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Old 09-23-2008, 07:44 AM   #29
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Name: Roger
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In 1987 while going through a divorce, I decided to "full time" so as not to have to carry a mortgage and apartment rent, buy furniture etc. etc. etc. I found a '70 Airstream Safari Special 23' and moved into a "trailer park" in San Diego. It was an interesting experience. Some of my neighbors were "normal" folks doing what I was doing. Some were retirees following the sun. Some were itinerant tradesmen following construction work. Some were "on the run" from the law. A surprising number were mentally ill or otherwise less than competent. One of my neighbors (a woman) flew out of her trailer one afternoon screaming that she'd been robbed. When I calmed her down and found out that she hadn't been confronted, she just claimed that someone had been in here trailer. I asked how she knew, and she told me "they" had been visiting her regularly and beaming things into her head, and she knew "they'd" been there because the thread she'd left on the screen door to her patio was missing.

I went back to my Airstream without comment and left the rest of the folks gathered around her to be her audience.

As an observer of the human condition, it was a fascinating place to live. Things really haven't changed all that much in twenty years.


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Full timing is not a new thing, the concept has been growing in numbers for years. But fulltimeing out of "have to" is a sad reality of our times. But I think why it's so easily done in these times is that for the last 20 some years the idea of being free to journey where you want has made the idea something a lot of people dream to do. Now because thats the only way they can afford to live, it's not such a awful thing and it's a great alternative to a homeless shelter or under a bridge. Too bad the people who have to, won't be able to afford the gas to journey. But hopefully they will be safe and warm. When Dh and I owned the Rv park (seasonal) I would venture to guess that a majority of our guest were full timers probabaly 70%. Our park was built for big rigs so that was mostly what we got in so we saw a lot living the journey, because they wanted to. It's sad that people have to do it, to survive. Robin

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Name: Roger
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Here's a link to a recent article about a proposed "Car Camp" in the Seattle, WA area. The proposal looks like it's going through.
Car camps could house Seattle's homeless
Donna, Seattle is run by a bunch of politicians that don't realize what they are doing. Of course the people of Seattle vote them in. What they all can't understand is that if you provide for homeless, you get more homeless. Word travels fast in the homeless community as to where the best places are to be homeless. The better you make it, the more you have. Like feeding pigeons. I don't know what the answer to the problem is.
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Name: Donna D
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I understand what you're saying Roger. We have the same thing here, only it's for transients... and I'm not talking "newly homeless," but those that will not or cannot fit into regular society due to drug or alcohol problems. But, they are a part of society and have to go somewhere. I think it's better to provide a safe environment where garbage and human waste can be disposed of properly, rather than under a bush or in an alley.

What keeps these types of populations down here in our area is the RAIN.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Donna, Seattle is run by a bunch of politicians that don't realize what they are doing. Of course the people of Seattle vote them in. What they all can't understand is that if you provide for homeless, you get more homeless. Word travels fast in the homeless community as to where the best places are to be homeless. The better you make it, the more you have. Like feeding pigeons. I don't know what the answer to the problem is.
Hey Rodger, pass along to the movers & shakers of Seattle the plan Myrtle Beach SC used to use when dealing with homeless folk...they'd just put em' on a bus and send them down the road to Charleston. It lasted till Charleston figured out what was going on and complained. I kid you not.
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Personally as a realtor in California, I'm considering renting out my house, buying a 13' Scamp and spending the next year or so traveling around the country until the market picks back up. Its something I've always wanted to do, and what better time to have the "excuse" to do it?? Its a matter of turning lemons into lemonade.

Maybe in the process, people will realize they can live in smaller spaces quite comfortably and not be a slave to their mortgage payments. (Now, my biggest challenge- what should I buy, a Scamp or a Casita??)
I too am a California Realtor; but keeping going selling the foreclosures which I'm sure you know is our only market. However---will be fulltiming by choice-I always said I'd do it when I hit 70. So 2010 is the year. I think those of us that are fulltiming; and especially the single women; it would be fun to be able to meet up now and then. Anyway; I think your idea is a good one.
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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
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ah yes... if you read the second post on here.. my "plans" or I should say, preparations, have paid off.

I will soon be one of the ones with no place to go. My home will be foreclosed on sometime after the next 90 days. I see no point in returning to it after I leave my current seasonal position in Arizona. I will only have to move into the trailer then. Might as well get it over with.

I have an offer to do some technical consulting with an electronics manufacturer in Flagstaff, but thats no place to be in the winter in a 17ft rig. SO... to save money and actually utilize all this fodder I have spent tons on for comfortable boondocking.. I will be living at a Long Term Visitor area on BLM land near Quartzsite. I can pick up units I need to work on and do them in QZ, then take them back to Flag every couple weeks or so.. so not only will the Burro be my home, it will be my office too.

At least this will be easer than living in my bus. I had to drive it out of my campsite everyday to look for work. In these times, the internet and a cell phone are the norm, I can hunt for jobs from just about anywhere as long as I stay connected.

I am not real worried, I know I will clean and be comfy. And it will be an adventure as well. Like someone said, I will be doing something different.. and possibly darned fun. I will drink my lemonade happily.
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It sounds like you've planned well. Don't be a stranger. Come to the gatherings. We all enjoy seeing you and your animals as well as hearing from you. Wishing you the best in your "retirement" Just make sure you have enough cat and dog food. You shouldn't be lonely.
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Old 09-27-2009, 06:43 AM   #37
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edit: I've started a new topic with this comment.
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Originally Posted by Bob H View Post
Paul, my preference is naturally a Scamp, but Casitas are VERY nice. But to fulltime in one, whatever you get, get one with a shower/toilet.
If I were making a choice between a Casita and a Scamp, I'd definitely go for the Scamp 5th Wheel Deluxe. My reason for saying this is that a fifth wheel pulls much better than a tag along. The Deluxe Fifth Wheel has much more storage space. You are able to keep your dinette standing at all times and you can sleep in the "loft" which as I understand it is the size of a Queen size bed. I agree with a previous comment that a full timer must have a bathroom to include a shower, toilet and wash basin. If I were you, I'd get on the phone to Scamp and talk with Wayne Pitlick and he will set you straight. Scamp's Toll Free Number is: 800-346-4962.
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Name: Donna D
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I'm with Paul, it would be a 5th wheel... but I'd buy an Escape 5th Wheel !!
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Name: Greg
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I can't wait to go full time in the egg or a van (Vandwelling). After 23 years in a truck waking up somewhere different almost every morning my roots just wont take root. I'll always have my home in Tx, because it's paid for but here in In, I'm renting a place and driving 30 miles to go to the Labor Ready office to see if I can go to work, but I choose that situation because like not being tied down to one place I don't like being tied down to one job either. So why not become homeless while you can? Get rid of all of those bills and do some traveling, Workamping, day labor, seasonal work, whatever it can't be that bad, if you have your egg you're already way ahead of the shopping cart and cardboard box group.
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Name: Don
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FIRST, if you are going to do this, you should consider joining Escapees at least for a couple of years. Read all you can before you do it, just to be prepared.

I have owned a house in the suburbs and lived in many apartments. I have also traveled in the past with work in travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, a Silver Eagle coach made as private coach (never used as a bus) and also stayed in my share of hotel/motels. After not traveling for a while, I decided i wanted to hit the road, but I had to make an income. Around 15 years ago, I set up my plan and began working it. I was also going to do it in some kind of Airstream.

To make a long story short About the time I bought my 1986 Argosy, I had a couple of contracts canceled, the economy changed and due to that and other circumstances beyond my control, I ended up "full-timing' but in one location.

You can read part of the story at Airstream History dot com.

Since life goes on, fifteen years passed and I still haven't left town, all the while telling others "Do it now, don't wait!!" while I waited. But the finances are in order and I am giving it a couple of years or so and I will be able to live the dream without worrying about income. FINALLY!!! My plan (subject to change) is to move the Hitchhiker to a location in Florida as a home base and use a Casita for seeing the country. I need the "home base" since I now run an online radio station called Airstream FM. But I am REALLY looking forward to having the time to get away and being free from the need to be at a certain place weekly just to pay the rent. I am looking forward to seeing the country and meeting people I know only from these forums, especially people like Donna D* who have the most fascinating portrait photos and seem so interesting. Can't do it right now, but I'm gettin' ready.

If I were you, I would get at least a 16 or 17' trailer, whether Scamp or Casita. I would go with the Scamp fiver IF I would put a recliner in place of the dinette. I can't relax sitting at a dinette!! With the Casita FD, I can replace the captains chairs with something more comfortable. Since I travel alone, it works out fine for me.

One thing I have noticed since 2008 is several people around me are living in an RV out of economic necessity. Most have not camped as an RVer before or stayed in campgrounds at all. So they do not have the mindset of an RVer nor to they know or display the simple courtesies that most RVers expect in a campground, such as NOT cutting through someone else's lot or not picking up after their pets.

Before I bought my Argosy, I read every book I could find on full-time RVing and joined Escapees and the Good Sam club just to read the materials and see what it was all about. There were no internet forums such as this fifteen years ago when I started. But still, I was able to educate myself before jumping into it.

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Name: Cathy
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I think maybe full-timing out of "necessity" may have two faces. The most obvious is flat out financial and the other is just being consumed by stuff and trying to keep up with it to the point that the necessity is to save one's mental state. I read this article yesterday: Living in a Pop-up Tent Trailer in Baja Mexico and I just loved it. Probably 15 years ago, my husband took a good job in AZ and we moved with our very nice and new Coleman pop-up. When we got there, we could not find a decent place to buy immediately so considered renting but we could not afford anything safe/clean. So, we stayed in an RV park in the pop-up for 5 1/2 months. It was summer and hot but they gave us a great deal on the campsite and we put serious money in the bank. Being in small quarters found us out hiking, visiting museums, zoos, etc. Myself, my husband and our son with the other son actually visiting for a month or so and a dog. It took a lot of organization and it was frustrating at times but it was a time we look back on as one of the best times of our lives. While doing this, we met another couple with a son who had lost their homes because of severe tax problems, people who "had it all" and lost it and their situation was so much different than ours but we were able to be friends and swap living tips. I had once saw a show on TV years ago where they were interviewing "minimalists" and I knew that was what I wanted to be. One young lady had all of her possessions in a cigar box, everything that met something to her - I thought that was so cool! Being able to do your own thing, having your own definition of "successful" and not giving a darn what someone else thinks about it, priceless!

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full timing, fulltiming

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