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Name: Bat Dude
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Eeeeeee stuff falling off new Scamp

We escaped Michigan (frozen white north) with our Scamp last week.

It had the water system, drains, pumps and toilet winterized with RV anti-freeze and stored in a pole barn.

We towed on normal highways and freeways and hoteled it the first 2 nights.

We stayed with friends in Waco TX, and parked the Scamp.

On reconnecting the Scamp to the tow vehicle I did a quick inside check as I have been doing every stop.

Whoops I found that the brackets that hold the microwave in place had broken.

Actually only one broke and the screw was out of the other.
So I removed it from the Scamp and put it in the back of our TV.

We made it from Waco to San Antonio and set up at the KOA.
A first for us (well as newbie Scampers everything is new and a first LOL).
So I hooked us up, water, gray water drain, electric and flushed the water lines, pumps and drains.

I could not get the hot water heater to light! This unit is new with only miles logged was the trip from Bakus to central Mi.

I held the pilot button down and the pilot would light but then go out when released. I had previously bled the air by lighting the stove.

Hmmm a quick run through a mental checklist based on experience with gas water heaters when I lived in the jungles of Central America and used butane.

Thermocouple issue?

Then manually tracing it back I noted that it was practically falling off the control valve box!

Pulled out an appropriate sized open end wrench and first hand tightened it and then snugged it up with the wrench.

Lit immediately!

So I guess the moral of the story is to treat the Scamp like my formula car and always check every nut and bolt before heading out on the track. Then and only then would I be confident to opening up to top speed on the road circuits.

So now I need a mechanical check list for the Scamp as well.

How many of you have issues with things vibrating loose or breaking?

The Tire Pressure is stated as 50 PSI, but the Scamp guy in Bakus told be they usually prefer running a bit softer like 40 PSI to minimize bouncing. So that is what we have been doing.

So far on stops the tires have not been hot or even warm from flexing.
I am now thinking I may be happier with the remote tire pressure sensors that I can see the PSI is in our TV.

I am also about to buy one of those Anti-rattle things as the receiver hitch is pretty noisy.

Now the @$%^* weather is turning colder again I am wondering about needing to winterize yet again with 2 gals of anti-freeze as we continue our trip to So. Calif.

Looks like we may abort the Big Bend trip to So. Texas due to weather and will push west to Las Cruces, NM.

However it looks like later in the week lows may be in the mid 20s.

With luck it will be warmer as we push on west to Arizona and eventually to Blythe Calif. for work on our bat project.

I guess we can dry camp if I need to winterize again, as I do not want the pumps, lines or toilet to freeze and be damaged.

Guess winter is not optimum Scamping time...

Furnace works like a champ however so life in the Scamp may still be tolerable?

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Name: Carl
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NE Oklahoma
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Sounds like your spirits are high....................good.
I wouldn't be a happy camper, BUT.....................
as we always discover - "it is what it is."

But memories are still being made.
Thanks for sharing.

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Name: Raz
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In five years I don't think there is much left on my Trillium that I haven't had to work on. RV stuff in general is not the greatest quality and these trailers are built to a price point by someone watching the clock. At first I was mad and quite frustrated. Today I look at it as an education. Not much on the trailer I can't fix. And in the end having the trailer let's you be where you want. Safe travels and enjoy the sun shine, Raz
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Name: Gary
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what size is your Scamp?
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Name: David
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Adding shock absorbers may help. Our Oliver has four and literally nothing moves inside the trailer.

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Name: Michael
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If you are camping in the Scamp with heat, you should be ok with overnight temps in the 20s. Leave cabinet doors open to allow heat at the water lines. If it were going to stay that cold, or if you are in a hotel and the Scamp has no heat, that could be problematic. But just for overnight should be ok.
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Name: Ken
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Big Bend and Las Cruces, NM, Man, I am jealous, feel free to share any photos in the future.
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Name: Ted
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Yea safe travel wishes also. Don't think I've known anyone that purchased a new unit without some tweaking. Good luck and send pictures. Oh yea check those lug nuts every once in a while.
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Name: Larry
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 62
I had problems with broken door catches and shaking things apart on my Casita after I picked it up so I took the wheels off and had them balanced, thay had to add 8 OZ of weight to each wheel I think that may have been my problem. I also added the shock kit, it will be a few months before I know for sure if everything is fixed.
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Name: Bat Dude
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Tnx all,

Out last stop in Ft. Stockton Tx last night also had a surprise.
The furnace would not come on...
Turns out the 15 amp fuse had vibrated loose... who know that could happen.

After removing and replacing it worked!


Then we checked the weather channel using our Verizon hot spot for Internet.
Eeeeeee all over again.
Winter Storm advisory with high winds possible drifting snow and limited viability for Thursday.

With luck we will make it to New Mexico later today.

We abandoned the trek to Big Bend due to forecast of horrible weather down there. So no options for hiking miles and miles and seeing critters.

About 03:30 DW noted it is getting really cold!

Well Poop, the propane tank ran dry.

Guess the furnace burns through faster than I thought it would.
I had the option of ordering a tank with a gauge but thought why?

Now I know.

Had I had a even a vague clue at all I would have had the tank filled at the KOA in San Antonio before we headed west.

Oh well as was posted above... memories are brrrr..brrr brrr being made :-).

Liv'n and learn'n

Now we will break camp, dump gray water, run into town, fuel up the TV then not worry about filling the propane until we arrive in New Mexico.

Tried to find an RV shop in San Antonio area that had either anti-rattle hitch things and tire pressure remotes. Struck out on all of the above.

Perhaps El Paso has an RV center?

OK all pix can come later, need to hit the road and the sun is not quite up.
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Name: Mike
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Since I put on the shock absorbers from Orbital its been heaven. My vibration issues have gone away. No more stuff strewn across the floor or cabinets. My steps dont rattle metal to metal down the road. Worth every penny it cost. I was up at Jim's office two weeks ago to buy the hitch and tire rack. Nice and friendly and showed me around - even gave me a glimpse at a new product.
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Name: Raz
Trailer: Trillium 2010
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For propane fill ups I like Tractor Supply. They charge for what they put in the tank rather than a flat fee. Unfortunately they don't all sell propane. Here's a link to the ones that do. Also, if you buy a second tank skip the gauge. They do not work. Raz

Propane Tank Refills at Tractor Supply Co.
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Name: Ken
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Thanks for the update batty, Keep em commin. Stay safe in that bad weather. Let us know how your R-15 insulation did. Wondered what you thought.
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Originally Posted by BatDude View Post
I am also about to buy one of those Anti-rattle things as the receiver hitch is pretty noisy.
I bought a new hitch the other day to fine-tune my trailer's towing level and was quite disappointed at the slop it had in my Reese receiver. Dang, isn't two inches two inches everywhere? I am going to tack weld some metal strips to the new hitch to tighten things up a bit.

I do find it interesting that comments above are saying a few issues are to be expected in a new trailer. But on other threads similiar issues in another brand of trailer (PL) would call for a "heads on pikes" response.

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fall, scamp

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