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Name: Jim
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As long as there is propane in the tanks, the culprit most certainly is the regulator. Thawing it out might do the trick, otherwise replacement is quick and easy, and not too pricey.

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Name: Robert
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Make sure that all propane appliances are fully turned off before opening the valve on the tank otherwise the regulator detects a leak and will not allow full flow of gas.

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Name: Jack L
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Could you use hot water to warm the regulator ? Just trying to come up with a solution that does not provide an ignition source.
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Name: Walter
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A new regulator would not be very expensive and remove that possibility. Have you done any effective leak testing on your propane lines and fittings?
As far as your tanks are concerned the small amount of water left after draining will not cause a problem if it freezes and you don't need to add antifreeze. The shape of the tanks will permit the expansion with no problem. I'd make sure there's antifreeze in any p-traps though, especially exterior ones like on earlier Casitas.

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Name: Bill&Laura
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I'm going to throw in here; the last time I had to deal with propane I was 16 years old and therefore not trusted to make the repairs. My leak testing training included soapy water on the joints but that would freeze in this circumstance, so never mind that idea.

However, I agree with Jim B that the problem is most likely with the regulator and relatively inexpensive to replace when compared to freezing pipes or freezing yourself. You could try taking the existing regulator inside and warming it up for a few hours in front of your space heater or rinsing in warm water to accelerate the warming but then you might be introducing more moisture that could freeze again when reinstalled. I'd go for a new regulator that's been hanging around a warm dry retailer sales room for the last two years. Easy swap out and you should be back in business...and maybe get an extra tank of propane while you're there.
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Name: Wayne & Barbara
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Why are you keeping the trailer warm? You're just wasting energy!
Winterize it and shut everything off.!
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Name: Raz
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this trailer was bought new last summer and whoot is living in it. Raz
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Name: Gordon
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North Carolina
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Originally Posted by P. Raz View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this trailer was bought new last summer and whoot is living in it. Raz
From what I have seen, you are never wrong.. So to Wayne and anyone else trying to figure out why it is such a problem for whoot.. start with this thread.

Bill is really pushing the envelope (IMHO) when it comes to living in the trailer under adverse conditions. I have not been involved in the discussions because I had little to add, but I did see that there have been many related threads and I have followed this (mis?)adventure hoping to learn a thing or two.

Whether he succeeds or fails.. it takes a tough guy to go this route so my hat is off to him.
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Name: William
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New Jersey
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quick update, things are going well. The Campground owner let me use the electricity from the empty lot next to me, so I got 2 x 50ft heavy duty extension cables. One is running the 1500 watt heater under the Casita, the other is running a 6ft heat-tape wrapped around the evil regulator. Now all the LP devices work. I could run another 1500 watt heater using my local electricity, but tonight I will run the furnace to make sure no interior water lines freeze (like last night). My water lines froze, which I didn't think was possible because I have a heated hose. I think the lines were actually frozen inside the Casita, because once they all thawed, the shower's hot-water still would not work. It only worked after I used the furnace to get the interior up to 85 degrees. Being able to use the extra electricity and wrapping the regulator in heat-tape has made a lot possible. Tonight it will be 14 degrees (up from 7), but the rest of the week will be in the 40s. After tonight, I can rest easy for a week or two. I'm taking showers at work, trying to keep my tanks mostly empty. Thanks for all the advice, I will know more by tomorrow.
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Name: Donna D
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Bum regulator... I think I read that. There's been a few Escape owners that had to replace the regulator due to water in IT. Maybe that's your problem too?

Glad you're warm!!
Donna D.
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Name: JD
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I have considered heat tracing the plumbing in my rebuild job while I am working.I have access to insuated severe condition cable pulled out from work so I think I will install some along with insulation.
I probably have enough to do the holding tanks as well.
If I remember to heat trace the drains as well I'll be all set.
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Name: Wendy Lee
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Brave soul this guy. That's all I've got to say.

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Name: Roger
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Cool LP Gas boiling point

I recall sometime before 1977 when the weather was so cold in central Wisconsin that the LP Gas tanks people had in their yards were cooled below the LP Gas boiling point and a lot of folks had to scramble to get warm. This happens at about -42°F. (Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperatures are the same at -40°.)
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Name: William
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New Jersey
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Below is my Casita. The space-heater is directly beneath the bathroom, facing the valves. It's 18 degrees outside, and 46 degrees under the Casita. I think having the furnace working is making a big difference. If it can stay above 32 (freezing) all night, I will be very happy.

One of the most useful things I have, is the indoor-outdoor wireless thermometer. I always know the temperature underneath the Casita, so I can tell when a problem is developing. One time, some condensation was dripping directly on to the heater, I think it shorted it out, because it simply stopped working. I saw the temperature was falling and not going back up, so I knew I had to go out and investigate (under the Casita at 2am at 7 degrees!). I dried it off, moved it, and it has been running ever since.

The furnace is keeping things between 61-66 right now. After last night, I can't resist sitting directly in front of it and absorbing the heat, lol.

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