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When my husband, Jim, and I first began camping in a tent, he was not a keen participant but he agreed to ‘try it out’. It was the August long weekend and we joined friends who were already camping in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Our first night went well but on the second day it began to rain and it rained most of the day. Jim is by now very unhappy with the whole situation and we crawl into our sleeping bags quite damp. I’m not sure how long I slept but I woke up while it was still dark struggling to push my ‘sleeping bag’ away from my face. It took a couple of minutes to sink in that my sleeping bag was red flannel and it was soft green fabric that was resting on my face. Now anyone who has spent any time in the mountains has probably already guessed what has happened. Our tent was supported with tension-poles and it had cork-screwed down around us because of the weight of the heavy wet snow piled on it. I can hardly move so I start nudging Jim saying “Jim, wake up, it’s snowed and the tent has collapsed, wake up”. The mumbly response I get is “Yeah, yeah, its okay, I’ll get it in the morning” and he promptly starts quietly snoring again. So I huffily think “Well fine then. If he doesn’t care, I’m sure not going to bother” and start to drift off again. I just barely start snoozing when this great flailing and thrashing begins beside me and I hear “( ) the *#&!# tent fell down! It snowed! (more ) unprintable) And, with a great TWANGGG, and a whoosh, the tent snaps back up and out! It took quite a bit of talking and agreeing that, yes, we can leave in the morning (well, I crossed my fingers) before he gave up on the idea of packing up the whole ‘damn mess’ up and throwing it in the car and going home. We did end up staying – thankfully the rain and snow stopped – for the rest of the weekend. And here we are, twenty years later and still going out camping and Jim loves it as much as I do. Though, of course, NOT in a tent. Jim and Pat

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OK, I'll bite on this one... my adventure started out as an innocent April canoe/camping trip on the Buffalo River between Ponca and Pruitt, a distance of 25 miles or so. We planned to spend one night out on the river so we had a fairly heavily loaded canoe due to the extra camping/cooking equipment. We had an excellent first day and camped about 3/4 of a mile downstream of Kyle's Landing (the halfway point of the trip) on a gravel bar. After we went to bed an extremely nasty storm blew in about 2:00 AM complete with high winds and a torrent of hailstones. The hail started out about the size of a marble but kept getting larger and after what seemed an eternity, ended with baseball sized hail. My wife and I were sitting in a Eureka Timberline Outfitter 4 man model A frame style tent watching those huge hailstones pelt the fly of the tent to the light of a flashlight. When the hail ended, I looked outside and it looked like it had snowed! There was a couple of inches of ice on the ground. Then the rain began falling in sheets... it was raining so hard that it looked like the rain was coming from every direction including from below. About 5:00 AM our gravel bar became an island in the river with the water still rising fast and plenty of rain still falling. I decided it was time to pack up and try to get off the river and since the Buffalo River has limited access points, the closest place was Kyle's Landing some 3/4 of a mile upstream in an increasingly angry, swollen river. We didn't take any time packing things, we just wadded the tent, sleeping bags, pads, stove , cooking pots and ice chest into our Old Town Tripper just as our campsite became part of the river. We struggled against the current for well over and hour before we reached Kyle's Landing, which looked like a newly declared disaster area. Tents were shredded, windshields broken out of vehicles and the campers were all congregated telling their respective horror stories. The cabin style tents seemed to have suffered the worst damage and the testimony from some of the occupants of those tents confirmed my suspicions. One decidedly haggard looking fellow told me that his tent didn't even slow the first of the golf-ball sized hail down and after those had shredded his roof, he covered his head with his sleeping bag and got pelted with the baseball sized stuff. While my wife and I were dragging our equipment into the campground, a Forest Service Ranger showed up in what was a few days earlier a brand new Dodge Ramcharger... that morning it looked like it had been worked over with a sledge hammer... the windshield and all the windows on one side were completely knocked out! The Ranger posted the "River Closed" signs and did what he could to calm the huddled masses. I managed to catch a ride with him back to Pruitt where my vehicle was parked expecting it to look just like all the other vehicles I'd seen at Kyle's. Thanks goodness, that wasn't the case as the hailstorm missed that area. I think what I learned most from that trip was to never buy one of those cheap cabin style tents... I was on the river again the next week getting back on the horse that threw me...

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My experience like this was with my extended family, so it was quite a crowd of us. Picture it...
My folks, three little brothers, one cousin, and several friends (Basically added up to ten people!) are all headed out for five days of camping and dirt bike riding in the desert. It's a family tradition trip for us, but it almost didn't happen this time...

Poor Dad has spent the last month getting everybody's motorcyle/ATC/Quad shipshape for this trip. He's spent the last two days (with all of us boys as labor) loading all the machines onto the trailer to go. We were suppose to leave the day before, so we're already behind, everybody's tired and grouchy. Dad's classic 1957 Chevy Pickup is going to be the tow vehicle for the bike trailer. Mom is following in her S-10 Blazer, and I'm pulling up the rear in Grandma's Chrysler LeBaron (My car was in the shop!). Gotta have seatbelt spots for all these people, right? Anyway, our merry band got as far as the edge of town and the brake controller in the truck fails, so no electric brakes on the trailer. Dad can stop the rig, IF he STANDS on the brake peddle, and that was only going 35 MPH in town... If he has to do the repairs, we'll be even later than we already are...

So we're pulled over in an empty parking lot, everybody grumbling and depressed. My folks had already discussed renting a motorhome or trailer before this, and we all knew they couldn't afford the outrageous price that the local places were charging. Plus it was Memorial Day weekend, so we KNEW everything would be rented now...

It just so happens that right across the street is the local Ryder truck rental place. I see my folks huddled together talking, glancing over at the truck rental place, talking more, glancing more... And then my parents turn to us kids, say 'Stay here, we'll be right back,' and they cross the street heading to the Ryder truck place.

One hour later we're back at my folks place, just finished hitching the motorcycle trailer up to the Ryder truck. ALL the people and stuff that we'd had distributed between all three vehicles originally is now stowed in the back of the Ryder truck, along with all eight of us kids, and away we went on our camping trip! We'd all spread out our sleeping bags here and there in the truck, so we were all sprawled out, reading, playing video games, or just sleeping while Dad drove.

Was it illegal as hell for us kids to be riding in the back of the Ryder truck? Well of course! Was it pretty sad that we'd basically made this Ryder truck into our motorhome for the weekend? Well yeah, but you know, that was one of the FUNNEST trips we ever had, and this trip has been going on for over thirty years! We'd pull up at a McDonalds to eat, park WAY in the back of the parking lot so nobody would see us all pile out of the back of the truck, just all kinds of kooky stuff. My folks had rented the truck with the little cargo area over the cab, and that was where my little brothers slept, like a loft bed. We had a porta-potty along for use once we got to the campground.

So was it a 'worst camping story'? Well, sort of, for a while there it seemed like if anything could go wrong it did. But as I said, we ended up having one of the best trips in memory, with tons of fun and good times. And to this day that story still comes up around the campfire, and we all smile fondly and have a good laugh over our ' Okie Motorhome'! hehe


PS-Grandma's LeBaron, that was suppose to go along on this trip originally, stranded Dad on the side of the road with a busted timing belt like 10 miles out of town the next time he drove it.
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What you don't want to hear from your friend who brought the tent when camping in the spring in the Olympic Rain Forest - "OOOOh! That was a rainfly? I thought it was something extra that got mixed in with the tent accidently - so I didn't bring it."

enuf said . . . .

Then there was the 'perfect camping spot' on Homer Spit in Alaska - no one else camping anywhere near it. And it was perfect until the tide came in . . . it was a nerve-wracking night with water surrounding my little VW - barely enough dry sand to walk around the van. I was very glad when low tide finally arrived and the sand was firm enough to drive back to the road - to the amusement of all the locals who knew better than to try what I had done!!
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Then there was the 'perfect camping spot' on Homer Spit in Alaska - no one else camping anywhere near it. And it was perfect until the tide came in . . . it was a nerve-wracking night with water surrounding my little VW - barely enough dry sand to walk around the van. I was very glad when low tide finally arrived and the sand was firm enough to drive back to the road - to the amusement of all the locals who knew better than to try what I had done!!
Good story! Those crowds can get pretty thick on the Homer Spit...
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I have camped in a tornado, huge trees falling down, have pictures of my 5 yr old standing next to trees wider than he was tall. tents blown down but every one was fine huddled in the rest room areas.

Have camped in many a blowing rain and luckily I had the camper. We do a family camping thing yearly, with my 4 brothers, their families, and anyone else that wants to join us. A couple of yrs ago tents blew down and my nieces all packed up and left the next morning. They all have tents.

Once we all went late fall for an extra camping trip, it snowed, and every one froze in their tents. Huddling around the campfire just did not keep us warm I was so glad to have my new pop up camper that I had just boughten that day. Gee, I didn't think I needed electricity to make the furnace work. I froze just like the rest of them. We packed up and left that next morning also.

For me it has been the weather that has dampened my camping experiances.
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Well, the worst wasn't me camping, exactly. My daughter was turning 11, and the plan was to have a slumber party, only the six girls would camp out in the yard in tents. Smart mom, I'm thinking, it will be quiet inside with all the noise and talking going on outside.

Well, it worked that way for a few hours, then some of the girls got spooked, and they started to migrate (noisily) to the house. They were making somewhat of an effort not to wake me up, but of course they did. Finally two of them came in crying. Angelina, it seemed, was the brave remaining soul who wanted to sleep in the tent, and they were all upset because they didn't want to stay outside and also didn't want to leave Angelina alone in the tent. So they wanted me to go out and make Angelina come in!

I managed to talk my own daughter and one other into joining Ang in the tent instead, and things quieted down somewhat and we made it through the night. And you'd think I'd learned my lesson about preteen girls and slumber parties, but no, the next summer I let three of them have a sleepout on the beach in a tent.

They were allowed to have a fire (a small one.) At about 10 my father went out and yelled at them as they were throwing huge logs on the fire, which was now the size of a small burning house. They let it burn down and may have done some sleeping. At 5 AM they left it slightly doused and came in to my parent's basement where they (loudly again) ate candy and thought they were being quiet. Awhile later they came down to my house and went back to sleep until 3 PM. In the meantime I went over to check on the beach and found that the fire was NOT out, and dragged them out of bed to come and do a decent job of putting it out, pack up their things, and get ready to go home.

And that was the last campout.

My daughter is actually a very responsible 29 as of yesterday. I might even let her camp out again someday.
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What you don't want to hear from your friend who brought the tent when camping in the spring in the Olympic Rain Forest - "OOOOh! That was a rainfly? I thought it was something extra that got mixed in with the tent accidently - so I didn't bring it."

enuf said . . . .

Then there was the 'perfect camping spot' on Homer Spit in Alaska - no one else camping anywhere near it. And it was perfect until the tide came in . . . it was a nerve-wracking night with water surrounding my little VW - barely enough dry sand to walk around the van. I was very glad when low tide finally arrived and the sand was firm enough to drive back to the road - to the amusement of all the locals who knew better than to try what I had done!!
I had a similar experience in Puerto Penasco Mexico. I pulled into Cholla Bay right at sunset to camp on the beach. After a few beers a friend and I saw a baja bug driving up and down the surf. We decided that looked like fun so we jumped into my 4cyl. Ranger and put it in reverse to go enjoy the same thing. I also remember putting on some loud fast music after jokingly stating "let put on some good gettin' stuck music". I pressed the gas and sunk to the axle, apparently I had picked the correct music. We then decided to walk back down to a bar we had seen further up the beach and try to find help. The bar was empty other than the bartender and two VERY drunk Americans who agreed to help us. As we were riding with them down the beach in their truck to go pull mine out, the other two guys stop and get into a fistfight with EACH OTHER. Luckily the driver won so we had still retained our help. By the time we were able to get my truck out the tide was coming in and was over my rear bumper. The next day I mysteriously got laryngytis and spend the rest of the trip not able to understand Spanish and not being able to even communicate in English. Somehow we managed to still enjoy ourselves.

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