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Name: Darwin
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The new digitial controled dehumidifyers turn off if there is a power outtage and do not turn back on when the power is restored. You have to go and restart the thing.

Finding an older analog model (One with dials and no digital readout) will just power back up when the power is turned on.

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I still favor the dehumidifier especially after I need to use the trailer and find the bedding dry and not all musty smelling. I run my dehumdifier on low and do not notice any increase in my power bill. I need to check it and drain the water once a week .

I've never owned or even thought much about a dehumidifier and have some questions.

1. I was just wondering how big a unit you are using, or would recommend?

2. Would it be possible to provide a drain, so the water just ran out on the ground under the trailer?

3. Do you just run it in the winter months?

4. When using it, do you keep all the windows and vents closed?


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I am running my dehumidfyer now. it is a 32 pint Kenmore from Sears , got it last year. I close up the trailer and open up the fridge and doors and place it in the center of the floor.
I leave it set on low, it is the old style with nobs. Check it once a week and it works wonderful. I most noticed the dry no musty smell of the bedding. We have not ran a drain for it but if you did and used the drain hole it would be allmost self tending. There are small ones out there but this one we got for the house and I procurred it for the 5er.
We take it with us in the winter and use it. It heats the trailer but the dry air really makes a difference in cold damp climate. We set it under the table and it is not in the way. We really like it. I went with a bigger one for the house but I find it is nice because it is good for a minimium of a week with out draining. It is a Sears product and is dependable . It was $160.00 but After seeing what water and mold can do I think it is a good investment if you live in damp Climate.
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For the past 5-6 years we have been using a "Caframo-Stor-Dry" unit.
We live in Vancouver area where you all know how wet it is... We bought the unit at an RV show---but I am sure "O'Connor RV" or other places in Langley carry it---but I did just read about it on line when I googled it to find out the proper name!!!!

No mold, no mildew----this unit has a small fan so it keeps the air circulating and uses about the power of a small lightbulb.. NO real noticeable change in our power consumption..

We have a tarp over the top half of our trailer and have the window above the sink cranked a bit---sometimes the roof vent is open a touch...
I usually open the cupboard doors a smidge and put the mattress up on a stool or something so air gets around it.

We have had no problems with any mold or mildew or smells or anything...
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By "dehumidifier", I assume that we are talking about an appliance which chills the air to the point of condensing water, then puts the heat back in, so the net effect is primarily to dry the air. I use one of these in my house, but not the Boler.

I think that the dehumidifier idea makes sense, in the right circumstances. Since the problem is moisture, this is a direct solution. As a side effect which would be beneficial in the winter, the waste heat will slightly warm the trailer interior.

If there is little or no circulation of air from the outside, the unit would not need to be large, since there is no moisture being created in the trailer while it is stored. A little bit of air circulation seems like a good idea to me, but too much and you're just trying to dehumidify the great outdoors, which seems futile.

Normally dehumidifiers collect water in a removable bucket built into the unit. It is common to have some provision for a drain line, to allow continuous operation without the need to empty the bucket. The one I use in my house required drilling out a blanked-off threaded port, and screwing on a garden hose fitting.

Even a small dehumidifier is a heavy and bulky item for use with a trailer - I assume it would be a portable unit, used only in storage. Air conditioners dry air, by the same method, as a side effect of cooling; if dehumidification was needed while camping, presumably an air conditioner would be used instead. If moisture is a problem in winter, it might be during non-use times in the summer as well (depending on climate), so I think it might make sense to use it any time the trailer is sitting idle.

The biggest problem I can think of - aside from the power-reset issue - is that at low temperatures the cooling coils will likely form frost, instead of just condensation; that kills the operation, so winter conditions in a trailer are likely to be unacceptable for dehumidifier operation in many locations, at least without supplemental heat.
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Go to a boat store, stevenson or west marine,
get the round low amperage dryers. Thats what kept our boat dry, safe and effective.
and in the spring use vinegar to get rid of mold.
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Old 11-14-2006, 04:49 PM   #21
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Most marine supply stores sell a contraption that is a metal tube with a low heat source contained...plugs into ac power. I used these for years on my 28" Bertram to dispel moisture from inside the cabin and in the engine compartment. I acutally used them in my house as my shoes (some unused for several months) woud accumulate a growth of mildew while sitting in the closet.

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We have used a small electric dehumidifier since last spring. It sits in the sink when we have the trailer parked at home. We used it last fall when we camped to keep the moisture levels down in the trailer. (So it doesn't "rain" in the trailer in the AM.) It works really well.

WindChaser Dehumidifier

We also use a tiny oil-filled radiator in our trailer during the winter to keep the trailer's pipes from freezing. The temp is turned to a very low setting so it only comes on when the temperature really drops.

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Nancy, how does that little dehumidifier work? I saw one last year, but they were out of stock. I thought they were discountinued.

I would like one of those for mine.
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Old 11-15-2006, 03:21 AM   #24
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Tonight I went to and found a aluminum round gadget called an "air dryer". It seems as though it might be a good idea, but I wonder is there a cord attached to plug it in to power. There is also a mini humidifier. My only problem is the Canadian Marine store affiliated doesn't seem to carry the "air dryer". It gets too complicated to change into USD plus shipping.

I am headed to the mainland this week so hopefully will take a cruise through some of the RV places as well as Steveston Marine stores.
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Ours came from "O Connor" RV in Langley... years ago. ON the by-pass

Works great in our wet weather... STOR-DRY Uses very little power too...
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I found dehumidifiers at starting at $39.95 this one as well as others also came with a 12volt "car adapter" as they put. This looks like the real deal. The small one holds I think it was 2 pints of water with an auto shut off when full. They even suggested using it in the car. I think they said it used 3amps. at 12volts.
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Old 11-15-2006, 11:58 PM   #27
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Nancy, how does that little dehumidifier work?
It works really well, Gina. We ordered ours on the Internet from Walmart because they didn't carry them anywhere around here. But just figured it was because of living in a small town.

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I found a simular one from Target... if I bought the one from walmart with shipping, tax it comes to about $69!

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