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Name: Donna D
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What this really boils down to is it's David's trailer and he found a solution he's happy with. It might not be the same solution others would have done... but, so what? IF we take away anything from this topic it may be to remember that there's different strokes for different folks. Whether it's the RIGHT fix for the problem... who's to say? He's happy and that's what matters.

Donna D.
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Name: Rachel
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Point taken, Donna.

I think it was his "The Final Solution" comment that made me feel like I had to chip in. It's probably a fault of mine, but I can't help but think of future searchers and....

I'll try to sit on my hands more

David, please accept my apology.


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Name: Rachel
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Raya, boat's struck by lightning? So I suppose that means that an glass egg could be struck as well? Great now I find this out, after 4 day campout at 9000 feet with lightning striking all around us during the afternoon storms........................EEEEEKKKKKKK!
Oh but I should add this for Robin:

Not that an egg couldn't be struck by lightning, just like anything, but there is nothing especially attractive about fiberglass. Most of the boats I know of that have been struck by lightning are sailboats - and of course they have a 50 "pole" (the mast) usually metal, sticking up towards the clouds.

And yes, that can be a bit scary in a lightning storm!

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Name: D.T.
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Yes, fiberglass sitting in water can be semi-permeable,

......SNIP ......

Frequency due to environment VS inherent physical properties .....

Seems sort of like comparing apples and Harleys ..........

I thought my single sentence post stated it clearly for the person who did not know undamaged glass can seep, I was not commenting on how common this scenario may be in a glass camper (not likely) nor was I commenting on the type of repair in question (I would not repair it this way) I was simply stating a known fact about the material in question.

And after decades of playing with glass I have witnessed glass seeping with my own eyes so I know it can and does happen in most any application where glass can be utilized.

David fixed his own problem on his own trailer, and as long as he is happy with it that is what matters.

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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
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Yes, sorry, that was not worded properly on my part.

I was just trying to get across the idea that although a boat hull submerged in water for months or even years is likely to absorb water into the outer laminae; a fiberglass camper that has (typically) at most a bit of rain or snow on it, but not the long-term pressure of being submerged is unlikely to experience that effect.

I haven't seen undamaged fiberglass seep, but then perhaps that's because my definition of undamaged does not include any condition that would cause such behavior. The fiberglass boats that I know have dry bilges unless there is water coming in through a fitting leak, or the stuffing box, or something like that. On the other hand, our eggs are pretty lightly built, and the quality control was not always that stringent, so I could see there being the potential for defects.

I still feel that if an egg's fiberglass were cracked, or so thin as to be seeping, that it would be better to fix that with fiberglass cloth and resin; but I do realize that everyone does not have to do things my way.

As stated above, I probably shouldn't have said anything, but when another (new) egg owner piped in to ask about the coating, figuring it would be a good way to fix his roof leak, well then I had a hard time not saying more about it. I didn't want to reduce David's happiness with his repair, and perhaps I was being too protective of others, who can also work on their eggs as they see fit.

I have already apologized to David, and I meant it.

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So seeping can exist. Interesting! Thanks John and Raya for the info explanation.

Raya, I will be sure to not add a mast to the casita anytime sooooooooon .
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Name: Bryan
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Hi to all. Just a few more pics, I had trouble keeping water from coming in the roof, so I found this stuff on the Web and used it.

I applied three coats, the booklet said two is mandatary I had plenty left so put on another for good measure, it looks great only comes in white that worked?

Also a foldown to the end of the sink unit.

All the best David.
Hello David, I did the same roof coating with three coats each one opposite of the other and also did the decopage on the inside with brown paper and glaze to finish, it looks great! Next will be the hardwood floor and put the cabinets back in. Then it will be ready to roll. Bryan
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Good Day to all, thanks for all the feedback maybe wording it the final solution was a little off, If I offended I am sorry for that.
No apology needed, all informative input is good, being a retired plumber sooner or later all things breakdown, leak, etc.
Have a Good Day David.

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