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Name: Kathleen
Trailer: Amerigo FG-16 1973 "Peanut"
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Originally Posted by sokhapkin View Post
Hi, Sergey, thanks! Less puzzled now.


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Name: Alex
Trailer: Boler 1300
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Originally Posted by steve dunham View Post
If I may ask ,What is the advantage of removing the propane and running the refrigerator on 12 VDC ?. I have a 100 watt solar system but even that is inadequate to supply enough power to run my refrigerator on 12 volts.
It's more a thought at the moment, like I've said everything will have to be tested before I make any major decisions. I prefer simplicity in many aspects; therefore, if I can eliminate something that could produce possible problems in the future and its not crucial to whatever I'm doing then I usually opt to remove it. I don't know what I'm going to find in the camper that I end up buying, but if it's built in the 1970's I imagine that a lot of the propane lines/ accessories will need to be replaced by up to date equipment. If I simply replace everything with electrical then I have only one system to worry about. I can run an ARB 12v fridge which will operate fine with only a solar set up charging a 12V battery.

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Name: Bill
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British Columbia
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Originally Posted by Mike Magee View Post
To me, cooking inside is much easier than cooking outside. For the latter I have to set up the camp stove and then make multiple trips out the door with stuff... followed by more trips to get the things I forgot. Then carry it all back inside after dinner. I think, why bother with all of that when everything's within reach inside the trailer?

The exception, of course, is when I want to grill. Can't do that in the trailer anyhow! But the rest of the meal still gets cooked inside, usually.

I just prefer to keep the moisture and the cooking odors out of the place that I am sleeping. And I don't mind the 10 - 15 extra steps that it takes to go from in to out
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Name: Tom
Trailer: 13' Trillium
British Columbia
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We started out with a trillium 1300 but also found the bed to small for two, when I found a trillium 4500 with a front dinette I bought it because the rear dinette bed is wider ( wife and I can sleep and still turn around with out touching ). We can use the front dinette to sit or eat , as we had to last summer ( rain and bugs ). We also cook inside and out, do dishes in and out as well.
I am from BC , have a 1300 ( may be sold , and two 4500 trillium that I am restoring . One 4500 will be for sale soon.
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Name: rita
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Hi Alex,
Personally I am with you about having more sleeping and moving space inside the camper. I like the table to play board games on a rainy day, other then that, the small frig is handy but I have never used the stove as I have my kitchen set up under the screen house outside. I do everything outside including the dishes. I like the air drying the dishes and make the space large and homey. I am presently looking for a 13 foot scamp or similar brand in Ma or New England area. There are some older ones renovated that I am looking at. Hope it helps. rita
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Name: Alex
Trailer: Boler 1300
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@rita in ma & @caderider1 thanks for your responses. @caderider1 are%100 sold let me know, I am in the market.
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Name: Tom
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British Columbia
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Originally Posted by AJCmedia View Post
@rita in ma & @caderider1 thanks for your responses. @caderider1 are%100 sold let me know, I am in the market.
I have someone in Victoria interested in the 1300 trillium but has not seen it yet. I hope to talk the him tomorrow.

As for the one 4500 trillium ,it is not sold. If you would like to send me your email I will send you some picks , and info.
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Name: Emily
Trailer: 2005 Scamp 16
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Originally Posted by RogerDat View Post
Must be able to make coffee so no one gets hurt by the crazy people in the little white camper but that can be off of battery or just enough stove time to boil water to make a batch to store in the thermos. Decent instant is better than random slaughter and blood curdling sobs and screams. Tea will work in a pinch.

If you ever have had a flooded Coleman liquid fuel stove then you will know why they say to only use outside. Unless to signal a ship at sea for rescue, several foot high flame good for that too. I think the lack of low oxygen shut off and minor explosion potential from propane leaks are probably at least part of the motivation. I have stuff from back in at least the 60's that has that warning. On the heater I have always wondered what do they think I'm going to use this for outside? Maybe it has to do with using them in tents?
Your coffee paragraph made me laugh because heaven help those of us who don't get our coffee first thing in the morning! So far our indoor stove has been used exclusively for coffee in the morning! Priorities!

Also thought I'd weigh in on using a Coleman stove inside. A few years ago we were camping at Zion and the family next to us had their Coleman stove catch on fire while placed on the picnic table. The attachment had sprung a leak, and it was releasing gas and flames so high they were flicking the tree canopy. We sent the wife for the ranger and cleared the area of people because we weren't sure if it would explode. As it was, it blew flames toward their tent, melting the fabric and singed the trees. It scorched the picnic table and it was terrifying. I would never use one inside a closed space after experiencing that.
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Name: gary
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No kitchen? Perish the thought! If the weather is decent, it's the Cobb grill for, well, grilling, pizza, and the like. Otherwise, it's the stovetop in the "kitchen". Between a small pressure cooker, pot, and fry pan I can pretty much make whatever I like. Mind you, I'm a food geek (I was going to say "kind of a food geek" but, no, "Food Geek" and proud!) and I HAVE to have a place to crank out a good meal.

Nothing beats getting a kick-ass meal out when it's pouring rain outside and you're snug-as-a-bug inside doing the cooking. Just look at this happy camper: Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0367.jpg
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ID:	92063 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0381.jpg
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ID:	92064

(Hi kids! Been off the list for a while...)
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Name: Colin
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Hi all

Food and bears don't mix well for us so we keep all of our food and preperation out of the trailer. We keep our food and kitchen type stuff in the truck in rubbermade boxes and an ARB fridge. We do have a little water inside for drinking and the all important morning coffee.

Having the food in the truck is great when we leave the trailer at a campsite and go exploring. When ever we are hungry we pull over and we can cook/make what ever we want to eat. We can also stock up at the store easily with just the truck as the fridge is always with us.

This works well for us but everyone is different.

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Name: Susan
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North Carolina
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I cook outside most of the time, but really enjoy having the option of being inside. When camping with temperatures in the 20's or heavy rain or winds, it is nice not to have to worry about an awning, tarp or screen house. Also, as has already been mentioned - when I have been hiking or kayaking in wet/cold weather, it is really nice to be able to get back to the Casita and get inside to put on some comfy clothes and fix something in a warm, dry place! When not being used, both the sink and stove have covers, so can be used for other things if needed. I keep the sink uncovered, but put a pad over the stove cover because I don't use it as much. I know you will figure out the system that works best for you!
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Name: Lynn
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This may be a NSS (No **** Sherlock) but I can't help saying that the kitchen doesn't have to be removed to not use it. It can be repurposed. The cabinets can hold clothes, office supplies fishing gear, photography tools, or other supplies. A simple cover for sink/stove turns that into a desk. Remove the lower cabinet door and you can sit up to the counter on a stool to use a laptop, do projects, etc.

And I don't know about you, but I don't want to drive me and the kids into town on a rainy morning for breakfast. I think I am going to us my microwave, toaster and Baby Keurig a lot. Gotta have a place to put 'em.

Lastly, looking at state park camp site maps has made me realize that the water sources are often NOT right next to each site. I think I am going to use my onboard freah water more than I thought. We shall see.
Lynn in Indiana
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Name: Mitzi
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Fusedlight- I have a 1.5 liter pressure cooker from Amazon made by Hawkins. Just big enough for split pea soup for two or quickly cooking dried black beans or cooking barley for Scotch broth. It doesn't have a pressure indicator and the East Indians who posted reviews on Amazon tie their cooking by the "whistles". I love my small pressure cooker a lot more than my 4 1/2 qt one! My review is somewhere on the Hawkins website.
If you remove your sink where will your 1 qt crockpot that is cooking while you are driving?
As per usual, I am late to the party but just thought I would mention those two items
That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: Denece
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We are doodling with redoing the galley area ( all almost 3 feet of it!) in our Compact II
My thoughts:
Make the sink more useable
For our camper that means moving the sink away from the back of the camper a couple of inches and moving the spigot up the in-leaning rear wall to increase clearance for filling pitchers and washing ( we have a foot pump and no 12v pump )

Get rid of unused burners
We have a three burner cooktop but rarely use more than one. We are looking at a BBQ side single burner with cover

It is helpful that we have had the camper for several years and have established in our minds what works and what doesn't for us.

For example, we went to a full time bed. If we need to eat inside we have a large cutting board that fits over a drawer to make a table, and a small folding chair. One of us sits on the edge of the bed.

We also took out the uninsulated built in ice chest to make a dresser . We keep the cooler in the truck ( why ask the Bears to join you for dinner?)

I am always amazed at learning how other people come up with ways to solve problems I also have. Sharing our solutions is always fun , entertaining and useful!

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