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Name: Keith
Trailer: Scamp
Posts: 62
Trip planning: Daily distance

We have only taken a few shorter trips but planning a long trip for summer 2019. Based on our trips so far we have set a mileage limit of about 280 miles a day. We try to drive close to 60mph and that is less than 5 hours of drive time. Add in a good lunch stop and gas stop (walking the dogs at both) and we figure that puts us at about 6 or 7 hours of total travel time.

Do most people travel more or less each day when on a long trip?

What influences your choice to travel more or less per day?

Do you drive faster or slower than 60mph with your travel trailer? The truck can certainly handle faster and the 19 ft scamp is very stable back there, but I worry about the safety of going much faster.



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Name: kenny
Trailer: Bigfoot 13'
Posts: 287
Keith I have a 1993 13' "Lil" Bigfoot. I few years ago with 3 other 13 footers we went up into Alberta into British Columbia Northwest Territories, Alaska Loop. Return up into Northwest Terr. And Arctic Circle. Back thru B.C. into Alberta down into the U.S. !0,000 thousand miles. Look to approximate number of miles one can travel per day at 60 to 65 miles per Hr. Number of days available, number of miles per gallon of gas one will use. whether there is a camp site available in the most maximum distance or shorter if necessary . Whether food is available and ice if needed (refer or coolers ) Then fun sites. are they available at camp site or are they just pull thru. How far down the dirt road. hooked up or Egg in camp site how good are your tires, brakes, etc.How do you deal with the cracked or broken items. How much time do you allow for problems. How much time to unhook, drive for gas drive back to Egg. continue back in the direction one looped from how much time to add the view that appears. In Canada Alaska, one could add 1hr. or more to get to a town, a cross road might not have what you needed. Service can be farther than one needs. Up hills, thru cities slow canyons. When you are in a city when the workday ends. When does the ferry run. can one drive around a delay. add time add time. In the U.S. get a site early call ahead, one or two days Try for travel and visiting Fed. or State Park camp grounds when it is not a holiday. Experience.

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Name: bob
Trailer: Was A-Liner now 13f Scamp
Posts: 2,739
our trip

we just got back from a 4k trip to az and around no special destinations planned for the day I got enough of that on my sales route.

get up around 8 cook breakfast get ready and take off no stress don't care where we go or when we get there!

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Carol and Mike's Avatar
Name: Mike
Trailer: Oliver Elite II
Boerne, Texas
Posts: 152
We shoot for around 300 miles a day. Sometimes much less depending on where we’re going.

60mph on secondary roads and 62mph on the interstate, except in West Texas where the speed limit is 80mph, I do 65. Mike
The Lonestar Oliver #135 | Ram 1500 5.7L
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Name: Keith
Trailer: Scamp
Posts: 62
Thanks for the replies. They generally match up to what I was thinking.

Well, except bob:

Originally Posted by k0wtz View Post
we just got back from a 4k trip to az and around no special destinations planned for the day I got enough of that on my sales route.

get up around 8 cook breakfast get ready and take off no stress don't care where we go or when we get there!

That is the one solution that would never work for my wife!

I can't complain, I benefit a lot from her excellent planning.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita 17 ft DLX SD & 21 ft SOB
NW Wisconsin
Posts: 3,445
We average around 125 to 140 miles per day and try to limit our driving time to 6 hrs per day .
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honda03842's Avatar
Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
Posts: 7,377
Year 18 of our travels. We are not truly destination drivers. We enjoy the journey and average about 150 miles per day. We start early always before 9 and stop early usually around noon. We explore the area and decide if we want to stay. Everyplace you go has something interesting.

We've made 6 loops of the USA and Canada. Even when we return to one of our favorites we always find something we did know about.

This year we're making our 10th 2 month trip to Newfoundland. We virtually driven on every numbered road, yet we're always stumbling upon something new.

There's no rush in our minds, at least when you're retired. For those still working a faster pace may be necessary.
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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David B.'s Avatar
Name: Dave & Paula Brown
Trailer: Lil Snoozy
Posts: 2,006
I always start out trying to drive 55-62 mph, and limit our travels/day, but old habits are hard to break form our working/vacation days. Iím still trying to adjust to the retired thing.
Dave & Paula
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Name: James Y.
Trailer: Companion
Posts: 56
60 MPH

Last winter I drove to Arizona and back towing my Companion, and I chose 60 MPH for better MPG and also safety by not driving to the limit. The length of my day was somewhat longer as I traveled the 2000 miles in 5 days.
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Name: Dave
Trailer: 2013Escape 21
Posts: 338
Road Speed

We like to drive state highways or 2 lane roads in general, most of the time at about 60 to 62 mph. Going though towns, stopping for gasoline and lunches, the dog etc, we average 52 mph. If we drive the interstates we still only run in the low 60's but the average goes up a couple miles an hour because we don't go through as many towns. We like to go about 300 miles a day but on occasion, duty calls and we will run 400 or 450. Have driven more to get home when there's no camping attraction that we are interested in. Those 150 miles or less days are very refreshing.
Iowa Dave
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jen b's Avatar
Name: jen
Trailer: 1980 13 ft. burro
Posts: 851
I am still at my full time job, and if I want to go to, say, Wyoming, and I live in Philadelphia, I will drive like a maniac to get there so I can have up to 10-11 days to do my thing (photography) and then drive like a maniac to get back home to return to the salt mines.

And by "maniac" I mean a 60-65 mph average, for up to 900-950 miles per day, sleeping in Walmart parking lots and showering at truck stops. It's a little tiring but worth the effort.

I'm definitely looking forward to earlyish retirement and a more meandering pace.
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Name: Fred
Trailer: 13 ft Boler
Kootenay's of BC
Posts: 764
We travel from BC to SoCal and back every year, about 1700 miles one way pulling our 13ft Boler with a minivan or similar.
We tend to travel around 60-65 and about 300 miles a day as well.
The exception being when we leave home, actually set the alarm, at the border when it opens and pound down 500 or so miles to get out of the snow!!
Depending on destination day to day I prefer interstates. I feel they are safer, no chance of a head on, the speeders always have a place to pass instead squeezing by on a 2 lane. But, gotta go through the redwoods on the 101 everytime!!
Pic somewhere in Or. on the coast hwy.
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Paul O.'s Avatar
Name: Paul
Trailer: '04 Scamp 19D, TV:Tacoma 4.0L 4door, SB
Posts: 1,505
Our travels have been not quite like what Jen describes, but we have often done 650 - 700 miles in a day. We would leave Vermont and arrive in Denver in three days, practically all on the interstates at about 65 mph. On the way back we would take four days, basically to avoid driving after dark.

Once we are in the area of interest we are happy doing no more than 300 miles in a day. In the BT era (Before Trailer) we made the return trip in three days also, but at about 65 to 75 mph.
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Name: bill
Trailer: 2013 Escape 19; 1977 Trillium 1300
The Mountains of North Carolina
Posts: 1,762
On travel days, we tend to put on the miles, at least 500 miles per day. This is one reason I like having reservations. We tend to pull in later than most. Once we start home, the miles increase, more like 700 or more per day. Did a 950 mile day once, never again!!!

When we are going west (90% of our trips have western US destinations) we shoot for a "shorter" first day, around 450 miles. If we put on many more miles the first day, we just end up hitting St Louis rush hour on day 2.

And traveling from the East to the West, you gain an hour a day with the time changes. Of course, returning we lose that hour a day.

60 to 65MPH.

+10 Once we are in an area of interest, mileage drops, a lot! But crossing TN, MO, KS and half of CO, we tend to keep moving.

Lesson learned from my old endurance motorcycle days, its all about managing stops. The time you waste during the day just gets added to the end of the day. At 65MPH, 500 miles is under 8 hours driving. Add whatever time you waste during the day, and figure less than 10 hours from start to the next campsite.

I guess its the decades of only being able to take one week of vacation at a time. We had to have long driving days to get very far. Now we are retired, we tend to move quickly from destination to destination, but then spend more time in one place once we get there.

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