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Name: Donna D
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It's very, very seldom one stands up perfectly straight... perhaps only when walking. You'll spend 99% of your time in your trailer either sitting or sleeping. Even doing the dishes and cooking, one bends at the waist and neck. If you think you'll bang your head on the controls, hang a rubber duck!

Donna D.
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Name: John
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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
It's very, very seldom one stands up perfectly straight... perhaps only when walking. You'll spend 99% of your time in your trailer either sitting or sleeping. Even doing the dishes and cooking, one bends at the waist and neck. If you think you'll bang your head on the controls, hang a rubber duck!
Makes perfect sense Donna, thank you very much. John

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Debra and John, I really can't think of a trailer I have been in where the Air conditioning unit hangs down where you would smack your head on it. As for our Casita, it's over the bed area. And since I don't stand on the bed, all is good. . I am 5'9 and have yet to hit my head on the air conditioner. And in the Casita, my head is at the ceiling. But the unit is placed out of where I would normally walk thru.

Sorry but I didn't catch are you buying new or used? If new, it is best to at least have the support built in so that if you ever decide to put on in the support is in place already.

I personally wouldn't buy a trailer without air, just as I wouldn't buy a car without it. But that is me! That being said, many times you only need it to cool off the trailer. I can only think of a few times where I left it on later into the evening. But certainly ran it during very warm days in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, as well as a few unusually hot days in Montana. Being a women of middle age, hot summer days are only made hotter than I prefer by menopause. Think ahead Debra! LOL..........

If your purchasing new, I too would suggest a EggCamper. Amazing how much more interior room they have over most Glass I have been in. Good Luck with your purchase............
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Name: Ron
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To the question of A/C--YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Ray
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John, I'm 6'4" and bought an EggCamper because it has 6'7" of headroom and a bed area that is nearly 54" wide by well over seven feet long! I couldn't bring myself to buy a camper in which I couldn't stand up without stooping way over. You might want to check out the 19' Escape also, I found that it also had enough head room for me. Oh, and even though we have an AC in ours, so far we have rarely used it because we don't like to go camping when it's so hot that we can't enjoy the outdoors - I guess we're fair weather campers. The most use our AC had was when our children visited and one son slept in the camper for a week in July; it saved him from having to sleep on the floor in our house.
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It was a no-brainer for me as camping in the deep south will make air conditioning very high on the list of thing you'd require in a camper trailer. If I were in your situation with no plans to camp in the deep south, maybe I'd be hesitant.
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Red face

Originally Posted by Ed Harris View Post
This is really one of those things only you can decide. Location and heat tolerance are things to think about.
At first, I found it odd that Babler Memorial Park offered electricity only at it's campsites, while you have to use your water tank and pump.
After spending a weekend there in late July, I now understand; it's for your Air Conditioner!

In California, you get both Water and Electric or you get neither.
Frederick - The Scaleman
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Name: Ray
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The first night in our EggCamper was at Van Buren State Park in Michigan that only had electricity at each site. We figured it was because water lines would freeze up there. I think all the Florida and Alabama state parks have electricity because of the need for air conditioning.
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Name: PaulOWindsor
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Group : I think I've finally figured out how to air-condition our Trillium...& I thought it best to continue with this existing thread, for the benefit of those who might be interested in reading the earlier comments.

As some of you know, the wife & I bought a new Trillium 1500 from Trillium RV in California (we love it..) & had it delivered in Feb, when Tom was bringing two other units up for the Toronto RV show. Of course, as you may have guessed...I didn't order the trailer with air !!

Anyway, over the summer we bought a small (floor model) air conditioner that puts out 5000BTU... Portable Air Conditioner, 5000 BTU | Canadian Tire

My plan is, that when we need the air on, the unit will sit in front of the trailer (by the tongue) and because it's outside, it can vent hot air through a hose & away from the trailer & the condensed water can run off through a hose in the same way.

I'll attach another hose to the top of the unit (where the cooled air comes out) and then run it up to the front window of the trailer, where it will be held in place by an opening in a small wooden board.

The board will run along the outside bottom of the window & will be held in place by the "spring loaded pegs" that secure the front window cover when we are travelling.

To prevent the cool air from escaping...on the inside of the front window, I'll be fitting a piece of clear plastic over the screen, with a hole cut into it to allow the cool air in.

Air conditioning problem solved !!

I'll be looking forward to showing this solution off to anyone interested at the Bolerama 2012 !!

Cheers, P.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
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I considered a similar solution with the air conditioner located in our bumper box. Finally settled on putting it in the bottom of the closet where it works fine. Ours is also 5000 btu.

We rarely use air but this summer on our way home we'll be traveling thru the upper mid west in July.
Norm and Ginny

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Name: Carol
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Originally Posted by John Hall View Post
Great input everyone,

This is John's wife Debra. We are in Minnesota, but have traveled quite a bit out west and in Canada. This last year we were out East for a change, so we have covered all kinds of climates. I am pretty good with heat, but John tends to like it cooler while sleeping like some of you have mentioned. Sounds like we could probably get by without air, but it might be a nice luxury for those occassional nasty heat waves.

We really appreciate all the feedback. This forum has been very helpful in making our decision.
If no AC make sure you get a Fantastic Fan at least. I use to carry a portable AC but now I have a Fantastic Fan I have not bothered with the AC. Mostly camp on the West Coast but have spent a fair bit of time in the mid west in the high 90's with only the Fantastic Fan and it worked out fine.
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If it is so hot I need air conditioning, I need to find a cooler place. After about 40k of pulling our trailer we had to stay twice in motels going across the plains in July. We just couldn't do with 100 temp. We have routes mapped out where we hit high elevation for night sleeping. The problem is our stop in MT/ND/western WA. Since there isn't much electricity where we stop an air conditioner wouldn't be much help. And we like to keep it simple so a genarator isn't on our list either.

Good luck with your decision. Typing from Grand Marais, MN. The colors are great, the temp is great. My kind of "camping".

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Name: John
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We are placing an order for 13' Scamp tomorrow and AC was a decision for us as well.

But we live in the upper midwest and I plan to simply use a small portable window AC unit in the rear sliding window if needed - a few simple fabricated mounts from other posts here are straightforward. Far cheaper at $150 or so and for the other 95% of my needs, I can leave it at home and save the weight and reduce the wind resistance. And in exchange I'm gaining a giant 14" or so escape hatch vent (in addition to the fantastic fan vent) which should let in even more light and ventilation for that 95% of the time. Works for me.
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It's a regional decision. If you're camping in the Humid South in the summer, a A/C is NEEDED. If your in the North or Northwest or dry Southwest, not so much. Consider also that the egg you purchase may not have the support bracing for a roof-top AC. Without it and it'll not support the weight. My closet-mounted AC has cooled me very well. Down here in the South, year-round.

Check out my Scamp restoration video on Youtube, & my Ham Radio Blog. Or take the 50 cent tour...
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