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As to rallies, I learned quite a bit about fiberglass trailers attending the 2010 Niagara Wine Escape Rally at the Riverside Park in Niagara Falls (Canadian side). The advantage for me is they have a motel connected to the campground so even though I didn't yet have a trailer, I had a place to stay. A great way to see many different trailers & talk to owners about them. Of course almost everyone loves their "egg" but you see enough different trailers to help decide which is right for you.

Went back a year later towing my new Escape 17B!

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Name: Mark and Tara
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Wow, more great posts! Thanks everyone!! Tim, yeah, that is where I want us to go. The Pa trip. I just recalled that Tara does not want to wait as well.

Donna, that is exactly my point wanting us to go there for more than just kicking the tires. Yeah, you are right, brochures and pictures online isnt enough. Like they say, people looked smaller on tv than they really are. I met one actor who is much taller than you see on tv. Heard of Jason the killer on Friday the 13th movies? Kane Kodder is the actor and oh.. I am 5' 3" with shoes on and on my eye level, I see his stomach. That is how tall he is. That is how big Jason is! Really helps.

Well, that is the point I wanted us to go. Funny Tara and I went to the National RV Show in Hershey a few years back. It was fun but there are no fiberglass molded trailers. All they had were stick builts.

Anyway, yeah, that is what I thought, Bob. It IS a seller's market. Sure beat the housing market in past decade or so. Everyone, you should have seen how housing prices in Syracuse held well although it is very cheap compared to rest of country.

Sorry I talk too much. Haha.

Hmm.. I will try to convict Tara to come to the rally. She is not sure about the Casita in VA. And this morning, the Wappingers Falls Scamp that is for sale... newer but good price.. however, no bath. I told her I want us to focus on bath as she wanted at first place.. you can see how minds change all the time. lol. WE are gonna have to make a decision!! Ha.

Tim, thanks for emailing me. You gave me an idea.. and yeah, you will see my designs. Sorry folks. You can't see them until it is reality. I have to sell my 35 years worth of brochures I collected (some can be worth 100 dollars each nowdays but others simple at 10 dollars). Worth a bundle that I can make the next level of investment. Any one interested in the brochures? Sorry only one fiberglass rv brochure (can remember them all) I got from RV show.. 2000 Burro. RARE! I got that brochure that year. I enjoy all your comments and we will keep talking! All of you are great!! Thanks!

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Some sort of code sign would need to be used in some places...
At Sebring this year there was strict enforcement of a rule which prohibited any sign or advertisement for sale of campers or vehicles inside the campgrounds.
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We love chit-chatting here so feel free to post all you want here.
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Name: Mark and Tara
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UPDATE; We just bought our Scamp! It is not exactly what we wanted--has no bathroom but it is great investment because it is almost new and it was in the 5 hours driving radius. It was merely 4 hours driving distance. We just bought a 2005 Scamp Trailer that is 13', has no bathroom, looks new inside. nice.

Will still be looking for the one with bathroom and we can trade or sell our Scamp for the one with bathroom in this 5 hours radius or at rallies in the 5 hours as well. Thank you!

We might go to that rally in PA after all since my wife wanted us to have a trailer first to attend and then look for the one with the bathroom!

We bought a used 13' 2005 Scamp Trailer in Wappingers Falls, NY in the Greater Husdon Valley. Looks great. Just one tiny tiny detail to fix. That is all. We are picking it up next week! Whooo!
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CONGRATULATIONS... I'm shouting!

And, you will post pictures when you get it won't you?

Originally Posted by CNYEggerstobe View Post
We might go to that rally in PA after all ...
Great idea!
Donna D.
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Name: Mark and Tara
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Thank you Donna!
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Cool To answer your question, Molded Fiberglass is completely different

Originally Posted by CNYEggerstobe View Post
Another thing, the way this market has really upset us is this is totally different than when you look for a used car in the pennysaver or autotrader whereas there are so many cars. Even dealership but because of fiberglass trailers do not have dealers (well, almost no dealers) and they do not manufacture in higher quantities than normally is. They are on order basis. I understand that is why those trailers are worth more than the stick built but we learned fiberglass is great for lightness and leakproof. We rather to buy that kind than stick built. Why can't manufacturers do the same way as stick built manufacturers do--make many and sell to dealers?

Care to share?
This has been discussed before; people share your frustration. I did some searching and found a few conversations ... First, we all were introduced to Reace of Escape Industries back in November of 2005 when he was just starting up ...
Originally Posted by Reace View Post
Escape Trailer Industries is in the process of setting up a dealer network primarily in Western Canada with inventory arriving in early December.

Being a small manufacturer, we are trying to take small steps. I appreciate all the kind words and thanks to this chat room, the Escapes' reputation for quality is spreading faster and farther than we can easily reach.
Later in that Thread is an explanation of the Molding process with pictures. I recommend reading the entire thread.

Then a year-and-a-half later, Reace has quit Dealers and councils another manufacturer to also sell factory direct after learning the hard way...
Originally Posted by Reace View Post
I am assuming the price you have listed as an MSRP is the price from the dealer. Have you considered selling your product to the consumer direct from the factory? Molded fiberglass trailers are more costly to build as you well know and selling direct keeps the middle man (dealer) out of the consumer's pocket.

You are obviously building a high end product and nobody knows all the little perks about your trailer better than you. Showing your customer first hand how they are built and why they cost what they do goes a long way. My experience using dealers to market a product like this is they tend to lump it in with the rest of the stick and tin trailers and no matter how much you try to brain wash them that this is better....they don't get it.

Just my thoughts from one small manufacturer to another.
I recommend reading the entire thread of that conversation as well. Keep in mind that of the two manufacturers, Escape Industries is thriving and will soon lower their prices, and the owner Reace is well thought of here. On the other hand, American Sport Trailer has been folded into another company, the Genesis Trailer (sold through dealers) is no longer made, and the owner Steve hasn't been heard from in 4-1/2 years.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Mark and Tara
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New York
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Fredrick Simson, wow, I had some real serious reading and read over again today. Twice today actually. Now I know why the two different markets--the F/G and the Sticks are entirely two markets. No wonder you do not see them at the RV shows. I heard of Scamp through the years and a Burro was seen in the RV show years ago but um, if they were not at the show as I thought, maybe they were gone out of business. It would have today without the internet. Thanks to the internet, I learned there were MORE F/G companies all that time I missed out throughout the years. I only knew the sticks. Even seen Airstream.

Fred, I learned alot through those two forums about Steve and his Genesis project and Reace and his Escape company.

Really double thanks to you, Fred because I am actually considering getting into the FG market because of that reason I thought of bringing out more to the market. Of course, the sticks are well known out there, FG needs more exposure. Word of mouth.. ok.

Problem is that, Fred, is my other businesses did not do well. I had several. I had my dating service years ago and only relied on word of mouth or flyers at the singles dances. I knew the owner of the singles dances and I was a greeter at her dances. (this is how I met my wife there).. I could not get people to join. It flopped because basically I had no money for heavy advertising. I avoided online dating market for my dating service. Long story why I made my dating service more of a in-person type of dating than computer dating.

Then I went on trying to establish my own design company. Again, much of word of mouth and creative colorful business cards almost none are alike. People love the cards but too few business projects including one for a new tool belt design, a campground for Deaf Christians (all log cabins, etc), among other small stuff. I almost got a contract with Airstream for a series of colorful motorhomes before Airstream cut the motorhome market to focus on its original market--trailers.

How I got to do the Airstream?? I market myself at the Design Forum in Detroit during NAIAS--North American International Automobile Show where all concept cars are. I was one a few responsible to push Chrysler to bring out Challenger because we all complained about the Charger not being so retro. I saw concept vehicles 5 years advance at the shows I went in past.

Since the Great Recession of 2008, I could not find anymore projects! Then I went onto do paranormal investigation and host Ghost Walks. All by word of mouth, Facebook, and free listings in the papers. Most said they found it in free listing in the papers and came for my Ghost Walk but too few people came. Not that successful.

This year I am supposed to have Ghost Walks but no tickets been sold since end of Halloween last year. No one wanted to go and people wanted ghost hunting, not ghost walk. I do paranormal investigation for free. Its a no-no to charge customers for ghost hunting because of Crystal Ball Effect. That is, those gyspies faked prophecies by scamming people for their money. We do not do that.

So, that is where I am heading back to design which is my first love. Been doing this since age 8. I should have patented IFS on snowmobiles in 1972 and Arctic Cat came out in 1979 with the same thing. But I had no money to built and patent.

To make my story short (I am writing my autobio on how hard it is to get a job or start a company or even dating--didnt get married till age 41), I am trying to start my own company. I thought I do with RV since it IS a bit easier to built than a car or a snowmobile.

I thought I try dealer approch with the FG but from I learned. Darn it! I have to use different approch. Like what Steve did.. built prototypes. I am working on having two of them. One for cross country to be at campgrounds, rallies, to large markets are such as Ekhart, Miami, Old Forge, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, etc. and the other in better shape for rv shows.

From what I read about Steve's, wow, his design is almost like mine but um, entirely different. Mine would fall in between his Genesis design and The traditional FG trailers out there. Yes, I designed my RV with an outdoor galley but not on back, on side.. and the other side is seating and table. Porta Potty with Porta John style housing. Yes, both Kitchen side and the seating side of trailer opens up and has tent style screen to keep bugs out, winds cut down, and feel nice air.

My approch is to built 2 then another 2 into 4 into 8 into 16, etc.

I know this is long. I will add another one in a moment.
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Name: Mark and Tara
Trailer: 2005 13' Scamp
New York
Posts: 69
Ok, now this is part 2. Um.. the reason I like dealership method is that I can have someone to sell. Not me. I tried the word of mouth method. Not working that well. My paranormal investigation group IS on FB. Any of you really want to know, ask me in PM. I will email you what group. I am not great at self-marketing although I have worked at sales in department stores and even an automobile dealership as internet sales. I sold like 5.5 cars average per month. Why half? About 1 car per month I sold half of my share with another sales person.

YOu want to know why prices aren't cheap at dealers? Here is why: I was trained for 3 weeks to 4 weeks on sales and they said the reason cars are priced what you see are actually doubled of what manufacturer makes. Say it cost them to make a car 10,000 dollars each. The dealer has to double that because the company asked the dealer to sell that price. Why? What if you want to make a deal on a price? What if you want to trade in your car? They do not want to lose that 10,000 Dollars that cost to make. Not about the other 10. If they are fortunately, then that is what the company profit. Not the dealer. Dealers usually earn 600 dollars per car sold. Sales person earns based on commission of 50 to 150 dollars out of that 600 depends on the car cost. Higher the price it is, the more commission they get.

Now you know the real dirty secret, folks.

Nowdays you can not buy a car direct from the company. They strongly encourage you to buy a car from dealer. Hated that.

Maybe someday I will have cars made.. still a dream since as a kid. Same with snowmobiles as well as RV. First RV design at age 10 or 11.

So actually if you buy a FG, you could be saving merely 600 to 1000 dollars on sales alone. But on another hand, you have to pay higher share of cost of shipping than what a dealer charge you. The dealers or manufacturers of cars usually put an average cost or median cost. But for your brand new trailer, its full price.

I know I have more to say.. but thats good enough for now. Will add later.

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