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Originally Posted by jimmied View Post
With so many people from all over the country, Canada & USA, perhaps there could be some kind of help from members. If a person on, eg the mainland of BC sees a trailer for sale on Vancouver Island, they could contact a person from the forum on Vancouver Island, pay them a nominal fee to go and look at the trailer, take pictures, do an inspection and report back to the prospective customer. This would save the prospective owner travelling a long way at a great expense. Just an idea. Jim
I have done this in this way:
The buyer was in Sacramento, CA and the trailer was in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I drove there from Quartzsite, and once I got there I called the buyer on my cell phone while wearing my bluetooth. We conversed the whole time and the buyer directed me to look at the specific items they were concerned about in real time. The buyer trusted me and the crucial question they asked was, "If I were in the buyer's shoes, would I buy this trailer?" I also conducted the negotiations with the seller while on the phone, as the buyer could hear the seller from my bluetooth's mic. I only told the seller what the buyer told me to say. Being able to do everything in real time worked well.

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I think this whole discussion really has highlighted the differences that each of us have in regards to what is or isn’t an accurate description of a trailer as well as individual expectations as to what is good value or not

Funny enough the trailer that triggered the original post has found a new owner here and they are very pleased with their find. I suspect I would be to if that was a brand and layout of trailer I had decided I wanted based on the photos and even taking into consideration the comments made in regards to its actual condition made on this thread vs the advertised condition.

I also know my thoughts on it are solely based on personal experiences with fiberglass trailers in BC. I have taken into consideration the fact that there are very few if any 17’ Casita’s for sale anywhere in Canada, the same as with Scamps. A lot of people are just not willing to take the time to go through the trouble of chasing down a used one in the US and importing it. In the case of the trailer that started the discussion looking through classifieds it appears the price being asked for it in Alberta actually may not have been all that much more, if any, over what may have been asked for it if it was in the US.

If you are in the market in Canada for a used fiberglass trailer in the 16 to 17’ range you are limited in choose. Most commonly found used fiberglass in that range are Bigfoot 17’ & much older 17’ Boler’s and we are now starting to see occasionally Escape 17’ as well. In the Province the trailer that started this discussion was being sold the most commonly found used fiberglass trailer in that size range is the Bigfoot 17’ and one of those of the same age as the trailer that started this discussion sell for $20,000 and more. It also not uncommon for someone to pay $9000 or more in BC for a 25 year old or older 17’ Boler and sometimes even higher even though they may need more costly work than a good cleaning and replacements of knobs and blinds etc, An asking price in the $13000 range for a 17’ fiberglass trailer rarely found in Canada that is only a few years old would seem to be a pretty good deal to me, even if it did have a bit more wear and tear than what the sellers indicated over the phone. And even though I have first hand experience of importing a trailer and know the process and would not hesitate to do it again if I need to. Yes in the past year we have seen a couple of used Escape 17’ going for a just a few thousand more in BC than the asking price of the Casita in question but those Escapes were also a number of years older.

Based on the above if someone had asked me my opinion as to whether or not the trailer in question was fairly priced and even if I had seen first hand that it needed the work the OP indicated it did, I would have suggested that if it’s the trailer they really want and were not hoping to do a flip on it tomorrow, I would suggest they grab it fast before someone else does.

Pretty clear we all have different expectations & experiences so it really is an individual thing and its MHO that in many cases the same can be said of sellers. What one seller honestly believes to be a accurate description based on other trailers they have seen or sold, may not be the same for another.

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These stories remind me of my realtor days..always inspect before purchase. I have sold homes that were immaculate, others that we not, but acceptable to both buyer and seller.
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We have a 13' Ventura for sale right now. We have no intent to deceive any possible buyers. So far one said it was in too good condition as he wanted to completely redo it. The next had maybe not thought the purchase through before contacting us and decided it was too heavy for his car.

This topic is fascinating to me as a seller. The camper is definitely usable just as it is - after all we were using it ourselves until another one showed up in our lives. Is it 'perfect' - absolutely not. It is our honest belief though that what is 'wrong' with it is what you might call fairly call 'cosmetic'. It hasn't leaked on us, basic maintenance has been done (including a visit to an RV place for a propane and general check up. Appliances work - but there isn't a water tank. It needs some work if you want a 'prettier' camper.

As sellers we want to give fair value - but my guess is there is a huge amount of variation in the condition some older trailers are in - and much variation in what buyers are hoping to find. For some the only acceptable trailer is 'perfect' - others would be delighted to find one that is usable but needs work.

Good luck to all the sellers and seekers.
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Originally Posted by Hazel in Sk View Post

As sellers we want to give fair value -

Hi, Hazel

Don't let threads like this one "guilt you out".

As sellers, your only concern should be to receive the best return on your investment. The market for fiberglass trailers is in my opinion grossly overinflated, but that's none of your doing and there's no reason why you shouldn't ride that wave and receive the highest possible price for goods that (due to the rarity of used units) appear to be in great demand.

Best of luck to you!


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