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Old 11-12-2014, 06:53 AM   #1
Junior Member
Name: Annette & Wendy
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 6
Scamp 13 Pros and cons of bathroom

We're planning to buy a Scamp 13 and have gone back and forth about whether to get it with or without a bathroom. We'd love to hear others' experience with the advantages and disadvantages of having a bathroom. If you don't have a bathroom, have you regretted it? If you do, what problems, if any, does it create? Is it worth giving up the bathroom for the extra space? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

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Donna D.'s Avatar
Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 23,914
Boy Annette, this topic sometimes turns into a hot button.

I just keep remembering, you can never miss what you've never had. Now that I've had two all molded towables, I'll never have a trailer of any size without one!

For me, it's not only a bit age related... those midnight get-ups. But, convenience (don't have to find a bush, setup a potty-tent or pull out a porta-potty). It's MY bathroom, I know how clean it is.

Dumping a flushable? NO problems. I'm a mother and grandmother and have changed plenty of diapers. At least with dumping the blackwater tank I get to wear gloves!

Best of luck with your decision

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Name: Eddie
Trailer: Scamp 16DX
Posts: 1,405
Welcome Annette
Besides Donna's comments you also get a shower, HW heater and greywater tank.
Warm showers are nice and you don't have to drag around tote for your greywater . You are self containted and ready for just about anything. You loose your sofa but you do gain a lot of storage in the closet by the bath. If you do a bed mod like Floyd and add a small pedistal table you also end up with a nice small dinette. The only draw back is you have to make your bed up if you set up the dinette.
Others here really that don't like the bath option in the S-13. You really need to see a S-13 in both configurations and make a decision.
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frank_a's Avatar
Name: Frank
Trailer: 2012 ParkLiner #006
New York
Posts: 2,047
Both my wife and I would not own a trailer without a toilet! We did once and immediately got rid of it and got one with!

2012 ParkLiner #006
2013 4wd Escape 2L Ecoboost with 3500# tow package
2001 F-150 XLT 4wd Super Cab 4.6L
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floyd's Avatar
Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
Posts: 5,028
I would rather have a travel trailer without a kitchen than without a bathroom, yet I have never heard the subject breached.
You don't get extra space by eliminating the bathroom. you get additional sleeping or sitting room by sacrificing closet, storage,and essential facilities.A sacrifice necessary if you need bunks for kids.
Otherwise nearly half of the interior is already dedicated to sitting or sleeping.
It is common nowadays for motel rooms to have bathrooms,some even have kitchens, still some people still prefer a "bed and breakfast" with shared facilities down the hall and a restaurant downstairs.
This is a vote for a complete travel trailer,... without the bathroom/shower I would just sleep in the back of a minivan.
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Jon in AZ's Avatar
Name: Jon
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 13 Std
Posts: 3,567
Scamp 13 Pros and cons of bathroom

I'm thinking it depends partly on the number of people using the trailer and the style of camping/travel you plan to do.

A 13'er is really small, but the front sofa & window make it feel larger, in my opinion. We enjoy our 13'er with four people and no bathroom or porta-potty, but we typically take short trips to a known destination. We spend most of our time outside, and a visit to the facilities is our last stop of the evening. I haven't missed the bathroom, and I like not having the associated maintenance.

If you plan to travel more extensively, having a bathroom gives you more flexibility in where you can spend the night. Personally, though, if I were traveling more than a few days at a time with more than one person, and wanted a bathroom, I'd be looking for a 16'er. I like the side bath layout because you still get the sofa and front window. I'm not saying the 13' front bath layout can't work, but it takes some adjustment.

I agree with Eddie that you really should try to get inside several different configurations. There are three ways to approach that. (1) Scamp has a file of owners willing to demo their trailers- give them a call. (2) Visit a FGRV rally- many have a time set aside for tours. (3) Post a request here- there may be a nearby forum member willing to let you have a look.
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Name: Darnelle
Trailer: 13 ft Scamp
Posts: 310
Entirely personal choice. We don't have a bathroom and don't want one. We cook outdoors and use the sink inside more like a bathroom sink. Use a porta potty at night by placing it in front of the door where it's out of the way. (We use Mr. Clean in the tank and have zero odors for up to 4 days and no stink for dumping!) However we prefer boondocking and will be adding solar power, like a light tow and love spending all our time outdoors. I dream of fulltiming in retirement, so would not be surprised if our preferences change with age and more time living in a tiny trailer.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 1,035
I am at the other end of the spectrum. I like my 13 without the bath. Lesley and I have no issues using a porta potty at night when needed. By day we use the campsite facilities. At night I usually have to take the dog out anyway. We are both still working so long extended trips are still in our future. If I were to feel the need for a Bathroom I would get a 16 footer. A 13 footer is basically an 8 X 10 box add a bathroom it becomes 8 X 8 box. Without the front window it is a much darker box. Being in So Cal we don't get the wet weather issues. It just depends on what your brought up with before getting a trailer. If you used camp ground out houses, Construction Porto potties, shoveled holes in the ground, bathrooms are much less an issue. As we get older the need for an indoor facility becomes much more important, just as the very reason tent camping was no longer wanted and we bought a trailer. I do know that most people exposed to indoor facilities would never go back to a trailer with out them just like once you get a trailer the tent gets reallocated to someone else. Only you can make the decision of whats important. I would not buy a 13 footer with a bathroom. At that point I would buy a 16. Without the bathroom my 13 footer works for us very well. The one good thing is when the time comes it no longer fits our needs they are easy to sell off and move on to the next adventure.
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
Posts: 2,866
It (like many things) is a trade off. Space and "open" feel + reduced weight vs. convenience. How much extra value the convenience adds depends on how you camp and what your needs are.

Some just stow a porta-pottie in cabinet under the center of the couch for late night or emergency use, or for parks with really nasty pit toilets. You can get those phone booth sized dome tents and set them up as an outside bathroom if you camp in the boondocks or rustic sites without facilities. Most have mesh floor so you can even use them to wash up in as a rustic shower. Or use the campground facilities if you camp where they have them.

Opening a door and there is the bathroom, fire up the hot water heater and it has a shower certainly has some advantages.

Both a porta-pottie and built in bathroom involve some extra maintenance and upkeep. You have to empty the porta-pottie more often but can literally dump it in any toilet as opposed to needing an RV dump site, but dump sites are readily available too so dumping the built in tanks is not a huge deal.

I like to camp in the boondocks and having ability to shower before heading back to civilization was always a big plus from wife's perspective back when we used a motorhome. With the scamp 13 ft. she does not seem to have much interest in replacing ours with a larger 16 ft. with a bath. On the other hand dragging her off to the middle of the national forest is not as easy as it used to be. Liking state parks with modern facilities more these days. We still spend almost all our time outside including the cooking so not much difference to us on inside space since we mostly just sleep there.

If you currently use the facilities where you camp you may find not having a bath is no big deal. If you get a bathroom you may really like it or may find yourself stuffing it with gear like a closet and never using it. Don't think it will hurt resale value to have or not have, you pay more for bath, it sells for more but no bath will also sell pretty easily.

If you need the front bunks to accommodate kids a 13 ft. with a bath is not an option. Have to go to a larger model. If you want a bathroom it would certainly be worth considering something larger than a 13 ft.
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Timber Wolf's Avatar
Name: Tim
Trailer: '88 Scamp 16, layout 4
North Florida
Posts: 1,394
I have no experience with a 13, bathroom or no. But I do have a 16 with bath and like it. Although it is really small and if available we use the campground facilities. But, those more frequent late night runs sure are easier without leaving the camper, but you could do that in a porta-pot too I suppose. So, my dos centavos is this: 13 w/o bathroom (but with porta-pottie) and 16 w/ bathroom. Good luck on your decision.
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Name: Danny
Trailer: Scamp 13'
Posts: 20
After years of teardrop camping we purchased a new 13' Scamp this year. We still wanted a lightweight, affordable and simple to use camper but needed extra room to take our young grandsons along. We love the Scamp and enjoy the luxury of being able to stand up inside. Using the bathroom facilities provided by the campground meets our needs best. It's nice to flush a commode or take a shower and let someone else deal with the maintenance, it's worth the short walk to us. We have a portable toilet for situations when we don't want to take the walk but haven't needed it yet. Having said all this I would recommend everyone else have a bathroom inside their camper, making our choice even more convenient.
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Jon in AZ's Avatar
Name: Jon
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 13 Std
Posts: 3,567
Scamp 13 Pros and cons of bathroom

Originally Posted by danny1953 View Post
...Having said all this I would recommend everyone else have a bathroom inside their camper, making our choice even more convenient.


Camping alongside snowbirds in AZ in winter, bathrooms are virtually empty (and clean). Camping alongside surfers in CA in summer, bathrooms are, well, not so much!

(In fairness to CA state parks, we are impressed with how well they take care of them, in spite of the heavy use. They are cleaned several times a day.)
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Cathi's Avatar
Name: Cathy
Trailer: Escape 19' sold, 21' August 2015
Posts: 684
Originally Posted by Wajourney View Post
We're planning to buy a Scamp 13 and have gone back and forth about whether to get it with or without a bathroom. We'd love to hear others' experience with the advantages and disadvantages of having a bathroom. If you don't have a bathroom, have you regretted it? If you do, what problems, if any, does it create? Is it worth giving up the bathroom for the extra space? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks.
This is mostly an age-related issue. Older people (or maybe young children) need to get up in the middle of the night. If you do, do you want to get dressed at 2 a.m., go out there with whatever or whomever in the dark when no one is around and maybe it is cold? And do that night after night?
Or do you want to pick up and carry a porta-potty to dump.

I should add that it is gender-related also. No, I am not using the nearest tree or taking a shovel out, thank you very much.
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Byron Kinnaman's Avatar
Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
Posts: 5,859
Almost 9 years of 13' Scamp camping the past 4 or 5 over 100 nights each in a row, no bathroom. I would hate to lose the open feeling being able to look out in all 4 directions. No leaks or smells to put up with. No dumping mess to put up with. Prefer the direct deposit method, once deposited all done with it.

69 and 72 years old here, we don't worry about the middle of the night boggy man, weirwolfs, or vampires. See the stars on dark night is very nice. Moon light nights mean no night vision damaging flashlights are necessary.

At 3:00 am, I've watched Coyotes loping through the campground, bobcat sitting and watch us as we walked by. Some night you can watch the bats flying around. All very cool to see.

I suppose being afraid of the dark would be one reason to have an on-board potty.

Getting dressed in the middle of the night is not a big issue, sweat pants and a zip up sweat shirt staged on the couch, crocks staged close by makes getting dressed enough easy and quick.

As the OP should be able to guess, we have no regrets. Others see things differently.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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bathroom, scamp, scamp 13

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