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Originally Posted by Jon Vermilye View Post
The Altec Lansing looks like a great deal if you want a portable system.

I have a Sony RDP XF 100iP docking station with the same capabilities, however the FM reception is terrible. I often need to resort to plugging in a portable radio into the aux input when the internal tuner can't pick up any stations. One advantage of the external radio - since it is a shortwave, AM/FM radio I have a greater choice than the FM only tuners built into most docks.
I have been researching this since a got my trailer. I was about to purchase the Sony 100iP, and then read several reviews which indicated that it has seriously damaged iPods docked to it.

The Altec Lansing has a decent sound for it's size and price, but it is a compromise solution. BTW, there is a really great sounding Altec Lansing boombox, but it is too large for my trailer.

Depending on where you camp, reception can be problematic. I would love to get a portable iPod docking/FM radio which can be plugged into an exterior antenna. But, I have not been able to find such a product.

The auto stereo technology has advanced over the last couple of years. And as I mentioned before "head units" now have USB receptors on their faceplates. My auto stereo shop suggests a wait and "hear" approach to determine if I need to install a marine antenna.

I am a bit of a audiophile, and I would like to enjoy quality sound in the trailer. So, I am once again leaning towards an auto stereo system.

My main concern with this approach is the installation cost which will be substantial, coupled with the fact that I cannot take this system with me should I decide to trade up to another trailer. Also, the installers had better do an excellent job as they will be cutting holes into my beautiful wood cabinets.

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OK I can't stay out of this any longer,Help Me!

Jane,They have been making car units for a long time with both iPod connection and control and other external input selection to enable us to connect a decent source to a stereo.
Also there is nothing about installing a good system that needs it to be intrusive or "Cut In" in any way to our trailers?
In fact the opposite will likely deliver the dream of "Audiophile" sound much easier and cheaper than will flush mounting them.

A speaker is a system which is a balance between the drivers and the box. The box figures into the equation in a huge way and an install without considering the box as part of the system may or may not yield good results.

On the other hand using a great box speaker will always give you a great box speaker even if the environment for it is not ideal. It will be much easier to know it will perform well and also likely require little or no cutting to install at all.

With that in mind and knowing that the ONLY part of any system you actually Hear is the speaker it becomes important to find a speaker you like first.
Speakers simply move air and the faster they can move it the better they sound in general. I know this seems an abstract concept but it is really fairly simple to grasp but harder to find.

Men and women also have different ability to Hear and resolve a full range of sound and typically Women have much better range of hearing than Men,just the truth.

Most tiny speakers sound like tiny speakers and most people do not or can not tell the difference really. People know when they like sound but rarely know why.

If you buy tiny speakers there will be no bass response and the sound will be thin and weak so some tiny speakers are teamed with bigger speakers to be able to make Bass,these take more space and space is tough to find in our rigs of course.

The only way to find something you will like,if it matters is to listen to some speakers and go from there.

I have to stop and be somewhere but I will get back later and suggest some actual speaker models I use all the time which each deliver more sound than you think they will for the size.


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I have a Tivoli table radio model one. AM/FM, input for my IPhone, runs on AC or DC, inputs for AM and FM antenna, and great sound. Monaural speaker but stereo with headphones. Pricey at about $150 (US) but a nice radio. Might be an installation free option.
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When we get our Scamp (hope-hope-hope-eyes on a good one Right Now!) we'll put a SiriusXM antenna on top and feed it into the body. Not sure of an amp/speaker set right now, but we have enough spare stuff around here to build most anything. We have one receiving unit that we move between various vehicles and the house.

That Sirius was great on our last trip out west to Utah. Listening to NPR and the BBC whilst 100 miles beyond the ends of the world was a real treat. Sure beats listening to the dreck that was on the local stations!
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The sound system is one thing that I have yet to do on our trailer. I am also interested on hearing from other RVers as to what they use. I have been spoiled in the past by some fantastic systems that were set up by ear to be invisible to enjoying the music. That was a long time ago, and now not hearing nearly as well, I still desire to hear music and not the limits of the system. In a RV we are limited by the power source if boondocking that means 12.4 vdc. If full hookups are available then theoretically you could produce way too much clean clear sound. We do boondock, so our systems should be able to operate on 12v with efficiency. That means compromising on the amplification and speakers must be efficient. The way we listen to music now is so convenient. We get it from the internet. The quality is not audiophile, but good enough to get the idea of what the performer was trying to convey. The quality allowed by XM and MP3's is really good enough for general background listening around the campsite or driving down route 66. We'll call that source material. So, for most of us the source material will be XM Serious, Pandora, FM radio, IPODs, CDs, or even the cassettes and Donna's 8 track player. The first time I ever heard an 8 track player I was blown away how much better it sounded than typical AM radio! They were a little finicky, but were cutting edge in the sixties. What we really are concerned with is being able to listen to our source material with a low drain on our batteries. The source material and delivery methods will probably be low drain, as there are only small motors to drive CDs, and tuners don't draw much and rechargeable batteries in the case of IPODs or MP3 players. Amps on the other hand are power hungry and will generally be hard on batteries. Most of us can get by with a powered head amp that includes all the controls to operate our source material, shape the tone, and give it a little boost. Others camp out in remote areas and may want to create some more sound. They will be dealing with additional amps and a generator to keep them going. I would start by going to an auto sound store and telling the salesman that you need a clean efficient system. Let him know what source materials you plan to use, and explain that you will be using battery power. See what he recommends and audition it in the store. The speakers designed for cars are designed to work in compromised situations. They are mounted in dashboards, doors, rear package trays, etc. They will be no match for a properly optimized box speaker, but will probably work ok for us if mounted in an upper storage cabinet. You could enclose a box within the cabinet if you don't like what you hear. The advice of a car audio shop could be of benefit. I have not auditioned any systems for our trailer yet, so have no specific ideas. We will get to it after the solar panel upgrade.
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Heh... I remember when I got a reel-to-reel going at 7.5IPS. What a sound! And that first CD! Woot!

Anyway... in terms of speakers I will probably look for some little thing by Bose. They seem to have done a good job at getting an incredible sound out of a small box. It's not my AR-2AX, but hey... The amplifier may be a bit more problematic. Hmmm... thinking....
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If you can't find an original Sonic Impact T-amp, this one by Dayton Audio looks like a good 12 volt alternative:
Dayton Audio DTA-1 Class T Digital AC/DC Amplifier 15 Watts Per Channel - Parts Express 300-380
Couple that with a couple of Fostex full-range drivers in appropriate enclosures and you would have a nice unit:
Madisound Speaker Store
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Name: gary
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@Ray - That Dayton looks like a nice amp.
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We use a Jawbone Jambox. Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker | Hi-Fi, Stereo, Speakerphone & more
It's a stand alone bluetooth speaker that can either be connected directly to an ipod / iphone, or connect via bluetooth. The speaker sounds terrific, and can be charged w power, then run on batteries. It's very small (2" x 2" x 5") so it can be put up when not used, and it can go outside with us too.

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