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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
Posts: 6,562
I found out a long time ago it wasn't the camping part that was most important, but the traveling. Early on it was by foot. Always some new delight around the bend. Then driving longer distances, and again new delights around each bend even though some of the bends have been traveled many times.
The real delight now when actually camped is the people you meet. Some us return to the same place every year and stay for a month or more. Even with the traveling being an important part of traveling I can imagine getting burned out by changing location every day or every other day. But parking the Scamp and then driving the tow around the area is also great fun. We've seen some wonderful things and visited some great museums in places where you not expect. Visitors centers are another great place to visit. There's always something excite the senses.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
Posts: 7,350
Like Byron, we don't drive everyday. We drive more miles not towing than towing. For example our first stay in Port Orford, Oregon was due to high winds, every other stop were stops of discovery. The amount to see and learn is overwhelming.

Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Mike
Trailer: Escape 21 & Jeep GC 5.7 (Previous 2012 Casita FD17 & 2010 Audi Q5)
Puget Sound, WA
Posts: 816
Originally Posted by Onthrvr View Post
Can I recover? I've had a wonderful summer. Traveling the Midwest and staying at least a week in each location. But, I'm done!!! Or I think I'm done.
Maybe try crossing the Rockies? I grew up on the west coast, and the western states are really something to see!

And that's not just because this is where I grew up! There's other stuff too!
- "Wag more, bark less." -
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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
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Only you know if RV travel is something you really like or not.
Don't feel so obligated that you can't quit...

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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
Posts: 6,539
Hey! I just read the name of the OP!
Bruce... If I'm not mistaken Deb and I met you at Sebring in Feb.
You have a beautiful trailer which would be easy to sell, but it will sell next year just as fast. If you have doubts, keep it until you don't.
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Name: Bobbie
Trailer: 2011 Escape 15A
Posts: 3,276
Interesting question. I wonder how I'll feel if I take a really long trip- the longest I've done is 10 days- with more distance covered and not going home in between trips. That's my plan, but I'm a little wary of whether or not I'll enjoy it. My parents took their popup truck camper across the country and back, and on "back" my dad was ready to get home, fast!

But I agree- wait and see if you want to go in the spring. Might cost a bit if you are storing the trailer somewhere but prices go up in the spring. Or write a list of what you like and don't like and see if another trailer fits the bill better. Maybe travel is good but not camping- would you prefer the ease of a motel room? Or camping is fun but not driving- trips closer to home might fit that bill. I've camped 15 minutes from home and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Especially since that's the time I forgot my dog's seizure meds and could run home and get them.)
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Raspy's Avatar
Name: John
Trailer: 2015 Oliver 23, Ram Cummins
Northern Nevada
Posts: 826
I'm discovering that the more comfortable I make the trip, the more I relate it to home. I used to just camp on the ground or in the back of the truck, then tents, then a camper shell, then a pop-up camper, then a toy hauler, and now an Oliver. I used to go so I could ride my dirt bike in the desert. Then I took off on my sailboat for six months and travelled the coast of Mexico. The boat (molded fiberglass, of course) was set up for living well and I never felt cramped even after periods at sea. All trips have been wonderful, but I was always glad to get home.

Each step was toward more comfort while doing what I wanted out there. And I'm getting less tolerant of discomfort as I grow older. I also like dialing in the trailer to be as fun and comfortable as possible.

We just got back from an eclipse trip of about 1,500 miles and over a week long. Totally winging it, we made very little plans and didn't even bring a map. At the last minute, some friends invited us to stay in their driveway one night. We stopped a woman on a bicycle and she directed us to a National Forest access road where we camped for a couple of days at near totality. We noticed a fantastic train museum in Ely Nevada and spent three nights there. Thundershowers followed us around for several days. A comfortable trailer made it all fun.

Some trips are about the destination and some are about the travel. Since we never intended this trip to go on forever and didn't allow for it to do so with other commitments, I'm sort of glad we're back. But looking forward to going again and going longer term after retirement.

During the trip I found myself repeatedly marveling at the trailer, which I have not done before with other methods. Good standing headroom, nice bed, good cooking and showering, well insulated and able to find a comfortable spot to read or write as needed. In other words, comparing it favorably with home. Home is comfortable and sustainable. If we are to be traveling long term, we need more than to simply find a place to get out of the rain. We need a place to rest and plan and re-group for the next adventure. We need a place to spend a few days and we need to be able to move easily.

I guess it's best to take the comforts and things with us that are important, but do so in a way that allows the adventure without adding stress or annoyance. It's also important to be gone only as long as you want to.
I only exaggerate enough to compensate for being taken with a grain of salt.
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Name: Ms. Bruce
Trailer: Scamp
North Carolina
Posts: 22
I'm agreeing.

I quit focusing on the feelings of burn out and did all those things you have to do when you get home from a long trip.
It's going rain this weekend and I want to take my camper out and listen to it. One of my favorite parts.
For now I'm keeping it and see where I get to in a few months. I may have just over done it.

Thanks for all your messages and support.

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Name: Darral
Trailer: Scamp Standard 13' 2010
Posts: 1,547
Mrs Bruce. Let me relate our humble story.

I camped with my parents when I was a boy growing up- 8-16 yo. My Dad built a "motor home" from an old Tom Toasted Peanuts truck. But it was nice. We went to Florida (Disney World)/Six Flags over Georgia WAYYYY too many times that it burned us out as kids. Sorry to say, they didnt have the desire for the beauty of the national parks- Yellowstone, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, or just PLAIN going camping to camp out! But the drive to and from Florida at 50 mph was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful for us kids!

Spin the clock up about 40 yrs. "History repeats itself" they say. Both our kids got married and we "thought" with them living in another state, we had to have a camper. Turns out, we bought the Scamp 13 new- pulled it on an adventurous trip from Backus with ole Floyd's wonderful "guidance" as a newbie. We've only taken it to their places 2 times in 7 yrs!

Anyway, for the next 4-5 yrs, we felt EVERY trip-- I mean EVERY vacation/get-away trip had to be with the Scamp. There came the inspections, regrease bearings? Tires ok? Pulling through BUSY cities? Alot of interstate (to make time)? On and on and I got really stressed on the last trip to Gulf SHores- then the long drive back- stressful driving.

The wife saw it in me getting "burned out". Last year (and I will get 'french fried' for this) we went to Branson MO (dont care to go back but 'been there done that') and stayed at a VERY nice hotel @ Branson Landing. I still work so we're not "pinching pennies" yet...so keep that in mind as you read this. We LOVED it. Fast trip in our Corolla up the interstate. Great gas mileage. No worries on pulling etc. Stress-free driving.

FINALLY, it hit us. We took a "short" camping trip to Mc Farland Park in Florence, AL about 80 miles from us. I took the Natchez Trace with only TWO red lights to navigate and that's at the end of our street!! We set up, we sat out, we rode bikes (VERY level campground/park by the Tennessee River), we ate out if we want and did grill out ..... almost NO concerns (just typical setup etc.) That's when we realized, we're not (yet) long-trip RV'ers. Now, we look forward to a minimum 2-3 times a year, loading up and taking a short drive (1-1/2 hours vs 7-8 on most other trips!) and hanging out with the Scamp and just getting away! It's camping and guess what- and it doesnt have to be 1000 MILES AWAY!!!

Since then, we've bought a VERY nice "CLAM" screen room and have created a wonderful "room" to hang out and cook in. We now leave the Scamp bed down. Recently, we just purchased a "Perculator" for our "Little Red Campfire". We can plan these trips on the "spur of the moment" due to its location and there's no reservations- some dont like that but for this particular campground, it works for us! We usually go on a Monday and get the choice sites . The first time we did it, we kept extending the nights there until it turned into the WHOLE week. Yep, we loved it.

There's one more thing I've noticed! I would say 90% of ALL the RV's in that campground are from Alabama- LOCALS!! Hmmm.... I see I'm not the only one that does NOT want to travel thousands of miles to camp. You'll hear thousands of opinions on "camping". But so related to "burn out" as your story is, I thought it would be appropriate to share how we handled it.

One final piece of advice? DO NOT sell your RV this year, wait one more year and see if the "urge" hits. Ours sure does as soon as the temp/humidity in Tenn starts dropping or in the spring trees start budding, we start saying, "I'm ready to go camping!!" It works for us.

In summary, we turned "burn out" into wonderful camping excursions for us. Yes, we entertained the thought of selling the Scamp and SO glad we didnt!! It's SO relaxing with this short trip (since I still work remember) and travel is cheap actually!

Good luck and do what pleases you be it long, short or NO camping trips! Life is VERY short.....

Originally Posted by Onthrvr View Post
Can I recover? I've had a wonderful summer. Traveling the Midwest and staying at least a week in each location. But, I'm done!!! Or I think I'm done.

I wonder if I should sell my camper while it's still less than a year old or keep it hoping I want to get back in it. Right now, no way. I'm tall and my scamp 16 just grazed my head.

What have others done to recover? How will I know?
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Name: David
Trailer: Scamp 13 ft
Posts: 272
Money in the bank !

Think of a fiberglas trailer as money in the bank. Your savings are probably making 1 or 2 % at the bank, but fb trailers have gone up tremendously in the last few years and I don't think the bubble will burst anytime soon. I've seen some fb trailers sell for twice the price they brought only 5-6 yrs ago. So I'd suggest you keep it, use it a bit, be humble and bend over a bit, at least while you are finding your next 'ride'. David in Fresno and Sonora
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Name: Daniel A.
Trailer: Bigfoot 17.0 1991 dlx
British Columbia
Posts: 575
I've had my Bigfoot for the past 6 years mostly using it in spring and fall.
I've left it parked at an RV park so I have a place to go to 4-5 hours away in a dry climate. I'm retired sort of its nice to have a change at times.

There was a year when I didn't use the trailer but felt it was not really costing me much for storage at 60.00 a month.
One thing I really like is the feeling of being a part of this community, where I live there is an RV park Capilano near by I sometimes walk over and chat with people traveling OK I'm very social. I've met people from all over with fiberglass trailers some were members here and some didn't no this site was here. We all have a common interest and that is the attraction for me.

I also have a Honda Goldwing that see's little use parked most of the time as a matter of fact has not been out this year but is insured and sits in the carport. My thinking is that motorcycling has been part of my life for the past 47 years and now do I want to give it up something I'm torn over at this time what to do, it was paid for many years ago so costs me only the insurance. Do I sell it or leave it sit I just don't know.
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Name: Ms. Bruce
Trailer: Scamp
North Carolina
Posts: 22
I definitely needed to pause.

Read all your advice and take my time. I'm starting to plan my next trip and projects I want to do to improve the camper interior. But the plan allows me to stay in real housing and the camper over the winter.

Reading your stories and advice has helped tremendously. It has given me permission to not expect so much of myself. It is a small space. That's one thing I love about it. But a break of a week or two into Airbnbs to stretch out can insure I'll be able to wander a long time.

That was my method before I got the Scamp. (I had something even smaller before) and it worked really well. I just viewed the Scamp as a luxury size and I ought to be thrilled with that much room. I am....but a little more floor space and a real shower....once in a while will be the ticket for me.

I just had to jump in over my head the first time.
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TWelch's Avatar
Name: Toinette
Trailer: 2011 Egg Camper #101, the Abel Egg, pulled by 2016 Honda Odyssey
Posts: 147
Tall people . . .

Don't know about burnout. . . but you might trade for an EggCamper, which has taller headroom inside. . . Would that help?

Wishing you the best!
and Abel, the Shiloh Shepherd
in the Abel Egg (2011 EggCamper #101)
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Name: Zach
Trailer: 91 Bigfoot 17
Posts: 1,140
The key for me is absolutely getting out as much as possible. I house sit quite a bit. It allows me to stretch out, clear things out of the trailer and clean it, and work on some of the projects that are more annoying to do when your living in it.

I love small spaces but even I get sick of the camper. I completely ruined a little Toyota Chinook I owned by spending too much time in it. Got to the point where I just didn't like it or being in it anymore. My Bigfoot is much bigger but it's still a danger. I try to get out as much as I can.

Working helps since I'm away from it all day most days. Then a weekend or week or even couple months of house sitting here and there, and it all works out. Where I live I've got to be out of it all winter anyways. But that's still only 5 months of the year. The other 7 months I'm in the trailer except for the house sitting.

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