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From Wikipedia:

"French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés invented a substance he called oleomargarine, the name of which became shortened to the trade name "Margarine". Margarine now refers generically to any of a range of broadly similar edible oils. The name oleomargarine is sometimes abbreviated to oleo.

Manufacturers produced oleomargarine by taking clarified vegetable fat, extracting the liquid portion under pressure, and then allowing it to solidify. When combined with butyrin and water, it made a cheap and more-or-less palatable butter-substitute."

FYI - My mother always referred to it by its full name - oleomargarine. In Ontario and most other jurisdictions the dairy industry insisted that oleo margaine be white with the yellow dye capsule so that the public would not be fooled into thinking it was real butter. I think one taste would let you know in any case.

BTW - to all those posting on this thread - thanks a bunch for making me feel old!

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FYI - My mother always referred to it by its full name - oleomargarine.
My grandfather (a dairy farmer) called by its generic name: axle grease

Remember needing to get up to change the channel on the television? And TV was typically B&W, until you heard the bong-bong-bong sound that told you the show was going to be in "living color"? How about when you were the first family on the block to buy a television? Now, I have five TVs and two computers that I can use to watch video. AND, I can create my own television show... okay, so it's video on YouTube....


Donna D.
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I have more than one Fender hat, shirt, jacket, coffee cup, keychain, cigar cutter, beer glass, poster, coaster, calender, pen, badge, pin...

but I can truly say, I do not have a Fender skirt.

I think you hit on the one thing we DON'T market


Do you work for Freddie Fender?
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I distinctly remember at around age 3 when Daddy brought home our first TV. I watched through the picture window while he got it out of the back seat of the Studebaker. We only picked up one channel clearly (NBC) but could get the sound and "snow" on a couple of others. It seemed like most of the TV shows were westerns. I guess that's why I got hooked on horses!

Daddy had an expression I liked--he called toys "play-pretties."

I'm so glad I grew up when I did!

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The other day we ate at a real 'drive in' with car hops and everything. Wally's in Buckley WA. right on highway 410. It was good!

A charter member of the Buffalo Plaid Brigade!

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
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Do you remember Rumble seats, a fold up seat where the trunk would be. torpedo back cars, insul brick for the house, inner tubes for flat tires, 33 1/3 rpm records, Disk Jockeys, Teen Town on Saturday night admission was 25 cents. Cream top milk bottles, and Milk men who delivered glass bottles of milk to your door step. In winter, the cream froze and it lifted the paper cap right up away from the bottle and the first to get it got all the cream and everyone else got skim milk. Garbage collection that was actually picked up by the garbage men from the back yard. What about duck tail haircuts. Just a few more things from the past. Yours in Bolering. Jim
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How about Drive-In movie theaters.

LOVED those dancing hot dogs and cokes!
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In a earlier thread..."Older than Dirt", I posted some stuff that's appropriate here...

From the "where did they go department"...

Pillsbury Space Food Sticks

Gaines Burger Dog Food (looked like a hamburger hocky puck you broke up in your dog's bowl)

SALVO Laundry Soap Tablets
...which came with towels, dishes, or glassware stuffed in each box. I remember Dolly Parton pitching these on the Porter Wagoner Show.

Does A&W Root Beer still have drive-ins where you bring your 1 gallon Root Beer Jug to get refills?

Gas Wars... 35¢ 25¢ 20¢ 15¢ 10¢ a low could you go. More gas station memories...remember the bubbling glass bowl with the floating, colored balls swirling inside on top of Sinclair Gas Pumps? It was supposed to show how pure the gas was. Or the revolving colored wagonwheels on the blue & yellow Sunoco pumps. How 'bout the stick-on pair of orange horseshoes you could get for the back of your car at Gulf Oil Stations to show you have the added "kick" of horsepower from Gulf Gasoline. Or the commemorative Indy 500 glassware you got with a full tank at Marathon Gas stations in Indiana, during the month of May. (My Mom had the complete set)

Cigarette Commercials on TV...Taryton..."I'd rather fight than switch" Kools...."come to where the FLAVOR is...come up to Kool Country"...Benson & Hedges..."A silly mllimeter longer" can still hear the jungles. And of course, "The Marlboro Man". I remember sitting at the kitchen table, helping my mom count up the "Old Gold" coupons, (until my Dad quit smoking in '69), and lick S&H Green Stamps and paste them into books. I got my first "real" pair of Brown Oxford dress shoes to wear to church with 3 books of S&H green stamps. (Oxfords, wide ties, wide lapels, baggy cuffed trousers,...the '20's look of "The Sting".)

I remember getting "The Wish Book" in the mail in October, and after memorizing the toy section page for page, I'd sneak a peek at the womans undergarment section... oh my!

Where were you in '67? If you were a guy on the prowl you wore a little "Hi-Karate" Cologne & After Shave and had to fight off the chicks. My older brother wore that, later I inherited the stinkin' stuff when I became aware of girls. ...never had to fight off the girls though....certanly not like the guy on TV. Maybe it was because I was wearing hand me down clothes and outdated "smell'em" stuff.

One of my favorite childhood toys was the "Creepy Crawlers" set with a hot plate cooker you could cook a egg with, where you heated up your mold of toxic rubber goop making bugs, worms, and rubber dragonfly wings always stuck to the mold. Another was my "Johnny Lightning" totally realistic M-16 machine gun and .45 pistol that shot 12 plastic bullets. Both realisitc down to the screw heads and checkered grips, made by the Marx Toy Company, designers and manufacturers of the fibersteel plactic stock of the real M-16.

My best friend had the "Man from U.N.C.L.E" Napoleon Solo pistol with silencer, extended clip, shoulder stock, and nite-owl scope, in the BRIEFCASE! (I was SO jealous!) We both had our secret "U.N.C.L.E" triangle badges that showed our ID number only under a special red film filter, and I had the official U.N.C.L.E. ballpoint pen crystal radio. It was a RELIGION, and the altar was the TV, when the show came on Tuesday nights, 7:30 on ABC. We replayed the episode in our backyard all week...Marty was Illia Kuriackin, I was Napoleon Solo, Laura (the neighbor girl) played the girl in distress. (If we HAD to let her play!)

While "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" was cool, Lost in Space was not...except for the robot, the family land rover, the saucer when it flew, the big giant one-eyed ape monster that threw rocks, & Angela Cartwright in that silver spacesuit. And forget about "Land of the Giants", it was just stupid. "Time Tunnel" was OK...but only when Rick & Tony were floating through time, landing in the middle of a bunch of Nazis or on the deck of the Titanic...stuff like that.

The rich kid down the street had the GI Joe Astronaut WITH the Mercury Space Capsule! (We HATED the rich kid) Our GI Joes looked like the Terminator after a BAD would too after being set on fire, blown up with firecrackers, and shot with BB guns. And they wern't REAL GI Joes either, just big green plastic army men.

Our neighborhood gang played flashlight tag at night, dug forts, & played "shoot to kill". We thought we'd all be going off to fight in Vietnam after high school, just like our older brothers did...(we almost did). Imagine being a 9 year old boy knowing what a draft number was.

Speaking of hot-plate 'bout the "Little Suzy Homemaker" Oven set that could bake a cake. It was eather those toys or running with the scissors for childhood fun.

Check out my Scamp restoration video on Youtube, & my Ham Radio Blog. Or take the 50 cent tour...
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Our first colour TV had a remote control the size of a small brick with one button, when you pushed it a motor on the channel dial ( remember those?) would turn to the next channel as if by magic ! and we only had two channels, now that was surfing!
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Our first colour TV had a remote control the size of a small brick with one button, when you pushed it a motor on the channel dial ( remember those?) would turn to the next channel as if by magic ! and we only had two channels, now that was surfing!
Wow those were the days. Now I feel old... our first colour TV didn't have a remote at all!
My son was laughing the other day at a TV commercial that showed the old style TV in the wood cabinet. He quieted down in a hurry when I told him when I was a kid everyone had TV's like that, and you should have seen the size of his eyes when I told him we didn't have a remote control! He said "how did you change the channels then?"
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My wife was scolding the kids for not replacing the cordless phones back on the chargers.
I said to the kids, in our house in Ireland we had one dial phone, it was on the phone table in the hall near the front door......they looked at me as if I was from another planet.
Hey at least we knew where the phone was, I always say the trouble with portable phones is that they are portable.

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