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Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
*throws snowball at Tom's head*

Okay, that was a soft one, the next one will not be though.
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Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
*throws snowball at Tom's head*

Okay, that was a soft one, the next one will not be though.
Now now Jim remember your good Canadian up bringing. No rocks in the snowball and remember to say your sorry if you actually manage to connect with him

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Thanks for sharing that Donna! What great insight!
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Until recently, when I took up a passion for murder mystery novels by park ranger Nevada Barr, I only feared animals higher than I on the food chain while hiking in the woods. If you want to feed your paranoia I recommend reading Ms. Barr's riveting tales that take place in U.S. National Parks. You will fear animals of the two-legged kind more than ever! Every one of her novels have been a great read so far. Enjoy.
Happy Camping,
Gilda (Jill-da)
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Originally Posted by honda03842 View Post
In 12 years we have never felt concerned about the people we have camped with. The rare time we've felt fear is at a trail head in Alaska with a sign sayin "Grizzle on trail at 10:30 am".

RVing is very safe.
The thing that prompted me to purchase a hand gun and get a concealed permit was a news article about an elderly couple in one of our popular northern Arizona camp grounds (not remote) who befriended a fellow camper, invited them into their RV where he promptly slit their throats and took what ever they had of value, and calmly drove off. Chances are it will never happen to any of us, but as slim of chance it is, it does happen, but then again I do purchase lottery tickets at times also, even though chances are slim that I will win.
Dave & Paula
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If they had a hand gun, he probably would have taken that too.
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We are probably pretty safe right now. But in the future is when things will begin to change. The New World Order is taking over slowly. So slowly that most Americans are not aware yet. Because we have been put to sleep by the government and the media. Our country is about where Germany was just before the Nazi New World Order took over that country. We The People do not run the US Government. The Global Elite does and Obama is just a yes man for them. Secret Societies control the governments that control us. US citizens have been targeted for termination because we are the only people still standing in the way of International Communism. We are only 5% of the worlds population and our power is gone. China is now the economic engine that runs the world. Right now a wall is being built on our southern border. It is not there to keep out the Mexican Nationals that are flooding into our country. It is there to keep us in, when the time comes for FEMA to round us up and put us in concentration camps. Death camps are already in place out in the west, some underground. The secret agenda of the NWO is to kill us all off. Read David Icke and WAKE UP AMERICA
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Originally Posted by jen b
This from the blog post...

And you know what? Living in a state of fear is exhausting, stressful and at the very least shortens our quality of life – if not quantity of life.

is so true.

I feel bad for folks who are constantly worried that the bad guys are coming to get them. That can't be at all fun. Sometimes I want to go around handing out Xanax like Johnny Appleseed.
I agree completely Jen. That is why I bring guns with me, so I don't need to worry. I sleep with it close to me and my dog who sleeps while I drive often stays up watching my surroundings for a few hours before curling up next to me.

I do however majorly resent your rude implication that gun owners are worried all the time. It is the typical liberal attitude that reflects your attitudes not those of gun owners. I suppose your solution like most liberals is to ban guns because you don't have any. I read stories every day about people defending themselves. This week... An elderly man killed someone breaking into his house who had an 18 page rap sheet. It was not the first time his house was broken into. There was a home invasion where a son saved his father and mother by killing one invader and driving off two others. These things rarely make the news because it doesn't fit with the liberal media agenda.

Not long ago here in Connecticut a badly beaten doctor crawled out of his burning basement. He was shot and thrown down a staircase and left for dead. Meanwhile his wife and two teemage daughters were raped and killed. I bet he has a gun now.

My niece was raped and killed in a church by a Baptist Deacon. Bad things happen. Ignoring them won't make them stop.

Firearms owners keep guns for protection and for peace of mind--because we don't want to live in fear. So while you take your chances, many of us would rather have a cheap insurance policy so we can sleep without worry because we have a plan for the time someone tries to break into our campers.
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From the forum rules, which are conveniently linked at the bottom of each page:

"Discussions about politics, weaponry and religion ... will be closed or removed if they become disruptive."

Please. Just. Don't. It never ends well. This is NOT the forum for discussions of the New World Order or the wisdom of carrying firearms. This thread is now closed.

Mary F Fiberglass Rules!
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