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Name: Bryan
Trailer: Casita "Cozy-Casa"
Central Virginia
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Seriously considering new Parkliner - help please

Tell me your thoughts on this unit - I have never owned a travel trailer and I love the look of this one. I have heard about tire fitment - that is resolved by the new mold now as well as the battery issue - what other things are there? I want the floor a/c but have heard it is weak - I was hoping somebody could direct me to a 6-8000 BTU unit with almost the same dimensions. I was talking with Chandler and he advised the side exhaust hole could be enlarged and baffled different and a slightly larger unit could be made to fit - how cold does the air get coming out of the standard unit? I know the fridge is small - I have found a larger 12V/110V only fridge to fit in the standard spot - 2.7 cubic feet - small but workable. What is the exact size of the rear window? I have found escape windows that are for a 20x30 cut out and have a 22x32 outside dimension - I was hoping this would be the right size so the escape hatch could be eliminated. How does this thing tow - I am planning on using a new Jeep Cherokee with tow package and am scared about traveling highway speeds etc.

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Name: Dale
Trailer: 2010 EggCamper; 2002 Highlander 3.0L; 2017 Escape 21'; 2016 F-150 5.0L Fx4
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Bryan, We don't own a ParkLiner, but we once strongly considered buying one, so I've followed their threads on FGRV closely for some time. That said, here are my two cents worth of opinion - adjusted for inflation, somewhat even less than that, I'm sure. If you are a self-reliant, do-it-yourselfer kind of guy when it comes to fixing and modifying things, then you'll very likely love the ParkLiner (as many do). However, if you want a company that will dote over you and make your every wish and whim their highest priority, you'll likely be disappointed (as many, even with more serious concerns, have been). But that's just me. I'm sure others will chime in to give you their opinions - first hand or arm chair. Whatever you do, get a camper and get out there as soon as you can. It's a big, wonderful world out there beyond those office walls....

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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita 17 ft DLX SD & 21 ft SOB
NW Wisconsin
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The problems with Parkliner are with Parkliner not with their customers expectations or abilities IMHO
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Name: Jon
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My thought (armchair variety, since I only have an icebox) is that I wouldn't give up propane operation of a fridge. Lots of nice places don't have electric hookups, and 12V operation of an AC/DC fridge is not very effective and sucks battery power. There are some fancy (think $$$) 12V-only fridges that people use with solar and 2x6V battery set-ups (think more $$$), but propane is tried and true.
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Name: Bryan
Trailer: Casita "Cozy-Casa"
Central Virginia
Posts: 332
Thanks for the insights - I have thought about NO propane because I want a clean outer body - no un-needed vents, handles, outlets, etc... on the outside. I have found several 110V water heaters that draw 13 amps that should fit where the furnace would have been and a 2.7 cubic foot 12v/110v fridge that draws 3 amps and have been told it would run fine for days on 2 group 24 100 AH Trojan deep cycle batteries that will fit in the standard battery box. The bonus is it can run without being level. I was thinking of no stove - just an electric hot plate, microwave and a butane hotplate for times with no electricity. If I can get proper venting for the floor mounted a/c I would think a 6000 BTU unit would work ok - I could even hook up a 12v electric car radiator fan from Summit Racing and clip it to the outside vent if needed in hot/humid times - or a small 110v 8 inch fan inside the cabinet to blow against it. I am still looking to hear from folks about what to watch out for with this trailer and in general with a newby. Towing concerns, MPG while towing, etc. I was thinking of a new Cherokee AWD V6 tow package - Andersen hitch - DirectLink trailer brake controller - electric trailer mounted sway control - Japanese made Yokohama 185/14 LT tires rated at 1850 LBS each vs. the standard ST205/75R14 (Yokohamas are just about 1/2 inch less in diameter for the extra bit of clearance)
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Name: Michael
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I would not hesitate to specify a 12V fridge with Danfoss compressor, such as a Truckfridge. I feel confident that the battery could be kept charged with about 100W of solar.

As for the A/C, an 8000 BTU should do great. 5000 is not enough, 6000 might be enough, but go 8000 if you can get it in there some way. If they say they can enlarge the vent and stuff, tell them to go for it.

Your Cherokee should do well enough at 60 mph, and probably ok at 65 when it's not too hilly. Expect to get around 14 to 16 mpg while towing, IMO.
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Name: Sid
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I have a 2014 PL and the v6 Jeep Cherokee with The factory tow package, I couldn't be happier. My worst mileage was 17 (strong headwind and quite hilly terrain) but on average I get 20 towing the ParkLiner. Anyone with the trailer around the vintage of mine seems to love it as much as I do. So far after over 5000 miles I haven't found anything to really complain about. Both the TV and egg have been awesome!
It may be true the company is still struggling with communication issues but from my vantage point it appears they have overcome their start up problems with the design. If mine were destroyed by tornado or fire tomorrow I would order another one as soon as the insurance check came in.
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Name: Thom
Trailer: Chevy AWD Van Conversion
Astoria Oregon
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Greetings Bryan and welcome to the forum, best wishes on your research and possible purchase whatever you decide!

If you read on the PL owners you've probably seen our build thread. As for what War Eagle stated on PL as not one for doting and making wishes come true a priority... think that is in the eye of each individual PL owner. In the pre purchase phase and convos with Chandler he said yes to each of my requests with one exception... He knew my use would include off-pavement adventures and with a lifted AWD van as tow vehicle I really wanted to match the trailer's stance with that of the van...Chandler said there was no option to lift the PL from factory. BUT, he did all other requests ! And they were things that other manufacturers said no way to.

I'm a happy PL owner, and proud to have been an early (#35) adopter

Originally Posted by Mike Magee View Post
I would not hesitate to specify a 12V fridge with Danfoss compressor, such as a Truckfridge. I feel confident that the battery could be kept charged with about 100W of solar...
What Mike said!
And if my math is close to correct the "3amp" unit you mentioned would only give you a bit more than a 30 hour stent before depleting the 200ah bank to a point of needing a charge (50% draw down).

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Name: Dave & Paula Brown
Trailer: Lil Snoozy
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Thom, that would be correct if the refrigerator was running without cycling on/off as they do. Bryan, the Parkliner was my 1st choice initially, because of its ample storage, roomy ness, & flexible floor plans with the bunk option. Since it doesn't look like we will be having any grandchildren, and we spend 3-5 months at a time in a travel trailer, the Lil Snoozy is what we decided on because of the floor plan with the comfortable couch across the entertainment center, & the full time queen bed. We have used a 12 volt only Donfoss compressor style refrigerator in our Scamp and now in the Lil Snoozy, in conjunction with 100 watts of solar, and would never want to go back to 3-way type of refrigeration. The Lil Snoozy is an all electric trailer (although I have added propane) with a "window style" air conditioner built-in at the rear of the trailer.
Best of luck in your search.
Dave & Paula
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Name: Ken
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Don't forget to read up on them denying warranty work. Sorry don't have the money to honor the warranty, you'll have to wait and no warranty in writing in the archive.
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Name: Donna D
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Originally Posted by bsedwebt View Post
Thanks for the insights - I have thought about NO propane because I want a clean outer body - no un-needed vents, handles, outlets, etc... on the outside. ....
Isn't a slick Egg.. wonderful? Slick, clean looks great!

Once upon a time, I though I'd pull all the propane out of my Scamp.. 'EL I don't use it, I'm always hooked up... or the generator can handle what's needed. Then by PM someone said.. BUG OUT. That doesn't necessarily mean leaving, sheltering in place also works. So yes, I think propane is good because I may not have electricity ALWAYS available. And while that slick outer body is neato... this is a travel trailer and needs to be functional for me, otherwise I'd be in a tent. YMMV
Donna D.
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Name: Tab
Trailer: ParkLiner
Posts: 128
I have a 2014 ParkLiner and love it! I've taken it to New Orleans, Florida, North Carolina and short trips to Georgia so far. I've had no issues and have actually had good communication with Chandler when I've had questions. It tows great! On our recent New Orleans trip, I drove 70-80 mph with no issues. Never knew it was there. My TV is a Toyota Landcruiser so gas milage sucks. I don't pay attention to it. I agree with Sid, if mine were destroyed, I'd buy another just like it. I think the early issues with tire rub and battery issues have been resolved.
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Name: deryk
Trailer: 2012 Parkliner 2010 V6 Nissan Frontier 4x4
New Jersey
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Mine is a 2012 and I am very happy with it. I have towed it many off road miles with no issues. The only reason I contemplate ever selling it is if I were to find my cabin in the woods lol.

The ac is not great. I do better with a turbo fan under it blowing straight up to help move the air around. I should think of adding an exhaust fan to help get the hot air from the ac unit outside faster. Or take some serious measurements and look for a larger unit that will fit.

Unless you are staying in camp grounds with power how are you going to run your fridge? I have only stayed in a campground with some electricity 2 or 3 times (not enough to run my ac unit though lol) I like boondocking in solitude!

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Name: Raz
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It's getting harder and harder to get a propane fridge. Trailer manufacturers love the compressor fridge because it is much easier to install. The problem is that most don't seem to read the installation instructions. Just like your home fridge, to work efficiently, you need to remove the heat. That means a vent needs to be installed. Some vent below the fridge (remember heat rises) into the living area making it hotter. Others don't provide any vent at all. Imagine taping a sheet of plastic to the back of your home refrigerator. To work at maximum efficiency you will need a vent to the outside no matter which fridge you choose. Raz

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