Adding a front table to a Scamp using the Lagun Swiveling Cockpit Table Mounting Syst - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
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Adding a front table to a Scamp using the Lagun Swiveling Cockpit Table Mounting Syst

For over a year after I bought my Scamp 16 (layout four with front sofa), I have been trying different ways to have a table in the front so I could sit on the sofa for meals or light office work, and not need to convert the bed to a dinette so often. I tried two different portable / folding TV tray type tables and found that they were always in the way and not very stable. Using them, it was very difficult to get in and out of the seated position and/or it was too much trouble to set up and take down the tables. I also tried a lap-top style table and even a simple box sitting on the sofa (used as a side table). These were even less stable than the TV tray tables. I even considered a major modification to change the sofa / bunks to a front dinette.

Before my last camping trip I installed a Lagun Adjustable Swiveling Cockpit Table Mounting System with a tabletop that is sized so that I could easily rotate it out of the way, and leave it by the door or against the wall over the sofa. This marine quality table mount is rock steady and easy to use. It can be removed in a minute so that only a thin, unobtrusive mounting plate remains.

Further notes:

The total cost of $174.65 broke down as follows: $159.86 for the mounting system plus $4.79 foreign transaction fee (charged by my bank for credit card use overseas) plus $10 for brackets. I used the top of an old folding TV table so if you have to buy a tabletop (or the wood to make one), add in that cost also. Itís not the cheapest way to go but I think it is worth every penny.

Total weight with my smaller tabletop is 13 lbs.

Mounting options in my layout four Scamp were quite limited. I opted to mount it on the front sofa / bench near the door since anywhere else would have proved rather difficult. Different campers might have more mounting options.

The mounting plate is intended to be bolted to a substantial cabinet / bench and of course the thin fiberglass of the Scampís bench is not sufficient by itself. Along with the supplied wooden backing plate, I used 8-inch heavy duty angle (ďLĒ) brackets secured to the floor inside the bench compartment. This seems sufficiently strong however I would suggest a more secure mount if possible. One idea is to use triangle shaped supports, or even weld a cross member to the ďLĒ brackets for added strength. Another method might be to use a large block of wood secured to the floor as a backing for the inside of the fiberglass bench however you would likely not be able to use the mounting bolts that come in the kit with a large wood block. The ideal support would probably be a triangle shaped piece of heavy steel with a width slightly more than the mounting plate, bolted or screwed to the floor. Note that the trailerís frame might be in the way if you try to use bolts. In any event, the mounting should be made as strong as possible and much planning should go into it. Sooner or later someone will lean on the table pretty hard, use it as a hand hold when coming in the door, or even fall on it and you donít want to damage the fiberglass.

Also note that the floor inside the bench compartment is higher than the main floor, but not perfectly parallel to it. I did not take this into account when I drilled the holes in the fiberglass so I ended up chipping out between 1/16th and 1/8th inch of the floor under the bracketís corner so it would fit. This is one reason that using a large wood block here might work better. Again, plan the mounting very carefully.

The tabletop is not included with the kit which means you have much freedom to size and design what you want. I might switch mine out for one that matches the cabinet and bath doors, but I think I will stay with the smaller size (18x14Ē). While this size is really only good for one personís meal, or a laptop (with no room for a mouse on the side), it does allow the table to swing out of the way easily enough.

The table and arms should probably be removed for travel. This only takes a minute. The vertical arm detaches and then mounts on a storage track on the tableís underside for storage. A single bungee cord holds the entire assembly on the sofaís cushion. However, I found that I could just lower the table onto the sofa (with a pillow added) and after all three handles were tightened down it was quite secure. There was little chance of vibration or other stress that would cause damage. I traveled 220 miles with the table removed and stored on the sofa, and then 238 miles with the table in place but tight against the sofa and a pillow. So far I have had no problems but removing and securing it would insure that nothing gets damaged.

This mounting system allows you to raise and lower the table, turn it around and swing it in a circle (subject to any obstacles and the travel limit of the arms). However it does not allow the table to move along the length of the top arm so I mounted the table so that it was a little offset to one side. That way I could turn it around so that the major part of the table would be closer or further from the center post as required.

Iím sorry but I cannot remember who deserves the credit for making the post about the Lagun table mount that convinced me to buy it, but thanks anyway. It sure was handy when I stopped at Crackle Barrel, put the dog in the camper and then got my meal to go... I just raised and turned the table and had a nice place to eat while not having to set up the rear table. In fact, this time the bed stayed made for my entire trip since the front table worked so well.

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CheckingPlumb1.jpg   Mount1-inside under sofa.jpg  

Mount2-inside under sofa.jpg   MountCloseup.jpg  

MountFlush.jpg   Position1FromOutsideDoor.jpg  

Position2FromOutsideDoor.jpg   Position3FromOutsideDoor.jpg  

PositionB.jpg   PositionD.jpg  


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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
Posts: 2,132
Additional photos

Additional photos
Attached Thumbnails
PositionE.jpg   PositionF.jpg  

PositionG-useless.jpg   PositonA.jpg  

Storage.jpg   TravelPosition.jpg  


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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
Posts: 6,262
That is a beautiful solution which a LOT of Scamp owners will love!
It will prove well worth the price over time!

I've got some broken awning arms which could be used to make some of those, and a whole set of those oak TV trays.
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Name: Darilyn
Trailer: Scamp
Posts: 24
Well done, Gordon!!! Truly a labor of love with excellent craftsmanship and it shows!

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Name: Brian
Trailer: Hunter Compact II
Posts: 93
I really like your solution to the table conundrum Gordon. I'm still using a folding tv table and it's not ideal.
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Name: Gerry
Trailer: Boler 13 ft / 31 ft Holiday Rambler
Posts: 1,218
looks great ...boy have you planted a seed in my hubbies head...Great winter project for him to build out of awning parts...
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Name: judy
Trailer: in the market
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Gordon2 I seen a table similar to yours in a furniture store and to solve the space for the mouse they had a small piece of wood swivel in & out from underneath table top. that might work for you.
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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
Posts: 2,132
As it turns out I saw a larger TV tray table at BBB that with two coupons I had cost only $16. And the color is a closer match to the Scamp interior doors. So I bought that and removed the legs, and mounted the larger table top to the Lagun mount (while it was still wrapped in protective film). It still fits over the sofa, pretty much out of the way. (The original TV table was restored) I'm not sure how well the finish will hold up since its such as cheap thing, but for $16 it was worth a try. I can always stain a nice piece of real wood later if needed.

In below photo the original smaller table top is next to the new, larger one for size comparison.
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PC080437.JPG   PC080438.JPG  

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Name: Pamela
Trailer: 2010 13 foot Scamp
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What a great idea. I'm going to keep this for future reference.
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Name: Bill&Laura
Trailer: 1988 Bigfoot Fiver
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Very nice idea well executed. I like it!
"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien
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Name: Clayton
Trailer: 1975 Trillium
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I love that Lagun leg system. Awesome install.

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Name: Ray
Trailer: 2017 Scamp 16 Deluxe
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Very nice!

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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
Posts: 2,132
As is shown in the photos, the mount and table is easily removed for storage or travel. But for travel,I have been pushing the table down firmly onto the sofa and securing the clamps. Actually I have to put a pillow between the sofa cushion and the table because the mount bottoms out on the floor before the table is tight against the sofa but the idea is the same. I've put many hundreds of miles on the trailer with the table secured this way and had no problems.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 1,483
Very nice indeed someone taking a chance and using his noodle. You get committed once you start drilling holes and with the unobtrusive mounting plate it looks great. No shin knocker sticking out.

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