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Check it out...

Brand Comparison Chart

Thanks Thane Lundberg for gathering this info together.

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If you see errors and omissions, please post them here and I will try to up date quickly.
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If we all pitch in, this could be fantastic!

My 2003 16'SD Scamp double bed measured 45 x 77 with rounded corners.
It also has optional vinyl floor and optional extra lights inside
It also has optional heat strip in A/C and extra 110v outlet inside
Not sure why you say Escape is best sized A/C. Mine works fine.
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There are a lot of variances that aren't noted. For instance, Scamp as two different bathroom arrangements and multiple floorplans. I'm not sure about the Scamp side bath model, but with the front bath, of the three, the Escape has the smallest bathroom.

It's a great idea, but the different floorplans do have different pros and cons.
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Yep, the sidebath model Scamp as referenced is small, but the upside is the purchaser now gets the large front window and gaucho (did I spell it right?). The front bath model has a bath as large as the Casita...I think.

And no reference to the Scamp Deluxe which can be configured darn near any way a purchaser desires (and can afford). I've even seen pictures where the bathroom was at the REAR.
Donna D.
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Great info thread! thanks for posting!!
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Actually, the Casita (all models in all lengths 13',16' & 17') front bath is slightly wider than the Scamp. I thought that the Scamp side bath (now where ARE those measurements???) was even larger than the Escapes.

Escape bathroom w/shower per Reace (unless it has changed): 37"L x 23"W and 65"H.

Is that larger than the side bath Scamp?
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Name: Mary
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Thane's chart is a good start on a great idea, but to my mind it needs a little tweaking.

First, it could/should say that it refers to new trailers/current specs only. (Older Casitas do have a kitchen window.)

Next it needs to be a little more specific about which models are being compared. "Casita Deluxe" (which for Casita means "with bathroom" and an upgraded accessories package) comes in several configurations. Their Liberty floorplan does not have the stove next to the bed/dinette, so I assume the description is of their Spirit... except I'm not aware of a gaucho bunk being "standard" with any of their floorplans.

Also, last I heard you can still get a 17 ft. Casita with a wall mounted A/C. (It's standard on their 16 ft. and they'll still do it as an option on the 17s).

My 17 ft. Casita (wall mount A/C, 14" wheels, without high lift axle) is 7' 10". In fact, we might also want to mention that Casita has a 16 ft. trailer of that height (same as Scamp's).

Still, with those clarifications (and possibly similar ones for the Scamp and Escape) this comparison chart could be a handy tool...

...At least until the manufacturers enhance their products!
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Thanks for all the feedback. I developed the spreadsheet earlier this year as I was trying to decide which bunk bed equipped trailer to purchase, so it is biased towards gaucho units for a family of four. Sorry that I didn't include that information on the spreadsheet.

The Casita is the Spirit Deluxe and the Scamp is the side bath model. Since the Scamp factory burned down and I decided early that the Escape or Casita was best for my family, I stopped researching that model; hence the lack of complete data on the Scamp.

There are a lot of options and alternate floor plans for the various models, I used the published specifications for the bunk bed equipped models with telephone data as required to fill in gaps in information.

As far the A/C unit sizing, I liked the Escape unit best as I considered the BTU rating and power requirements more balanced for the cabin volume. I don't recall the amp rating, but I should be able to run both the A/C and a small microwave with my Honda EU2000. It is too cold to test this theory now as it is hard to get the A/C to cycle.

Getting the spreadsheet to cover all models is probably impossible, there are too many options. I think the existing table does cover the bunk bed models fairly well, though it needs corrections and updates. Perhaps someone can tailor a spreadsheet for trailers built for 2 or 3.

I hope we can keep this spreadsheet a living document and help others decide which model is best for them. I have no problem making changes and updates as required and look forward to learning more about all the FGRVs.
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Thane, I think you're off to an excellent start. I have a couple of suggestions. How about including the various models of each current manufacturer and group them by size? That would only translate to about ten (or so) vertical columns. Then, use dimensions for each of the areas just as you've done in the bed size. Bath size comes immediately to mind, for the Scamp side-bath v. front bath in the 16' and 19' models for example. Then you could directly compare each model of each brand with the similar model of another brand. Dinette size among the various models, perhaps "walkable floor space" in dimensions, that sort of thing. I think THAT would be useful. I'm sure most of us would be happy to get those actual measurements for you.

The only other suggestion would be to eliminate the subjective comments (as they'd be unnecessary) and just replace them as necessary with *notes about a specific issue or option(s) that is worth comment. I think over all, you've really done well. Thanks!

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I am overwhelmed with changes. With Casita having 3 sizes times three floor plans times 2 standard models and Scamp having as many (13, 16, 5th wheel), this is impossible to put on a simple chart. If we extrapolate that based on 18 standard models for each of 5 brands, that would be , huh, eleventy-seven columns.

There are 5 current manufacturers, and this would only be for new current models. (Casita used to have windows in the kitchen for instance.)

Everyone looks for a trailer based on their needs.

I am getting overwhelmed with complaints and criticism. I know Thane and I were just trying to do something good. I think we are going to have to do this a different way. It is just too problematic the way it is.
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Suggest you re-name this "Escape/Casita/Scamp Comparison," as it only compares thse three FGRV brands. Popular as they may be, they're not the whole market, as the current name implies.
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This page has been taken down as we reconsider the best way to add this great idea to our website.

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