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Old 07-09-2007, 01:33 PM   #15
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Name: Jaye
Trailer: Scamp
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This has always been my dream- but with the exception of the near year my son and I lived in our Scamp while in transition, I have always been too tied down to stuff like his school and my mortgage. HOWEVER... my son just recently got married, (he and wife still live with me) and I am seriously considering signing the house over to them and taking off for parts unknown. I know there are many "work camper" programs available (parents did this for a few summers in their motorhome) but I could sure use an abundance of information from all the others who full time RV!

Owner of the "Treasure Chest"
see my past projects here:
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Old 07-09-2007, 01:58 PM   #16
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David & Leslie's Avatar
Trailer: Scamp 16 ft Side Bath
Posts: 706
Wow, a full-timer's forum would be terrific - would it make a lot of extra work for WebGuy and the Moderators (sounds like a rock band ...)? And the Geezers might chime in from time to time.

Seriously, for those of you who dream of full-timing, short term or forever, we say GO FOR IT! We realize there are financial and other considerations ... we are on the "peanut butter and hot dog" circuit, but we have enuff for our modest needs. We are both in good health, and if not now, WHEN? Down the road, we'll probably try Workamping and volunteering, too. For now, we like the freedom to wander when & as we choose. If a partner is involved, you must both be absolutely certain, down to the soles of your feet, that this is what you want to try.

A proviso - we sold our home, but we do have a 'soft spot' for when we can't or choose not to travel anymore - a small rental property we can fall back on. With real estate values as they are (up, up & away ... ) we might suggest renting/leasing your residence while you wander. All you need is a magical property manager (we lucked out!) - the PM handles all the headaches and sends you a check - beautiful!

That said, we'll sign off - happy camping to all! L 'n D

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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Old 07-09-2007, 10:39 PM   #17
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Bigfoot Mike's Avatar
Name: Mike
Trailer: Bigfoot 25 ft
Posts: 7,317
I hope there is enough interest that we can justify a full timing forum. We have several that full time it or have.

Lori and I are going to full time it and are interested in learning from you that have.
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Old 07-10-2007, 03:27 AM   #18
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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe / 1996 Dakota 4x4 V6
Posts: 186
It's a nice idea (to have a new forum), but it seems there are not many actually full-timing. I agree that full-timing
in fiberglass is probably quite different than in bulgemobiles (certainly it's a lot easier!).

Sept. 20th will mark 3 years aboard the micronaut. When I decided to do it, I was living in my
small house in my hometown and had quite a bit of furniture, books, papers, tools, etc.
In May of '04, I packed a small back pack, and went back to a previous employer in Raleigh/Durham (3-4 hrs away).
I stayed in a bedroom at my sister's while I waited for the Casita to be built and be ready to pick up.

On weekends, I traveled home and took on the Herculean task of disposing of, selling, and giving away
all that stuff! If you live away from your stuff for a while, you can come back to it and just look
at it as if it was someone else's stuff, which makes it easier to deal with.

After living out of a back pack, the Casita seemed unbelievably spacious! Room for everything plus some stuff!

Finally, a couple of months after getting the Casita, I finished emptying the house. I distilled the material
effects of 35 years into the things I have on board, plus about six boxes stored at my folks' big house, and
a couple of power tools on loan to brothers-in-law.

With the house empty, I prepped it for rent. A good cleaning, a few improvements, and a new stove were
about all that were needed. I gave the keys to my real estate agent, a trusted person I've known all my life
who also manages about 150 properties. After her fee is deducted, the rent she deposits for me comes to
within $5 of covering the mortgage.

So, while I'm having all this fun visiting family across the state, seeing our state parks, working in Raleigh, and more
recently working a few days a week in Winston-Salem, my house has been sitting there paying for itself!
I might also add that the home equity actually paid for the Casita, and I'm still way better than right-side-up in the

Last summer I added a driveway to the lower part of the acre under the house, and with a new tenant, modified
the lease to allow me to drive down there and camp in the lower corner (much farther from the house than the
house is from its neighbors!). That has been handy to have a base camp when needed.

I would support a separate section for full-timing concerns. I've certainly learned a lot, and would enjoy anybody
else's tales, adventures, advice, etc.

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Old 07-10-2007, 08:02 AM   #19
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Trailer: Trillium 13 ft
Posts: 17
Mike is pondering whether or not to add a forum to the group about Full Timing in RVs. Such forums already exist at Escapees.com and RV.NET.

For those who don't know, Full Timing officially means your RV is your home and you don't have any other home. You literally live on the road, in campgrounds, forests, some land you own, a relative's back yard, parking lots, etc.

For the purpose of this group, likely Full Timer would be modified to include the Part Timers and Snowbirds, who may have an anchored home somewhere but leave it for months at a time to work or winter or travel elsewhere.

don't even have an egg yet but will buy a 13' and would like to live and work in it. i am single and like a simple life. i am an artist. there were 5 people that signed in as being full time or use to be. if they have a 13' i would love to hear from them. franklin.hammond(at)sympatico.ca
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Old 07-10-2007, 09:47 AM   #20
Trailer: No Trailer Yet
Posts: 76
I saw a 34' class A (I think that's the size--it was like a greyhound bus) in Blaine for $38,000 but it looked so nice and new, it was all done in leather, with a washer and dryer and central vacuuming, easily nicer than many apartments--the dealer said they're practically giving away the fuel hog machines. It's fuel efficiency must've been in the "gallons per mile" category but then again, if you had arrangements for pretty much rent-free living and moved it 2,3 times per year, had another vehicle for local transport...sold the house...you could spend-off your savings and do quite nicely even with gas and maintenance. So, now I don't laugh so hard when I see those people towing a little Kia behind their elegant monstrosity.
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Old 07-12-2007, 02:43 PM   #21
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pjanits's Avatar
Name: Pete
Trailer: 17 ft 1986 Burro
Posts: 881
I have had a few questions on my mind answered here already, so this is indeed worthwhile.
We may not go full time but for sure part time, maybe 3 months or so at a time.
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Old 07-16-2007, 08:34 AM   #22
Senior Member
Trailer: 84 16 ft Scamp
Posts: 725
My wife and I enjoy full timing for about three weeks at a time in our Scamp.

During that time we sleep in it every night, prepare and eat every meal in it and seldom use any other facilities for toilet or bath.

We have studied about, discussed and correspond with a neighbor who completely pulled the plug several years ago.

We are financially independent, employable and have only a small cat. Kids have left, are financially able and are not living close by.

Even though everything is in place that would allow a full timing lifestyle, it just isn't in either of us. During our 2 - 4 week sorties we rarely even think of our home base. But there comes a time during each trip when it is just time to return.

But we still like to read about it.
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Old 07-16-2007, 09:16 AM   #23
Ed Felker's Avatar
Trailer: No Trailer Yet
Posts: 69
I think it would be great to have a separate section on full-timing. Full-timing in an egg is really different than full-timing in a mega-trailer, 5th wheel, or monster RV. I've gone to some of thefull-timing sites and their discussions do not seem to match the "Egg-o-Centric" life style.

My wife & I have discussed full-timing, often -- or at least partial fulltiming.

We've decided as soon as we make our first million that's what we'll do. Checked the wallet today -- only $999,998 to go!!!
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Old 07-19-2007, 12:02 AM   #24
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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 1
I have a Casita 17 SD on order and plan on making the pilgrimage to Rice in early October. I've sold my home and I'm working on liquidating the rest of the "Stuff." Plan on storing vital records, and a few special memento's, the rest is gone, or going. Didn't get a chance to drop out in the 60's, so I'm dropping out in my 60's. Kid's are grown, and the wives are gone. Just me and my Labrador Retriever, Kacey. Saw a quote attributed to St. Augustine I think FullTimers should appreciate "The World is a great book, of which those who never stir from home only read a page." Obviously I would appreciate a forum dedicated to FullTiming.
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Old 07-20-2007, 10:43 AM   #25
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David & Leslie's Avatar
Trailer: Scamp 16 ft Side Bath
Posts: 706
WAY TO GO, MIKE, and cograts on ordering your Casita! We wish you safe journeys and many happy years on the road - you will LOVE it! Perhaps our travel paths will cross in the future. Good luck to you & Kacey - L 'n D
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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Old 09-12-2007, 11:45 PM   #26
Chuck-H's Avatar
Trailer: 17 ft Oliver Legacy Elite
Posts: 93
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Well, with my wifes recent death, I've been considering full timing and as an Escapees member, it's a help. We had been considering a semi-full time with one work camp a year and a U.S. loop to include all the grandkids/kids so I think I will consider continuing on with the plan.

Chuck H.
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Old 09-12-2007, 11:55 PM   #27
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Bigfoot Mike's Avatar
Name: Mike
Trailer: Bigfoot 25 ft
Posts: 7,317
Well, with my wifes recent death, I've been considering full timing and as an Escapees member, it's a help. We had been considering a semi-full time with one work camp a year and a U.S. loop to include all the grandkids/kids so I think I will consider continuing on with the plan.

Chuck H.
Good for you Chuck.

Have you bought into a site or are you on a waiting list?
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Old 09-20-2007, 09:21 PM   #28
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Name: Neil
Trailer: Casita 17' SD
Posts: 14
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Barb and i have been full timers since we married on Sept 24th 2004. We Started with a new 17 foot Casita and have just sold it and now use a new Scamp 19' fifth wheel. The lifestyle is great and it is the only way we can travel all over North America living on our social security incomes. We took 5 months to travel to Alaska last summer. We usually spend the winter in either Florida or Texas. I sold my home one year before i retired Sept 2001. I lived in my 32' Bounder Motorhome I still owned the Bounder when Barb and i married but decided we couldn't afford the three dollar and more fuel prices to travel in it. We traded it for a 37' fifth wheel which sits on my brothers property in Ohio. We use it as our home base when we are in the area and it never moves. We ordered the Casita thinking we would just use it for short vacations and as a base camp when we go ATV riding. After the fuel prices got so high we decided to see if we could live in it for for longer periods of time.
While living in it in Texas last winter Barb said she would like just a little more room. I suggested we look at the Scamp 5th wheel she agreed and we orderd one. We have had it now for about 2 months and like it very well. There were some things we liked better in the Casita but all in all i think the Scamp is going to work out just fine for as long as we are able to keep our health and travel. Soo many places to see in this great country we live in. We belong to Thousand Trails Campground and so our camping is nearly free after we pay the annual maintaince fee. Hope this will help anyone who might want live full time on the road.

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full timing, fulltiming

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