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Originally Posted by scribeslave View Post
...These is no table. Just a platform bed. Underneath it was the spare tire, still new on a rim. Just to the front of the platform on either side looks like a seat. Just wide enough for one. No cushions, but thats all it could be. I assume there was a drop down little table there at one time. You bring it down for an extended bed. No mattress.

Stove, no oven. Stove has never been used...

Underneath looks like a furnance. There is a vent, very dirty, and outside an exhaust port/fan. But I could not see controls anywhere. Above the stove is a traditional looking vent cover, but no holes or venting. Strange. Pictures on this site later.

Other side, missing fridge. Underneath, a battery in a plastic box, dead. ...No way to recharge. So I am going to put in a converter/charger. I don't understand putting in a battery that is hard to get to, unless there was a way to charge it easily.

Anyhow, if anyone knows of these things, esp the furnace, let me know. I have never seen a platform bed model.
My sister's Compact Jr has two long benches, one on each side of the trailer. The table is supported by a central pedestal between them. At night, the tabletop is used to fill the gap between the benches, along with some smaller panels, yielding a huge bed in the front of the trailer. The bench cushions (seat and backrest) lie down to form the mattress.

That is, in theory. In practice, Sis never makes up the big bed; she sleeps on one bench and the dog sleeps on the other, with the tabletop laying between them as a sort of night stand.

Her trailer doesn't have a furnace and apparently never had one.
However, your furnace is almost certainly identical to others used in other trailers; there's only so many suppliers of such things, after all.

She has a three-burner stove, no oven. I've seen pics of Compacts with an oven below the stove. She also had the phony "stove hood" over her stove; I took it out at her request because she was always banging her head on the corner.

She has an icebox on the passenger side at eye level. I've never seen one with a factory fridge installation. I took out the icebox and wrapped it in insulation to make her ice last a bit longer.

Hers has the battery under the forward end of the passenger-side bench. She has no converter or on-board charger, so she charges her battery prior to leaving home and carries a little battery charger with her. We've replaced all her 12V bulbs with LEDs, so the battery lasts quite a while; and she usually camps at sites with 110V hookups anyway, so it's a moot point.

Her spare tire was stowed inside at the front of the trailer, leaning up against the front wall between the benches, which was, um, lame. It's now outside on the tongue.

To find forum discussions of Compact Jrs, you have to be logged into the Forum and use the forum search, which is kind of inconspicuous; it's in the slender dark blue horizontal bar about two inches down from the top of the page. Click on the white letters "Search".

Here are some threads I started, discussing assorted reworks to Sis' trailer:

Sis' Compact Jr Rework Fall 08

Compact Jr. Winter rework session

Sis' Compact Jr. winter rework/repair 2011

There are lots of Compact Jr owners here: Compact Jr. takeover?

Good luck with your new trailer!

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So.. What's a fair price to pay for a Compact 2 in good original condition? What things should I be aware of while I'm shopping? I notice some folks found one for less than a grand. The one I'm considering is $4200 or OBO.

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I've got no idea about a fair price. But I can talk a little about the weaknesses you should look out for.

The floor is plywood, so you should look for rot, especially under the benches; my sister's was especially bad where the battery had been sitting.
The frame can crack right under the front edge of the body.
Check the condition of the popup canvas.
The inside window frames are wood, and it's possible that a leaking window could cause them to rot.
Look for signs of leakage around the roof vent, if it has one. The fiberglass of the popup roof tends to sag, resulting in water puddling--and that puddle seems to usually be at the roof vent, thanks to Murphy's Law.

As I recall, Sis paid about $3500 for hers about 5 years ago; and the $1000 trailers tend to be pretty rough. For $4200, I'd expect the cushions, drapes, popup canvas all to be good; the appliances to be working; the lights to be working; frame and fiberglass uncracked; in other words, a pretty nice trailer which doesn't require a lot of additional work.
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Name: Cynthia
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Thank you for good advice. I bought it for $3300. It looks in pretty good condition, no visible leaks, solid floor. Wasn't able to test the 110volt lights before buying and the water pump doesn't seem to be working. It has a little evaporative cooler on roof. The fan turns on but lots of rattling and doesn't seem to cool. Any experience with these types of coolers? Do they work pretty well? I don't think there is a heater. Is it safe to use a little space heater for winter camping? There is a flushing toilet. Does that mean there's a black water tank? I was thinking about replacing the toilet. Any advice on That? I am pulling with a Honda Element. It's rated to tow 1500#. Any advice on towing?
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Name: Cynthia
Trailer: Hunter Compact II
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Also, wasn't able to test whether the frig works. So I assumed it doesn't. There is so much IN this little trailer it's hard to believe it's under 1500#. When I get it back from the rv doctor, I intend to weight it.
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Well, we're getting out of my (small) area of expertise now; Sis' trailer doesn't have a swamp cooler, a fridge, or a toilet.

My best suggestion is to post separate questions on the forums here for each of your concerns.

But here's my semi-ignorant stab at each of your questions:

Swamp cooler fan rattling: That's bearing noise, I think. You might be able to get rid of it by oiling the shaft where it comes out of the fan motor, or you might have to buy a new motor.

Space heater: Sis uses a little electric heater to warm hers, but if you plan to camp where there's no 110V that obviously won't work. But do a forum search on "heater" and you'll find plenty of information. Heaters which burn propane give off CO2 and CO and consume oxygen, so you have to leave a window cracked to avoid suffocating.

Toilet: I dunno. Being able to flush implies a black water tank, but I'm not sure where they'd put it; the Compacts tend to be pretty low to the ground, which makes the usual under-the-floor location problematic. Could it be a cassette toilet or a port-a-pottie, where the black water is held in the lower part of the toilet itself?

Towing: Sis' trailer weighs 1600 pounds, fully loaded, and she tows it very successfully with a RAV4. Yours has more equipment, so I suspect it's going to weigh a bit more.

Fridge: I'm no expert on RV fridges, but if you have the usual kind it uses either a 110V heating element or a propane burner to boil ammonia inside a bit of complicated plumbing, thereby producing coolness. Important points: Make sure the vents are clear, so air can flow over the refrigerator's plumbing bits; make sure the trailer is level; and even when it's working properly the cooling produced is apparently not very powerful--more of a "keep things cold" than "make things cold". Again, a forum search would give you plenty of info.

Water pump: Probably rusted solid. New ones are pretty cheap. I'd suggest replacing all your water tubing while you're at it. Use the clear hose with the reinforcing "threads" embedded in it (200 psi rating) and not the non-reinforced clear hose (80 psi rating). Don't ask me how I know.
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Compact jr refridgerator

Don't give up on the refridgerator. The guy we bought our Compact jr from said the refridgerator didn't work on electricity. My husband checked it out and plugged it in. It has to be completely level to work, makes no noise, and takes about 20 hours to get cold, but once cold, it works great!! I mean REALLY cold. It turned our cokes into a nice ice in can cold. I hope it never breaks, I like it that much.
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Search I did, but it just brought me the the main rv type page.

In using the Search function on the blue top bar, using the lower of the two boxes - the one below the yellow Search Site / Google heading - produces excellent, well-targeted results. I just ignore the upper one.

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