Casita or Scamp??? Hmmm - Fiberglass RV

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I am ready to go full time in an RV. I've looked and looked and now think it's a choice. Is the 1 ft less length in the 16' Scamp much as compaired to a Casita Spirit deluxe 17'. I have not set foot in either.

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I am ready to go full time in an RV. I've looked and looked and now think it's a choice. Is the 1 ft less length in the 16' Scamp much as compaired to a Casita Spirit deluxe 17'. I have not set foot in either.
Apples and apples would be a Casita 16 vs a Scamp 16..... The Casita 17 is the Orange in this comparison. It is larger, and heavier than the Scamp 16 and really is more comped with Scamp 5er or an Eggcamper. If you are rich you might consider the Escape or the Oliver Legacy.

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For me it was a matter of what I could find. Both Scamps and Casitas are hard to find in the used market in California. I ended up with a Scamp. I've only had it a few weeks, and am still planning my first trip. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

You gotta start somewhere.......
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I have an 03 16' Scamp that I am quite happy with.
I live in California and if your travel or utility trailer is 16' or less it is registered as a permanent trailer, PTI, and it cost only $10.00 for 5 years.

I would have liked the extra foot but it's not worth the extra cost every year.
If you have a choice I would go with the Casita. Scamps are great and trouble free but I think the fit and finish is nicer in the Casita.
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Hi: Tom H... If you're buying new I would opt for the longest trailer that you can tow. What's the tow capacity of your tug???
Here's a link. Escape currently builds a 19' trailer with a dry weight around 2600lbs.
All fiberglass Mfg's sell from the factory so a trip to Texas, Minnesota, or B.C. Canada would be required. Also there is in some cases a long lead time between ordering and picking up!!!
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Tom, what I did was call Scamp and was given the number of a Scamp owner that was willing to show their Trailer. This would be were I would start. See if you can look at your options in person. Scamp, Casita and Escape are all great companies and great to work with. Escapes are a little harder to find on the east coast. I bought a used Scamp 19 and we love it.

If I was to buy new I would go with the Escape.

Happy hunting
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eggcamper is larger inside and closer to you in Michigan. Thats another idea, take care.
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Tom, you want to full time in an rv, personally as much as I love my egg/glass trailer, it would not be my first choice for full timing. For me, makeup/clothes need a safe place to travel !

That being said, for some a smaller trailer is enough. So I agree with others, you need to see for yourself which trailer is gonna meet your needs. We all have different things that make us comfortable. Totally agree with the suggestions of Eggcamper or the Escape 19 if your buying new (both may come up for sale used but rarely)

May I suggest a Bigfoot as well, but depending on your tow cap that may limit your options. Could you possibly attend a Rally? Where there is usually a plethora of glass options? It's a wonderful way to looky lou thru several manufactures trailers giving you an idea of which will best meet your fulltiming needs. Good Luck!

To answer your question, Yes a foot of space can make a lot of difference, but really it's about the layout. And frankly the Bigfoot, Eggcamper and a few other options are shaped different, so side by side a casita or a scamp would seem really tiny parked next to a bigfoot or eggcamper just due to the shape. Try and see one in person. You will be glad you did.
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Robin is right! See them in person if at all possible--a rally or a referral from the factory or maybe people here would let you come take a look at theirs. Especially if you're going full time. I went to a rally, saw a number of different makes/models and sizes and from there knew EXACTLY what I wanted and didn't want. In fact, the trailer I later bought was through contacts made at the rally. Good luck!

I am ready to go full time in an RV. I've looked and looked and now think it's a choice. Is the 1 ft less length in the 16' Scamp much as compaired to a Casita Spirit deluxe 17'. I have not set foot in either.
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Charlie -

Welcome to the Scamp branch of the Fiberglass Family...

If you are free, pencil in the weekend of Sept 17th or so for a gathering up at Burney Falls - outside of Redding. Would love to have you come by!


For me it was a matter of what I could find. Both Scamps and Casitas are hard to find in the used market in California. I ended up with a Scamp. I've only had it a few weeks, and am still planning my first trip. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

You gotta start somewhere.......
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It's all about what you like and what you can tow with your vehicle. The extra foot of length means some different floorplan choices and much more weight. If your vehicle can handle the extra weight and (this is important) the extra tongue weight, then it's not much of an issue for you. Then look at whether one brand has something you want that the other brand doesn't. For example, suppose you really like the chairs in the Freedom or the extra long benches in the Liberty; Scamp doesn't have those options. Or suppose you really like the wood cabinets that only the Scamp Deluxe has.

Between the 16s and the 17s, I think the 17 dinette makes up to a 54" wide bed versus a 48" in a Casita 16. But the Scamp 16 has a 53" bed if you get the Deluxe. Other than that, I guess there might be some modest differences in counter or cupboard space, but I doubt the 1' length difference will make you feel like the trailer is significantly more or less roomy. But let me say that if you get into any of these trailers to look around and you feel kind of closed in... be sure and look at a wider trailer like the Burro widebody or the Eggcamper. In width, a foot (or more) makes a huge difference in perceived roominess. Or at least it does to me. Also the Eggcamper is 6" higher inside than the Casita and 4" higher than Scamp, and this makes it feel more spacious also.

Like some others have said, there's no substitute for getting into some of these and checking them out personally.
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[b]I've looked and looked and now think it's a choice. Is the 1 ft less length in the 16' Scamp much as compared to a Casita [b]Spirit Deluxe 17'.
Casita offers the Spirit Deluxe in both 16' and 17' lengths. They sell A LOT of 17'ers. Not so many 16'ers.
The extra foot enables other improvements that are standard in the Casita Deluxe line that are options in the Scamp.
  • 4 cu.ft. 3-way Fridge is standard in Casita 17'
  • 2 cu.ft. Fridge is standard in Scamp, 4 cu.ft. Fridge is an optional extra
  • Continuous upper cabinets are standard in Casita's fiberglass furniture
  • Upper cabinets over the rear and side dinettes are optional extras in Scamp's std fiberglass furniture, and they are not continuous
  • Larger bed size and continuous upper cabinets are available in Scamp's optional Deluxe Wood interior, but the larger bed encroaches into the kitchen cabinet area
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Bottom line: try to find a fiberglass rally. In addition, call Casita, Scamp, and EggCamper and ask to be referred to owners participating in each company's referral program.

If you get a deluxe Scamp with the side dinette and bath/shower, you get a lot of the features found in the Casita 17.

Now -- in California you get a permanent registration for all trailers 16 feet and under. The difference in annual registration fees between a 16 foot and 17 foot trailer is quite significant. So check that out in your home state.

Now the issues for you to consider are:
  • Will you be full timing alone in this trailer?
    Where will you be traveling during the winter months?
    How adventurous do you want to be with your trailer?
    How tall are you?
    Can you tolerate cramped quarters?

I also was trying to decide between a Scamp 16 & Casita 17.

I called both Casita and Scamp and they referred me to owners near my home. It was really helpful to actually sit in a cabin, talk with the owners, and see the "mods" they had completed!

One thing about the Casitas and Scamps: when the beds are out full time - the cabin becomes closed in. I believe that the combination of the narrow cabin width and length. Some Casita/Scamp owners don't mind, they say that their trailers are snugly. I personally didn't like the effect, but thought I could live with it, given its aerodynamic design and excellant features. My husband and friends who came with me to see Casitas on sale didn't like the cramped cabins at all.

If the bed is not made up, you can sit at the dinette and the trailer fees very comfortable. But most people don't like ending their active day with a final chore of making up a bed. Because you're planning to stay in your rig full time, I doubt you'll want to take down your bed each morning.

One of the couple/owners told me that they only make up their bed in the evening. They preferred the airy feel of the cabin with the rear dinette table. They had a self-inflatable air mattress and demonstrated making up the bed for me. But they use their Casita for camping trips and are away for maybe 2 weeks at a time.

I also had a good friend who traveled extensively to AKC Retriever events in his Casita Spirit Deluxe. I visited his Casita on 2 occasions. Both times, the back dinette was made into the bed. The cabin felt uncomfortably cramped. I also wondered about how safe it was for the rear "bed" to be located so close to the propane furnace.

Now an EggCamper 17 is just a couple of feet wider and taller than the Casita 17, and apparently that makes a huge difference in comfort. Plus, it is aerodynamically designed to give the owner maximum gas milage. If you look at the "For Sale" section of this forum, there is an ad for a used EggCamper that may be close to you.

Despite all this, I pretty much decided that I would get a Casita. The question was: which model. I finally had the time to go to a Casita rally relatively close to my home. That really opened my eyes!

I spoke with an ex-Casita turned Bigfoot 21 owner. She suggested that I think about the weather conditions and camping areas where I would be taking my trailer. Then she introduced me to the Bigfoot owners at the rally who were kind enough to show me their rigs. I realized that a Bigfoot 17 was lots more comfortable, with much more storage options than a Casita or Scamp. Plus, its cabin was better insulated. If you can find a Bigfoot with a "winter package" - you will see that the pipes are encased in fiberglass, making it possible to travel to colder areas. In addition, the Bigfoots are higher off the ground which, in combination with their "4 seasons" capabilities, are ideal for RV "Trekking". I came to believe that I could find a older Bigfoot (mid '90's) for less money than a used Casita or Scamp.

As winter approached, I did in fact see threads regarding the impracticality of using a Casita, Scamp or EggCamper in colder regions.

Again, you need to consider what you are going to do with your trailer, who you will be traveling with, and where you'll be going during the winter and summer months. The trailer that will best fit your needs will come into focus.

Good luck!
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I have both a 16' Scamp and 17' Casita right now.

Every person who that been in my Scamp 16 and Casita 17 has been astounded at the roomier feeling inside the Casita.
Have you been inside both?

Aside from this the differences are fundamental to the way they are constructed which I have gone into at some length in another post.
In short,the Scamp lays the perimeter of the trailer above the center floor area.This makes the side dinette and bed higher off the floor than on a Casita 17 and makes a more comfortable seating option for me.

On the other hand the Casita floor is flat and the seats and bed are lower to the floor,maybe better for some.
Either way,the Casita 17' DOES feel bigger inside.

The real problem though is that just getting inside them is not enough.

I am always evolving my impressions of both and would be hard pressed to make any strict recommendations.
They are both great and I think finding a nice clean one is more important than which one.

Also don't think that just finding one will end it,you still have to be the first to commit and get the deal done too.

Good Luck,you can not really go wrong.


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casita, scamp

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