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There are a LOT of parallels between the Marine and RV worlds -- And a lot of RV-applicable advice tucked away in West Marine's West Advisor.


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Hughes RV?

Yup! That's the one.

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You might find this handy especially if looking for parts for older trillium trailers and bolers. They also purchase as manufacturers and have an extensive array of suppliers for anything you might want for your fgrv.

Team Trillium Trailers Manufacturing Ltd.

Bay 1, 285145 Wrangler Way SE
Rockyview (Calgary)
Alberta, Canada
T1X 0K3

Phone: (403) 398-8732
Fax: (403) 569-8008

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time)

I hope this helps

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Owen & Rosemary
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I'm not disputing your right to be angry about what you think are absorbent charges, but I think you're comparing apples to oranges.

The postal service functions to deliver mail. Typically that's written communications, but also includes anything you can cram into a box (within legal limits) and weigh. The postal service doesn't automatically insure anything. If you want to be guaranteed delivery of an undamaged anything... you buy insurance. Nor is there any guarantee that you'll ever receive what you're mailing! Unless you pay for that too.

Package and freight carriers do not deliver postal mail, unless contracted through the postal service and that's to carry mail to a postal distribution center, not home delivery. Sending something through this carrier gives you a (minimum) guarantee your product will be delivered damage-free. Granted you have to file a claim, but it's part of the declared value of the product when shipping.

Then, you're dealing with two distinct countries and their governments, cost of doing business, and taxation. I'm not in the employ of FedEx or UPS. But am employed by a freight carrier incorporated in the U.S. that does business in Canada. I can't tell you specifics about what Canada charges my company to run our trucks down the Canadian highways, but I can tell you it's HUGE. All of these costs are then borne by the individual receiving a package. Even if you’re standing at the border and can see a FedEx/UPS distribution center 100 feet on the other side, as soon as a package crosses that border… all the expenses imposed by government entities are applied to the shipping cost. Postal services costs are borne by all tax payers in their respective countries, not by private industry.

Then there's customs to deal with. Actually there are fewer "packages" going by postal mail than by freight carrier, but proportionately there are more people employed to check mail for compliance than freight. Consequently you'll get your items faster and cheaper by mail.

Sorry this is long winded. Hope this explanation helps, even if it doesn't help with the costs!
Its not the amount of money that bothers me, its the fact that it is hidden.

Scenario: I buy a $100 coat from the US. UPS states that the shipping cost is $22. I pay the store $122 for my purchase. UPS shows up at my door in Canada with their hand out, asking for an additional $87 for brokerage???? Ridiculous.

Fedex does the exact same thing, but with a twist. They deliver the coat, and then 2 months later they send a letter in the mail from some unknown company asking for $87 and don't even tell you why. Also ridiculous.

If Fedex or UPS ever wanted to play fair, they would say "Hey your $100 coat will cost $109 to ship it." I would then tell them that I did not want to buy it. But when they say it will cost one thing, and then charge another, then that is criminal.

USPS or Canada post only for me. I refuse to use UPS or Fedex for inter-country shipping too, just out of spite. I have not purchased items from stores that only use UPS, I just look around and buy it somewhere else.

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If Fedex or UPS ever wanted to play fair, they would say "Hey your $100 coat will cost $109 to ship it." I would then tell them that I did not want to buy it. But when they say it will cost one thing, and then charge another, then that is criminal.
Both UPS and Fedex have international services that include brokerage, but be forwarned there is a COD fee tacked on to collect the taxes due on delivery unless you have previously set up payment arrangements with them. Most people don't understand the expensive international services include brokerage fees.
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I've since learned that you get around paying the high brokerage fee if you pick up the paperwork from UPS or Fedex, take it to a Canada customs office yourself, pay the customs fee/gst, take your receipt back to the courier, then pick up your package. Not sure if they'll still charge some extra holding or COD fee. You have to pre-arrange all this as well.

It is upsetting that neither the sellers or the courier companies ever mention this brokerage fee to you.

I just recieved an email back from Scamp parts telling me that they will indeed ship parts to me via USPS unless they are too large, then they have to use a courier. Not sure what the cutoff size/weight is but I'll find out before ordering.

In the meantime, I'll check out some of these local places. Or, start thinking about how to make friends south of the 49th... hmm, maybe we could start attending egg gatherings down there with bottles of real Canadian maple syrup...


1969 Boler
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The USPS international page has links to most the information you need. Somewhere buried in there is the size and weight limits and somewhere else there is a calculator for shipping. I've had some rather large or heavy items mailed. (like a 40 lb box of books)

You can also ship to the UPS or Fedex terminals in Buffalo, where you can pick them up and stop at customs on the way back.

Once you have your trailer on the road, you plan your purchases for when you can camp in the USA. Then your purchases are subject to duty free limits.
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Kevin, I have used a Post Office service in Lewiston New York. Less than 5 minutes across the border. You have to register with them and I think they charge about $5/pkg, unless you rent a box number yearly and then it is only $1.50/pkg. You are allowed two names on the box number so you can share it with a friend. Also open Saturday mornings.
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Donna and others

I regularily order from the States and other places. UPS/Fedex chargeswere somewhat in line when we had actual customs import duties to pay for foreign shipments. Duty is now almost a thing of the past, and Fedex/UPS rates have not changed.

About a year ago I recieved a package via UPS about the size of a large wallet and about 1/4 pound in weight. Value was stated as $15 US. I was charged an additional $74 in shipping and brokerage charges!!! When I balked at the rates, I was told it was my choice, but that my address would be put on a list of "do not deliver to" names, and I would never get another parcel delivery! I paid up, but I swore never again.

This year, I ordered a bag awning from the US. My only shipment option was UPS. Since the bag awning was such a deal, I swallowed my pride and accepted the shipping method. The charges were $68 Canadian. I took measurements and weight and went to my local Post Office, and checked on the charges were I to ship it back via Canada Post. The postal charges would have been $66. So it might be that UPS/Fedex charges make sense for larger, awkward items. UPS/Fedex might be saying, if you want to ship small, simple stuff that could easily go by post, you'ss pay us for it.

One other note: in my business i have ordered at least 4 laptops and separate accessories through Lenevo. They always ship UPS, and i have never paid additional charges. Maybe Lenevo has a side agreement with them?

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My friends and I have also ordered a fair amount of product from the US due to our high dollar over to the last couple of years (those days are gone). What we found was USPS was by far the most fair on duties and shipping - in fact most times we did not have to pay duties at all. Just recently I made a large order at and they wrote the total amount on the outside of the box - that parcel did get duties assigned. UPS has charged me outrageous amounts on a few electric basses I got off Ebay.

Recommendation - stick with USPS

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