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Name: james
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With our little 13'er we don't have room for a bathroom and now don't see the need for one. We always try to camp fairly close to the washrooms and carry a porta poti and tent enclosure for the times that we need it. On a month long trip this past summer we only set it up three times; when it was pouring rain out or when we wouldn't even think of using the badly neglected [filthy] washroom in the campground. After all tese years of towing the small trailer we have talked about moving to a larger unit with a washroom and then at a couple of past meets we began to notice that the people in the larger rv's don't use their facilities either except in emergencies so as to keep them clean and/or eleminate odors in the trailer. There's always a parade to the public washrooms in the mornings and evenings made by all the rv users regardless of size or options of their trailers. It's become a good time to have a last chat of the day or a good morning wave with your neighbours and fellow campers.

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Name: Donna D
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There's an old saying, you can never miss what you've never had. Now that I've owned a trailer with a flush toilet, I wouldn't want to be without it. When I was first looking to buy a molded trailer, I was looking for a 13 footer... they're so dang cute! Couldn't find one within my budget. Then a 16 foot sidebath Scamp came up. Nirvana! First the bathroom was convenient because my young daughter went camping with me and there was always a middle-of-the-night potty call. NOW, it's me! After a couple of nights of very wet NOGs, I'm grateful I can take three steps out of bed, take care of business and be back in a warm bed quickly. I find the older I get, the more important that sidebath becomes.... YMMV.

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
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Originally Posted by Andy B View Post
Kip, I saw one reference in this thread to the bathroom taking 25% of the total space and another for 30% of the space. Those percentages seemed very large to me so I made some rough measurements from the floor plan schematics on the Casita and Scamp websites. The Casita 17 bathroom was 12% and the Scamp 16 bathroom was 11% of the space.
Hi Andy,

I'm one of the people who listed a percentage; I can't remember if I said 25% or 30%, but either way, let me explain why:

First of all, I have a 13-footer, as I think I mentioned in my reply. The 13-er has basically three usable areas: The front gaucho/bunks, the kitchen, and the rear dinette/bed. A full bath (bath/shower) typically takes away the front gaucho/bunks, so that means 1 of your 3 areas is "gone." (In addition to the large window there, which really adds to the feeling of space; also, you no longer have two separate beds if you want them.)

In addition to the "one of three main spaces gone," there is extra weight and space taken up by a larger water tank (I would hope!), a grey water tank, a water heater, plumbing, and etc. There is really no additional room under the trailer (the ~10 gallon water tank takes up all available space under there), so these tanks and heater would have to be inside the trailer. There goes a percentage of your storage space. Would it be 25/30% exactly? I'm not sure, but if I picture a 10 gallon supply tank, a 10 gallon grey tank, a water heater, and some plumbing, I can see something in that range "gone."

I did choose 25/30% as a figure I hoped would be "round" enough to show it was just a casual estimate, but I'm not sure it's *that* far off in the end for the 13-ers I was discussing.

It also adds weight in the front which tends to load up the tongue (especially if you need to add a battery and carry more propane), but that is a separate thing and may not be a factor for many people.

I hope that explains how I came up with my 25/30%.

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We've been camping for 3 seasons now and have never used the toilets other than our own and have only used the campground shower once (to get the sand off). there are only 3 reasons we got a camper: 1 to have our own bathroom. 2 to take our dogs with us. 3 to sleep in our own bed. As a bonus we can afford to take more vacations, go to more places, and cook our own meals when we want. LIFE IS GOOD.

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Name: melissa
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I see most posters seem to be either single or couples. As a family of 4 (with 2 daughters) we are looking for a flush toilet and privacy. From what I've read not all National and State Parks have facilities plus overnighting in Walmart or a Truck Stop we'd need the private toilet. Now if it was just me and DH, that would be a tough decision. We had one in our first popup and we only used it a handful of times when the facilities were either too dirty, too crowded or out of hot water. It sure was nice to have it available even if we didnt need it all the time. Looking for a family trailer we want the side bath front bunks option. As a couple, I'd probably have a 13 ft with no bath although since the emptying chore falls on me I'm not sure how well I'd handle emptying somebody elses solids from a little portapotti tank. DH is too squeamish to be of any assistance so for us a black tank and hose to obscure the contents would be better. You might want to consider long term use too. You might be fine with portapottis now but 5 or 10 yrs down the road do you still want to be using them? You could always sell your non-bath model and upgrade so that may be an option as well when you got to that point in life.

Just another side of the equation, lol.
Melissa in Florida
2016 Honda Odyssey
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Name: Liz
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Originally Posted by Frederick L. Simson View Post
Interesting observation from a fellow Fiber Streamer. I seldom have females along; does that contribute to increased water usage?
Have you seen my hair? It takes a couple of gallons to rinse it, since it had to be washed and conditioned, seriously. When it was short it took quite a bit less.

So I guess the answer for me is yes girls use more water if they have long thick hair to wash. I also think most women who don't camp boondocking are not in the habit of doing serious water conservation in general. Including all aspects of water use.

I can wash my body and brush my teeth with a 16 oz bottle of water, but my hair has to stay dirty.

As for the potti. I love having one. Can I do with just a porti potti? Yes. Can I do with no potti? I have and I don't like being a bear.
1979 Boler B1300 | 1987 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | 1988 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | We officially have a collection!
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Name: Ron
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Joehl----I couldn't agree with you more. We spent far to many nights in our teardrop trailer as we made nightly treks to the restroom in the cold, the rain, and being concerned about the furry National Park inhabitants. At our age, give us a flush toilet and a shower after a several mile hike and we'll forgo a chair/extra place to sit in our 13' deluxe
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
Posts: 3,012
It's fun to read all the different perspectives on this one.

One note I'd like to add on the "no plumbed bathroom" angle is that I don't ever walk to the facilities unless I want to (some nights are just nice for a walk). No, I don't have a flush toilet, but I do have facilities in the 13 (I use WAG bags but others use a Porta Potti).

I just wanted to clarify that not having a bath "room" does not mean that one *must* hike out through rain and snow to un-tidy facilities.

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Name: theresa
Trailer: Outback (by Trillium) 2004
New Brunswick
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since we're all adding our 2 cents worth...i'll contribute mine. our 13 footer has no bath or shower. it does have the requisite sink. we do have a portapottie, but we've not used it in 2 years. we do use the campground facilities and if we're not in a spot with a good shower set-up, we sponge bath. yes, baby wipes are great and so is hand sanitizer...
i do not miss a bathroom. it is our ritual to both walk together, at bedtime, to the washroom. i guess i am lucky in that i rarely get up thru the night. if dennis needs to, he does. i would not sacrifice the space to get a designated bathroom area.
our friends owned the same trailer as us....but with the toilet. she thought it was terrific---at first. but in getting the toilet, she sacrificed having the bunk/second if their table was left down as the bed, and the weather was wet and they needed to eat/drink indoors for a meal, one of them was forced to sit on the toilet while the other sat on a stool!! i'd rather walk to the facilities, thanks. maybe that was 4 or 5 cents worth. hahahaha
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Name: Ron
Trailer: 13 ft Scamp Deluxe 2007 and 40' Allegro Bus
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It appears to me that we are getting a good cross section of opinions here on washrooms in small trailers. What a great Country, and great manufacturers---we can all buy the trailer from the manufacturer we like, equipped with the options we like/need to fit our lifestyle. Sure is nice that we all have that opportunity.
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Name: Kip
Trailer: 2003 Casita 17' SD Deluxe, Towed by '09 Honda Ridgeline.
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Late night walk

I agree with most of the posters that a late night walk to the campground bathroom is not on the desired list of things to do.

Besides having to put on some suitable clothes, shoes and such, there is no telling what might be lurking outside, with bad intentions.

Also by the time we get back we might be awake.

Some type of receptical inside the trailer would/should eliminate the necessity, to take a hike!

On the other hand, waking up in the middle of the night "Needing" to take a shower is probably not done very often. An exception might be if camping while working and a need to be somewhere at the crack of dawn. Even then the shower could be taken the night before, if necessary.

On the 3rd hand if the shower is there and not being used, it could be used for storage with shelves or to hang clothes in.

I'm at the point that If we don't get a BR we will wish we had. If we do we will wish we had a front sofa/bunks. You posters have offered some compelling arguements in both directions. And it is most appreciated.

Could someone please measure from the front inside wall to the bathroom door to establish just how much space is dedicated to a front bathroom?

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I have had toilet and shower campers. I now won't even go look at a camper which has them. There are many other better options, seems to me.
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Trailer: 2005 13 ft Scamp / 2004 Honda Odyssey
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Hi Kip,

We have the 13 without toilet, use porta potty at night. One of us sleeps in the back and the other on the front bunk with the back removed and better cushion. I am only 5'2 and Fred is 5'8. Both of us have slept on the front bunk (about 30 inches at the hip area). There is enough room for either of us, much better than sleeping together.

I put up a privacy curtain that can be pulled across the trailer so if we want some privacy for sponge baths we have it. At night it is dark and I got over the shared space.

We considered moving up to the 16 with no bath as that model would allow us to both have full time beds plus a full time table. It just seemed so big to us. (Our 13 is before they grew it up a few inches). We decided that we wanted to keep out 13 as it is so easy to pull and can park it in so many places.

If our 13 got totaled I really don't know if we would get another 13 or go to the 16. I do know that neither would have a bath as I much prefer the space.

We spend about 4 weeks a year in our camper covering long distances.

Hope our 2 cents help in your decision.

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Name: Rachel
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Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
We considered moving up to the 16 with no bath as that model would allow us to both have full time beds plus a full time table. It just seemed so big to us. (Our 13 is before they grew it up a few inches).
Oh I know, isn't that amazing? When I went to look at my Boler 13 at the previous owners' house, they had it in the driveway right in front of their new (taller) Scamp 16. The 16 seemed four times as large on the outside I think it was the height more than the extra length, but we were both a bit surprised at the difference. My (future) 13 looked super-compact in comparison.


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