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My wife and I each have LaFuma 0 degree "warm and light" mummy bags that can zip together. It's weird to zip mummy bags together, but it works! We really like them and they are very compact and light enough to use backpacking too.
I'm not sure if they sell the exact model we have still, but they are well made, durable and warm. We got them on sale at REI for 65-75 bucks a few years ago.
We also bunk every now and then to keep the table up, so I can understand wanting a 'split-able' comforter.
Good luck shopping!

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Name: Jim
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Originally Posted by Gilda View Post
I'm responding to your question about sleeping bags with the broader answer to "How do I make the bed in our trailer the most comfie?" I, too, agree with the comforter preference folks. Sleeping bags were OK while camping in a tent or backpacking but I consider camping in my trailer to be "glamping" and I want comfort. If I were to get a pre-made sleeping bag I would go for the ones LL Bean sells. Their "Camp Sleeping Bags" range in price from $69 -109, come in a variety of sizes/weights, are fleece lined, they zip together and, since they are rectangular, they can also be used as comforters.

Following is a reply I posted some time ago...

We had the same concerns for our 2011 13' Scamp. The seating cushions turned out to be so uncomfortable (like sleeping on a table) we finally splurged and purchased a 2" memory foam topper from Target for about $30. I cut the foam to the exact size of the bed then cut it into two long strips each 22 1/2" wide by 76" long. One cushion is a rectangle and the other has two curves to match the inside of the Scamp. I covered each memory foam piece with 100% cotton knit (think T-shirt soft) as if it were a cushion, with a zipper on the end. Now we have the softest, cushiest, mattress pad! We sleep right on the pad and on top of us we place one or more comforters depending on the temperature. In warmer weather we sleep between the two comforters; one on top and one on the bottom. This method eliminates the need for sheets. We wash the mattress cover and comforters (as needed) after each trip.

As for storage; each 1/2 mattress cover rolls into a cylinder about 22 1/2" wide by 10" high (each one is about the size of one sleeping bag). We secure the roll with luggage straps and store the rolls under the dinette bench (see photo). The bigger question is where to store the comforters! I have several solutions. #1) For when I leave the bed set up for the day. (see photo) Fold the comforter in half (mine are about 90" wide by 76" long) so they are 45" wide by 76" long. When folded this way they fit flat on top of the bed when it is set up and looks like a neatly made-up bed. #2) Fold the comforter in half and place over the dinette cushions (no photo). Put one comforter over each dinette chair and tuck in over the top, at the seat back and over the cushion front. This way the comforters add a decorative touch to the seats without requiring more storage space. #3 More recently, I roll the comforters over a cylinder (ask for an empty fabric roll from a fabric store) a little over 45" wide (2-3" diameter) and secure the roll with luggage straps (see photo). I place the roll resting between the dinette chairs spanning the leg space under the table (no photo). This way the comforters are out of the way and ready to use at a moment's notice without using precious cargo space!

I'd also like to share another bedding tip (see photos). You can see in my photos that I have two medium-weight comforters with two different designs. Depending on my decorating mood I put one or the other design on top. A big issue for my husband and me is the shifting of covers in the night. We each have different preferences for covers AND the covers tend to shift and fall off during the night. We ruled out sleeping bags or zippers connecting the comforters as being too confining and hot. The solution we came up with is to connect the comforters with loop and button connectors. It is easy for me to unbutton one comforter layer while my husband sleeps blissfully with two comforters!
Happy Camping,
Gilda, Are you saying that you sleep only on the memory foam, or do you put the memory foam over the cushions.

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Name: deryk
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Memory foam on top of the cushions
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Name: Gilda
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Yes, the memory foam goes on top of the cushions, then us, then the comforters with pillows under our heads.
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I try to NEVER wake up my

Sleeping Bag
Attached Thumbnails
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Name: Linda
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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
LL Bean is also a good source for bags still made locally.
I've been looking at the LL Bean sleeping bags too. Not too pricey and I like the look. Check them out. I'm going to go ahead and order a couple and can report back later if you don't get your sleeping bags right away.
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Name: Vic
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We have always used sleeping bags in our trailer for convenience. I have been a 4-season tenter since childhood, and always had numerous bags to choose from. Lately, I'm not that interested in tenting, and my numerous bags were given away. I found a multi-layer rectangular bag design at Costco some years ago, and bought three of them. Best thing I have ever found. I just searched the Costco site, and then googled it and could not find an equivalent.

The bag is essentially three bags, one inside the other. You choose which layer to sleep in, how many above, how many below. Since it is a rectangular bag, two can be zipped together for a double bag. The design still allows the flexibility of different layers on different sides!

It is a bit bulky with lots of zippers, but it works like a charm for the spring/summer/fall camping we have done with our trailer.

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Name: Patti
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I use a 0 degree bag in the trailer or for car/tent camping. Not made for backpacking, but sure is warm. In the camper, it is used more like a comforter. Bag is made by Wiggy's here in GJT. They make stuff for the military.
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Name: deryk
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My mummy bag is from Wiggy's too! Its about 15 years old and still holding up like new! Did my last winter camping in a tent 3 years ago...dropped to the teens and slept all comfy in it. I think about grabbin it from my storage place(read Parent's basement lol) that if my heater ever cut out when Im staying at my friends place in the middle of the night I could pull it out and go right back to sleep!

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Layers. whatever Vic found sounds ideal.

We sometimes only want the t shirt type sheet in the summer. Then I have a fleece throw for when I want a bit more than the sheet. Pull out the Norwegian Dyna (comforter) when the going gets tough. Have also used comforter type thing as insulation between head shoulders and wall. Put one of the dyna's under shoulders and up by the window as a block against the cold weather.

BTY, you might want to buy a roll of the 24 inch reflectix insulation at Menards. I just cut sizes to fit between the window curtain and below. Put a piece of Velcro at the bottom to hold it to the rat fur. Nice insulation for cold weather camping.

I'll be at our place in Proctor in a few days, if you want a partial roll of reflectix pm me and I will bring it over.

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Oh! I just got that, Doug.
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Name: Rene
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I can see the attraction of sleeping bags especially if you have a 13 footer and you need to make and take down your bed every day. If you are running the furnace most bags should do the trick. If not a colder temp bag might be in order. Just avoid the mummy bags if your claustrophobic. Mummy bags are for backpackers. We use a very warm down duvet with sheets on our always set up bed.
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Rene, good point about having a bed you need to convert to a dinette daily. I could see bags being advantageous there, for sure.
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Name: RogerDat
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Sleeping bags designed for backpacking are often intended to be "stuffed" into the sack and will take up less storage space. My sub zero winter bag takes up less space than a lite weight summer comforter.

We have gone with both, our sleeping bags from tent camping and sheets and comforter. DW likes the sheets better since we leave the bed set up all the time and mummy bags don't really cover the bed.

I'm liking the idea mentioned of two square cut bags zipped together, one heavy and one lite. Would cover the bed better and could be rolled up if we wanted to use the table. With just two of us there should be room on the seats for us and the rolled up bags.

Now if I can just find those bags with an attractive design....

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