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Trailer: Scamp 13 ft
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Question Replace incandescent bulbs with LED?

For many of you this question is a no-brainer. Well, that's why I'm asking. I have a 2008 Scamp 13'. I'd like to replace to bulbs, inside and out, with LED. What do I need to know in order to accomplish this? Thank you!

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Name: Edward
Trailer: Casita
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LED Bulbs for Scamp

Just buy quality bulbs. The cheap ones don't last

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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
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Led replacement lights

I just got am email that my supplier (referenced in the above thread) is offering 15% off.. I don't know if this code is for everyone but if you want to try it, SBL1K16
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Name: Dave
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Hi Mike,

I assume you are talking about 120 volt, screw in incandescent light bulbs.

You simply go to a retailer and choose the wattage equivalent and color.

Color is rated by temperature. It has nothing to do with the amount of heat produced by the bulb. The manufactures use the temperature value to indicate the spectrum of light. For instance, about 3000 would mimic the yellow light you are used to with regular old style incandescent lightbulb. Higher temperature values would provide less yellow light. I prefer a higher value for less yellow.

Wattage equivalent is an easier decision. If you are satisfied with the amount light you have, most LED bulb packages have the watt equivalent in bold values on the front. If you would like a more detailed explanation of brightness, research lumens.

You should get about an 80% savings on electric energy by switching to LED from incandescent.

Hope this helps,

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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita 17 ft DLX SD
NW Wisconsin
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LED trailer lights located in Washington sell 12 VDC LED lamps that are a direct replacement for the incandescent lamps in your Scamp . I have used them in my 1999 Scamp and my 2013 Casita. I have had no issues or failures with their LED lamps . They are not the cheapest but they are a quality product . The lamps come in various lumen levels and light color .
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Name: Bill
Trailer: Burro 1983 13'
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I boondock mostly and the energy saving feature of the LED is important
to me. It is one of the first things I did when I got my Burro.
Got mine from an RV center and have been very happy with the quality
so far. My old bulbs were a little to warm so when I switched I got the LEDs
a bit cooler. Do your homework (which you are doing already) and switch you won't regret it.
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
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I think the OP is talking about the 12 volt lights that use small automotive style bulbs rather than the screw in incandescent bulbs.

Those incandescent bulbs and their displays in big box home improvement stores can be a great way to figure out what "K" temperature light you prefer so you can order the 12 volt replacement bulbs in the right color range.

Some like the pure white, or bluish white, my wife and myself prefer the more yellow color that are closer to old fashion incandescent bulbs. If you want to look good to a partner or are single and hope to look attractive I would avoid the blue or harsh white colors. Dead zombie skin tones are rarely considered sexy at low enough wattage and soft warm yellow light even I look half decent if dear wife needed glasses :-p

Link to images of LED camper bulbs auto style

Kelvin bulb color chart with examples and explanation.
Color Temperature Scale for light bulbs |
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Name: Bill
Trailer: Burro 1983 13'
Posts: 126
I'm even ugly in the dark.
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Name: Patrick
Trailer: R-Vision Trail Lite
New York
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Be aware that the light you are accustomed to is the soft incandescent light and the world of LED lighting may take some adjustment.
My wife was against the changeover so I went to local RV dealer to discuss the product. He demonstrated the "look" of LED lighting in actual trailers and I selected one I thought my wife could accept. I bought one bulb as a "test case".

You might consider this course of action.

Another surprise was the fact that many of these bulbs will interfere with your HD television reception (who knew) !

Reading under these LED bulbs can be a problem for some people (like my wife)
so don't toss out your old incandescent bulbs.

Lighting changes dictated by government is not all for the best. CFL bulbs can and do trigger secures in both humans and dogs (not kidding...had a dog so affected). Some folks can't read under them either !
Some LED cast a "blue light" that drive folks nuts.

There was nothing wrong with Edison's original product.

Amazon has the best prices in this product group (no suprise there !)

My travel trailer now has LED lighting but I do not like it but like many I enjoy boon docking is a series of compromises.

Good Luck
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
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Originally Posted by Burro Bill View Post
I'm even ugly in the dark.
If a tree falls in the forest..... I may still be ugly but in the dark who can tell?
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Name: Wayne & Barbara
Trailer: Parkliner
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[QUOTE=Dave Checksum;568846]Hi Mike,

I assume you are talking about 120 volt, screw in incandescent light bulbs.

No, I think they are talking about the SCAMP.

Camping World sells 12 volt LED "bulbs" that just plug into the existing sockets.
They were a bit pricey when we did ours, but may have come down now.

They for sure cut down the drain on your battery when boon docking.
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
Posts: 3,129
A search of the forum for sale stuff for LED lights should give you some possible sources. Amazon has an assortment of equally assorted quality. Auto parts stores are starting to carry them.

All of these source will probably cost less than Camping World. Prices have dropped a good deal. Probably only two downsides, spare bulb(s) to have on hand cost more and LED bulbs care about polarity of current. The have a positive and negative connection.

OP has a scamp 13 and these have a 12 volt light at a couple of locations. Often on each end of the upper kitchen cabinets. Plus maybe in a bathroom if it has one. LED lights will save a massive amount of battery charge when camping off grid. They also generate much less heat. Some folks have overhead storage with lights that can also be swapped for LED. The difference in how many amps it takes to run the LED per hour vs. the incandescent equals many fewer amp hours being sucked from your battery.
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Name: Steve and Carolyn
Trailer: Casita 17" SDX
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LED Upgrade

Hi I bought these for my 2015 Casita. We have been using these without problems, complaints or worries.. Every "bulb" worked fine and continues to do the job..We have had these in for over a year.

It made a big difference in amperage/ wattage use - draw on battery.

I looked at all the hand wringing comments regarding color spectrum warmth of light. Can you really tell the difference between standard bulbs, warm light, soft light, kitchen/bath light? All have subtle differences no doubt.

In the end I just tried these throughout. We only turn on one or two interior lamps at a time. We can't tell the color spectrum and the light emitted is fine.
Not harsh, or unpleasant.

Someone explained to us, have you ever worked in a place with fluorescent lighting or LED lighting? Did the color of the light bother you? The light is indirect and does the job for the money.

Unless I'm buying paint or clothing the degree of warmth or cool is not terribly important. These are fine and comfortable. It is almost impossibe to have "natural" light from any buld.

No one knows or can tell. On the two outside fixtures, there is plenty of light as well.

10x High Power 11w White Festoon T10 BA9S LED 48SMD Panel Interior Dome Map | eBay

5 X Warm White RV T10 &1156 BA15S 48-SMD Panel Dome Map Interior LED Light Bulbs | eBay

Make sure you buy the correct base for your fixtures.

Good luck in your search for the perfect light bulb..

Happy holidays to all.
Steve and Carolyn
San Clemente, CA

"Little House on the Freerway"
Interstate if you don't live in California

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