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Name: Vickie
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Good idea--I knew there was a smoke detector and co2, but never realized there's a propane detector! (Of course, now I need a bigger camper for the detectors!

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Name: Jesse
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Just remember, CO and smoke detectors go up high, propane detectors go down low.

Funny story... on a trip in my class A RV, I was opening a cabinet and some stuff had shifted during travel... a bottle of rum fell out and broke on the stove, which spilled rum all down the cabinets and onto the floor. The propane detector started going off immediately. Even after cleaning it up, the propane detector kept going off. I ended up unplugging it until the RV had aired out for a while.

Oh, and when it comes to CO detectors, keep in mind that they wear out after a year or two and then start going off randomly. They should be replaced at regular intervals.

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Originally Posted by Vickie B. View Post
OK, my life is really not the drama it is becoming on this site (I hope)

Short version: Vickie wants camper, only has Element. Buys 1000 pound Perris Pacer--loves it. Afraid she's over-taxing Element, buys Honda Ridgeline. Realizes she can now have a BIGGER camper---starts to think.

Looks at r-Pods. Husband could be convinced. After sleeping on it---Vickie decides she doesn't like the r-Pods. Wants her fiberglass! Looks around again, decides the Egg Camper is the way to go. Talks to Jim today, he can have one for her in 4 weeks---$17,000. Hubby has probably been pushed to his limit. Finds a 2007 Egg Camper 7 hours away---$12,500. Could do that, perhaps, but does she want to???

What does Vickie really want? Vickie loves her Perris Pacer. Would just like the wiring and gas updated and know that everything is sound. (Plus a paint job.) Calls around. RV place want to know WHY? if nothing is wrong with lights, etc.???? They will do gas check and go from there if anything is amiss. They just don't get it.

Calls body shop that did her fiberglass repair when tire blew a hole in bottom. They say they do camper repair (Vickie really wants a vintage restorer.) But they are not sure this is the type of work they do. But they did good work. Vickie begs----Todd will think about it.

So here's the deal---no one around here seems to want to mess with the wiring, gas, etc. 60% of you guys are doing it yourself. How the h&#! hard is it? Should I just let it be until something goes awry? Just have the gas lines checked????? It just seems like it's something alot of you folks are doing, and I have NO idea if mine has ever been updated.

Second point is---I'm not a fan of the gas. I'll never use the furnace. It scares the crap out of me. And I don't have a bathroom/shower-. I have no problem using my microwave or cooking on gas stove outside (can you use that inside if you need to????)

So now I'm thinking----just take out the furnace (and have more storage), and take out the burners (so I can put in a taller fridge), and go all-electric like the Egg Camper would be anyway. And if I go all-elect---are there any options for other types of power. Honda Generator? But can I really use that unless I'm out in the forest away from every one?

And should I have the axle looked at???? It seems like so many of you change it---is this necessary? How do I REALLY know if it's bad? Believe or not, I'm not LOOKING for ways to spend money!

I just want this done, so we can have some fun! I thought we'd enjoy working on this together---but I now realize we're the type who'd rather buy new, or pay someone to make it so.

Does anyone have any thoughts for me??? (please be kind!) I'm willing to pay maybe 5 grand to get this the way I'd like it (and have it painted.) Or is that even enough???? That's what initially took me to the r-Pod---I wondered if I wanted to sink that much into this 1988 Pacer, or just buy new. But as I said, I don't want the r-Pod. The Egg Camper would be good--but can't spend $17000 (and it will be more next year.)

Do you know ANYONE in my neck of the woods who does this work????

Thanks guys-

Hi Vickie,
I think when we all start looking for a trailer we look for something the vehicle we already have will pull.Little car,little trailer.Thats what we did.Our Neon could not handle any more than 1800 lbs tops.Enter little 13' Boler.Needed some work.Most of it cosmetic,no problem.Wanted some extras installed,trailer shop could handle that,no problem.Then we decieded we really needed a bigger TV.Got a Caravan.Almost immediately started thinking of getting a bigger trailer.Still looking.Even though we have around $7000 invested in the Boler (which we will not realize on a sale)If we find a 4500 Trillium in good shape we will probably buy.Sure will miss the little Boler but the extra room will be WONDERFUL.My advice to you is..... now you have a TV that will handle a bigger trailer take time to deciede if you really would be content with your PP or would REALLY like a bigger newer trailer.Better that then keep what you have,invest money making it the way you want it,and eventually deciede to sell it anyway (and realize a bigger loss)and purchace something else.Rushing into anything right at the moment would probably be a BIG MISTAKE.Try using the PP for another camping season or part of and then deciede.Just my opinion...Good luck.
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Keep it, use it to check out other trailers at meets. Learn how to refurbish it and refurbish it. Learn about all the other trailers. Sell it, buy what you really want and fix it up the way you want. The typical progression of many owners. Unless of course you are happy with your trailer.
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Name: Vickie
Trailer: 1988 Perris Pacer ('Bean') / 2015 Ford F-150, 2017 Winnebago UltraLite 27BHSS
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Hi guys,

Took Bean in to the Body shop today. You would have thought I was leaving my kid on the first day of school!

Feel good about this on many levels----owner knows silicone is a no-no. Owner thinks it's a cute little trailer and his "guys will get a kick out of working on it!"

Got to see some of the paint work his shop is doing (painting a school bus "GO HUSKERS" RED!

I told him if all goes well, he can use me as an advertisement for this area---maybe start a whole new line for him! They just broke ground today on a bigger facility, so he must be doing well.

You all have been tremendous help. I like what you said, Roy, learn on this one, then move up (or keep this one if I love it.)

When I get it back, I may be taking out the wall covering, adding insulation, etc. Think I can handle that. And make new doors--although I like the pockets on mine.

Gotta go think about paint colors----Keep a good thought that my "wish" list doesn't go TOO much over my budget---or I'll be LIVING in Bean!

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