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Originally Posted by David Tilston;439486.
Odd for a manufacturer of trailers.
Yup it is. All I can tell you is that there are other highly respected RV repair folks in my area (in BC) who have turned down doing repairs on more than one old trailer with a gravity propane furnace.

No one says you have to agree David as to whether they are safe to use or not.

As I said I only wishing to make sure that those new to these trailers understand that the old gravity propane furnaces are no longer made or legally installed in new trailers. Simple as that.

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I just took a look at NFPA-54:

An excerpt: This code shall not apply to the following items (reference standards for some of which appear in in Annex L):
(18) Fuel gas systems on recreational vehicles manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1192, Standard on Recreational Vehicles.

Guess I shall now go read NFPA 1192.

I took a look at:

The words "direct vent" occur four times in the standard, all on the same page, (24):
5.4.6 Requirement for Direct Vent System Appliances. All fuel-burning appliances, except ranges and ovens, shall be designed and installed to provide for the complete separation of the combustion system from the interior atmosphere of the recreational vehicle. Combustion air inlets and flue gas outlets shall be listed as components of the appliance. The required separation shall be obtained by the installation of direct vent system (sealed combustion system) appliances. A fuel-burning refrigerator shall be permitted to be installed to meet the requirements of 5.4.6, using panels supplied by the recreational vehicle manufacturer, provided that the refrigerator manufacturer furnishes the necessary vents and grilles as specified by the listing requirements and, in addition, the refrigerator is equipped with the necessary means to ensure the integrity of the separation of the combustion system when the refrigerator is removed for field service and reinstalled. A fuel-burning appliance shall not need to be of the direct vent type, provided that it conforms to all of the following:
(1) It is a vented appliance.
(2) It incorporates provisions for introduction of combustion air from outside the vehicle.
(3) It incorporates a safety control system that prevents burner operation under any operating conditions that allow products of combustion to discharge into the interior of the recreational vehicle.
(4) It incorporates provisions either integral to the appliance design or by use of a safety control system(s) to protect against ignition of flammable materials that could come into contact with any heat source or part of the appliance.
(5) It is listed for recreational vehicle installation and is installed with the terms of the listing.
5.4.7 Exterior Appliances.
First Revision No. 14:NFPA 1192-2011
[FR 31: FileMaker] Exterior Ffuel-burning appliances installed or intended to be used only outside the and attached to recreational vehicles shall be listed for recreational vehicle use but shall not be required to be of the direct vent, sealed combustion type. The installation shall preclude the possibility of appliance operation or propane flow when the appliance is in its storage (travel) position. The appliance manufacturer shall specify clearance to adjacent surfaces as applicable in both the operational and storage positions.

The apparent typos at are the result of changes to that section. The link shows it better.

My observation is that it does not exclude a direct vent furnace. At least not on the basis of CO danger.

I am aware that they are no longer available, and are probably not legal to install, but I fail to see why. Neither document examined has provided any answers.

It has been my assumption that this was more a political decision then anything technical, and I see no reason to update that assumption.

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If you are still looking for a replacement for that old gasket, fuel-oil furnaces use a very similar but probably nonasbestos gasket material around their burner units, and these gaskets are available. It should be more widely available for generic purposes too.
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David, as I said its been my understanding when this topic has come up time and time again that the BIG issue in regards to the safe use of them is due to the inadequate/antiquated venting.

Looks like section Section 3 - may be the issue.
"It incorporates a safety control system that prevents burner operation under any operating conditions that allow products of combustion to discharge into the interior of the recreational vehicle."

As I said previously its my belief that not having a fan to force discharge to the exterior is the issue. Also seem to recall some photos of some RV gravity furnaces and if I am not mistaken some makes may have had only one vent -not two or if they had two vents they were pretty small and contained inside one larger tube - all using the same small discharge hole on the outside - a Wagonmaster maybe???

Bottom line is running one in a small enclosed space without having lots of good ventilation (windows open) isn't any safer than running the propane stove without windows open. Having to keep windows open while running an appliance to warm the trailer up just seems to me to be rather counter productive. :-)
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I think it boils down to making an informed decision. And being aware of what "automatic" safety features are now on you.

Gravity heaters offer silent operation and require no battery power, and because most will lack a low oxygen sensor will work at higher elevations.

They will also be old and should be inspected and serviced before use, but that applies to most any furnace more than a few years old or with an unknown maintenance history.

You should have a CO2 alarm and smoke detector with any gas burning furnace but that need is even more critical if using a many decade old furnace lacking built in cut offs.

You give up some improvements in furnace design, including some safety features. Furnace won't shut off if the firebox leaks and starts drawing inside air for combustion, a window or vent open a crack would probably be a good idea. Lacking a fan to drive exhaust gases out it may be more susceptible to a leak in the vent pipes putting CO into the camper, especially if there is back draft from wind or power vent. Why you would intentionally have vent on and furnace on is beyond me, but maybe vent has a thermostat and heat from furnace triggers it?

Being illegal for new manufacture can have a lot of reasons, safety has advanced in many devices and some folks feel that allowing the manufacturer to use older "less" safe devices should not be allowed so codes and laws change to require the new devices. Sometimes this yields major safety improvement, and sometimes not so much. Who wants to purchase asbestos gaskets or lead painted children's toys? But I don't think stamping "warning misuse can cause injury or death" on a firearm improves safety much.

Tying the blade guard back on a circular saw which many do defeats the whole law about having to have a guard on all new saws. You could also tie back the airflow detector in a new furnace if fan quit and you wanted heat but since it's dependent on that fan you could be less safe than a gravity furnace because newer depends on devices for safety, not knowledge. Since I own saws without guards, I'm pretty careful about the saw and blade condition and my use of it.

In the case of the OP the fact that the furnace is being disassembled and things like gaskets replaced, with an attempt at getting a proper gasket material are important indicators that furnace is being checked out and will be properly assessed for safe operation.If you ain't that type of person don't use that type of furnace.

Or buy old cars without air bags, and if you do happen to have an unsafe Chevy Impala about 1967 vintage I'll take it off your hands for your own good.
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If the "Modern" gravity flow heaters are illegal for use in RV's, one would hardly think that any that are 20-40 years old would be any better.
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This discussion has run its course and is now closed. If anyone else can address the OP's original question (where to find gasket material), please do so by sending a PM (private message).

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