Wiring concerns for 16' Casita - Fiberglass RV

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Wiring concerns for 16' Casita

Hello gang!

I am proud to say that I NOW am part of the Casita family!!!!

I just bought a 1987 16' and drove it home today and am thrilled beyond words. It is in very good shape and I will post a pic or two up shortly. Thanks to ALL of you that provide such great information.

I hope you can help me with my problem. Here it is:

I have a Toyota 4 Runner as my towing vehicle and off of that is a 4 pin, FLAT connector. On the Casita, there is a 6 pin ROUND connector. The Casita also has a seperated wire with a regular 3 prong household type plug for the brakes, I imagine?

Do most of you have your brakes electrically wired in?
Does anyone have any help they can give me on how to wire it up?

The four wire connector from the Toyota are as follows:

White= ground
Yellow= left
Green= right
Brown= couldn't read, but I figure tail lights or aux?

The Casita's 6 pin round connector's are as follows if you are looking at it like a clock:

White= ground (10 o clock)
Brown= right (2 o clock)
Black= indoor lights (4 o clock)
Green= running lights (6 o clock)
Red= left (8 o clock)

I am thinking I can undo the six pin connector and then just splice the wires together with a new 4 pin connector to the Casita. OR, should I re-wire the Toyota with a new connector to allow for the 2 extra terminals. And if so, what new wires would be added to the new 6 pin connector on the Toyota, since there are only 4 wires now?

Now that I have probably confused everyone, I hope to hear some of your expertise. Thanks in advance!


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One more question

It didn't have a battery, so I am going to purchase a deep cycle (group 24). Any particular brands work better?

Also, that wouldn't affect the wiring problem in any way, would it?

Thanks again!

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Wiring it up

Hi Dave and welcome from a Newbie. Here's a thought. Go to U-Haul and get a price for them to do it. You will be amazed at how cheap it will be and, with all due respect, it will be done correctly, neatly, and much faster than you could probably do it. I learned this recently when i purchased my used Casita and the Tahoe. I was going to wire up the Electric brake controller and change the Electrical receptacle on the Tahoe because it too was wrong. I stood there with my ''Electrical Tool Box" in hand and a little voice spoke to me. It said "hey stupid, this is one for the pros''. I took it in and they charged me $69 to do it all and it was done in less than an hour. My Tahoe already had a lot of the wiring in place and I didn't even know it and would have rigged other wires.

Just a thought. Good luck
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Hey Keith,

The little voice tells me those things alot also! :) Problem is, I know just enough to be dangerous (much to the shagrin of my wife).

Getting it done by the local RV store here is a viable option. I had to mickey mouse the wires to even get just the brake lights to function for my 240 mile ride back home. I got home okay, so all is well.

I agree in that I want it done right and MAYBE this is a job for the shop. On the other hand...some of these great people here on this board have the eggperience of doing that and possibly could lend the pointers I need to complete the task.
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I'm sure

:r Hi again Dave. I'm sure you can do it and it will be just fine. I just wanted to share my experiences with this subject. There are certainly a lot of sharp people on this Forum and if you have the time and patience then that may be the best way to go. You see, when GOD was passing out patience, there was this really big line and I said '' i'm not standing in any stupid line '' so I left. My wife, reminds me of those kinda things all the time. Does your wife know mine?,

Anyway, good luck and let us know how it comes out.

Best regards,
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Hi Dave
I have been doing this stuff for a long time.For safety sake I get a shop to do my wiring,brakes and propane.I too can be dangerious and the wife feels a lot better.;)
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Hi Dave, glad you have joined our ranks.
Re. the brakes, your Casita has the electric brakes and the female connector on the trailer side is (I presume) actually seven-pin, not six. (The center is also a connection.)

You will need to buy a brake controller, wiring and a seven-pin male connector for the SUV. (Tekonsha or one of the other brands--the current preference seems to be the Tekonsha Prodigy.) Do a search on this web site for ''brake controller'' and you will find lots of discussion.

I've noticed that some manufacturers have ''wiring harnesses'' available for some brands of vehicles--but most of those seem to be for American brand trucks.

The four-pin connector is often what is included in the vehicle manufacturer's ''tow package,'' but that only takes care of the lights. It does not provide for brakes or for power to the Casita--other than the tail lights. But as someone has already said, much of the wiring has already been done. If you're electrically-handy you might follow the controller manufacturer's diagrams and do the installation yourself. But as others, wiser than me, have already said, it's not expensive to have it done at your local RV dealer or U-Haul, the latter of which seems to have a particular knack for this. (I had mine done at the Casita factory, and I'm glad that I did--it has worked perfectly ever since I left the plant!) The Prodigy runs about $125.00 for the controller, the Tekonsha Voyager which was what Casita was installing in late 2001 was about $75.00--the Voyager has been more than adequate as far as I am concerned. ''Guessing'' it probably will cost another $100-$150 in parts and labor to install either model.

Except to get it home, the 16's and 17's really shouldn't be towed without their brakes being operational.

Say ''hello'' when we pass by in CA in July!
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Hey Keith-

Your wife and mine may indeed be related. She always reminds me of the past mistakes that I have created. I guess that is a good thing that she brings me back to reality, albeit a blow to the ego. I do know when to back off working on the vehicles and I think this is a situation where I need someone that knows what they are doing to wire it up correctly.

I thank you, George and Chester for bringing me back to reality. :)
The wife thanks you also!

George- where are you going to be in Cali?

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