometimes eat and keep our extra clothes. It's where we leave the puppies while we take short trips, ... We have to come back and check on them from time to time and take them for walks.

The Casita let's us be where we want to be without staying in motels (which I detest). And have a safe cool, or warm, place for the puppies.

If they don't have full hookups, ..... I won't be there.
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Trailer: 75 Trillium 13 ft
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I was born to camp, celebrated my first birthday at a campsite. My parents were big into camping, and once I hit my teens I really got into solo camping. Bought a Jeep and started backwoods camping. Got older and my body wasn't enjoying the ground. Upgraded to a teardrop (littleguy) for a few years. Met my wife and the teardrop was too small with us and our 50lbs dog. Traded up to the Trillium. Still enjoy dry and backwoods camping, but also enjoy it just to get out and get away from it all.

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Name: Pam
Trailer: U-Haul 1985
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My job is WAY too crazy, and camping is WAY NOT crazy. It's very sooooooothing to just get up in the morning, make a cuppa coffee, and open the door to a dewy morning. (with nothing ahead in the day except what you decide) A big part of the fun is working to 'keep it simple' and figuring out how to do it with less.
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Name: Dave
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A few years before I retired; i made a trip down to New Mexico. I took the scenic route. I saw so many new vistas just in those few states that it became almost an obsession that I must see it all. I'm a rockhound and only a few places have campgrounds near collecting sites, so it's mostlydry camping. Last year at Yellow Cat Flat in east Utah, the night sky was fantastic; so many more stars without nearby city lights.

There is a special peace in the solitude.
I do use campgrounds and even an occasional motel for the conveniences, but out being one with nature is more of my style.
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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
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The first camping trip I remember was when I was about 5 years old. We camped on a lake in Idaho. Been camping ever since. Early camping cooking was done over an open fire. Eating out, too far to drive or walk as case may be.
The main activity in early trips was fishing.
Around 30 years after the first trip, I talked a friend to take on a backpacking trip. Up till then all my camping was "car camping", that is close to transportation but usually a long ways from a town.
That first trip into the Jefferson Wilderness (that's in Oregon) got me really hooked on the silence and beauty of true mountain wilderness. Days were spent exploring, fishing, taking pictures, and relaxing. Eating out wasn't possible, a 5 hour hike and a 3 hour drive to closest eating place. And there wasn't a current bush around to run a microwave oven. Neither was there a shower or potty. A nice dip in a mountain lake is about as refreshing as it gets.
About that time a divorce and remarriage happened. The new wife was taken on a backpacking trip and then it was matter of who was dragging who out the door for our next adventure. We experienced sun and sun burn, rain, snow and sleet. I even got a mild case of hypothermia and still loved it all. Got rid of the fishing pole. I figured I was old enough I didn't need an excuse to watch the water roll over the rocks or the ripples run across a lake.
Later we got involved with a carving group and geocaching group. Both had group camp outs and our only camp bed room was the tiny tent and we got tired of getting dressed on our back at the events.
Now there's the trailer. If we're someplace in Oregon/Washington we head for the back country and park in "dispersed camping" spot. Some even have a metal fire ring. Two activities occupy us, I set up my Ham Radio station and get on the air or we'll take a hike around the area.
When traveling we head for federal non-electric camp grounds. There we often visit with the temporary neighbors, walk around, and try to make a few radio contacts on the Ham Radio. If get rained in then a few card games, maybe a computer game, or a book.
The idea is get out and off the grid.
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Alfred
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Hi: All... Here's three reasons why we camp!!!
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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Alf, I second you on the reasons why we like camping to a 100%...

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