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Name: Neil
Trailer: Boler
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We got a cutlery tray at wal-mart for $2. I had to trim the lip a bit, but it fits in nice and snug.

It's a lot better than digging around to find what we need in a jumbled mess

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Name: Bonnie and Claude
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Originally Posted by Gilda View Post
Storage in these small fiberglass RVs is always a challenge. Here are some of my ideas.... When on the move - Travel with the table down and the cushions in place. We place the long tube, mentioned below, across the front span between the two benches so as to keep items stored on the bed in transit in place. Some of the items we put there are folding chairs, pillows, trays, etc...
We tried leaving the table down on a road trip to Texas and it bounced out of the grooves. Do you use some sort of tie-down system?

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Name: Neil
Trailer: Boler
Posts: 53
We leave or table down all the time too. In fact we haven't set it up since we bought the Boler. We've never had it come out of the grooves when traveling, but we also have the bedding on it as well as some other misc. stuff we store in there as we travel.
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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Scamp
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My #1 space saving advice is to put everything that comes in a box in a ziplock baggie. I keep no boxes in my cupboards, I even keep ziplock baggies in a ziplock baggie. This goes for everything including cereal, q-tips, cereal bars (which are individually wrapped and don't need a baggie), dog treats, etc. Saves big time on space and baggies are more flexible, can be reshaped to mold where you need to put it.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
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We're on the road quite a bit and have a rarther simple rule. Everything has to have a defined, easily accessible place.

In general this means not piling things on top of each other. This generally elimates things like duffles that require some measure of digging thru.

In these small trailers there are many places that can serve to store stuff. Many accomodate things with small containers, additional drawers and storage locations.

Of course going along with defined storage spaces goes defined list of stuff. No one has the perfect list but as one goes along one can continually refine what they actually need.
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
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Originally Posted by Gilda View Post
Storage in these small fiberglass RVs is always a challenge.
Here are some of my ideas. We will have had our Scamp one year in Sept.
Many of the things I recommend require custom sewing or woodworking. If you don't sew, ask a friend or your local cleaners to do the simple sewing. If you don't do woodworking, ask a friend or a high school student who is taking woodworking (if they exist anymore).
  • Closet-The bar in the closet is a useless waste of space. It's difficult to get at any clothing behind the first item and who needs wrinke-free clothes while camping? Install custom shelving in the closet, post haste!
  • Duffel bolster - Fill a 20" duffel with your clothing (put the toiletry kit and other hard stuff aside or wrapped in the soft clothing) and use it as a bolster pillow. Store under the bed when it is set up or upright on the bench when the dinette is set up.
  • Nylon net bags - The ladies will recognize these as "lingerie bags". They come in drawstring or zipper styles. These are great for men or women to organize your duffel. Put underwear and socks in one, t-shirts rolled up in another. Use a large net bag for laundry and tuck it in the lower wheel space in the closet until laundry day. Add a cedar block or two to keep odor under control.
  • Nylon ditty bags - These are a long-time camping favorite. We keep our card games, books to read, and crossword puzzle books in one. You can use them for all kinds of things. Make your own (easy sewing) or buy them at a camping supply store.
  • Week-long pill box - Use this for pills, vitamins, earrings and such.
  • Stuffed animals - Remove the stuffing from the inside of the stuffed animal, insert a zipper and store clothing or bed pillow inside. I like the Pillow Pets (My Pillow Pets® | The Official Home of Pillow Pets®) myself. The Chocolate Moose is my favorite!
  • Locking suction cup hooks - These attach to smooth fiberglass walls and can hold flyswatter, dishtowel, kitchen mitts, etc. You can get these at OSH, Orchard Supply Hardware, when they go on sale.
  • Velcro - The hook side sticks to the "rat fur" amazingly well. Use it to stick stuffed animals, photos, "shoe pockets", curtain tiebacks, etc.
  • Backpack pots, pans and lids - These are great because they are small, lightweight, nest and the handles fold back.
  • Herbs and spices - You don't need many or much while camping. Store a variety of herbs and spices in those containers that have round containers that screw into each other. There are about 6 containers 1 1/2" across by 1" high. The Container Store and hardware stores sell these. I'm sorry, I don't know what they are called.
  • Shoeboxes from Container Store - These come in regular, half and men's size. They fit nicely in all the nooks and crannies. Use your imagination for the contents. We have a picnic table box that holds the things we need at the outdoor table including tablecloth clips, salt and pepper shakers, citronella candle, backpackers candle lantern, etc.
  • Food in trunk - We keep most food in the trunk in milk crates. The food is handy, secure from bears in bear country, and easy to access. Never store food in the trailer when it is in storage. Various critters and insects may set up home. Tip: remove all cardboard boxes as these attract insects. The food also takes up less space. Use "binder clips" from the stationary store or wire clothespins to cinch the inner bags.
  • Waste can - Our waste can is a small 15" high metal can with plastic pail liner. It has a foot pedal that opens the lid. We line the pail with a plastic grocery bag and remove the garbage daily so as to keep down odors. We keep the can indoors most of the time.
  • When on the move - Travel with the table down and the cushions in place. We place the long tube, mentioned below, across the front span between the two benches so as to keep items stored on the bed in transit in place. Some of the items we put there are folding chairs, pillows, trays, etc.
  • Bedding - This is the most challenging for storing. Most of the time we keep the bed set up in good weather. I made a mattress topper out of thermafoam. There are two 23" strips covered with 100% cotton covers that double as sheets and zip off for washing. These each can be rolled up and secured with a nylon strap. They fit perfectly in the hatch under the bench. We use two full/queen 90" comforters for our bedding. When the bed is "made" we fold the comforters in half, 45" on top of the cushions and mattress topper. When storing the comforters we simply roll them onto a long tube (from the fabric store), secure with nylon straps, place across the benches, under the table to the back. The comforters are out of the way and two people can still sit at the table! When the bed is "made up" we can use it as a "daybed" when we put pillows, stuffed animals and our duffel bolsters on top. This is very comfy.
  • Shoes and jackets - These are the most problematic for me. I'd love to hear ideas that you all have. I carry three pairs of shoes, day hike boots, clogs and sandals. I put an "over the cabinet door" hook over the closet door to hang a jacket (you have to be careful not to overload the cabinet door or the hinge can break)
Well, that's all I have for now. I hope it's a help. I had asked for storage ideas when I started "Scamping" and got very few ideas from folks.
I'll see if I can include photos with my next message.

1. The closet holds jackets and warm outerwear. Other clothing is put into duffel 2 bags, one for each of us, and put on top of the wheel well in the closet.

2. Bedding is sleeping bags stored in the street side under dinette compartment. (a small partition was added to separate the sleeping bags for the cords). You don't need comforters, blankets, sheets, etc. Sleeping bags work just fine.

3. Pots and pans, backpacking style works great. We use a 2 pot stack (MSR) without handles, a single pot lifter works great for a handle.

4. How many pair of shoes do you need? A pair of shoes and a pair of crocks are all we need. The crocks because they're easy to slip on for that trip in the night.

GENERAL RULE FOR US.. If it's to be used inside the trailer it's stored inside the trailer, including food. The area where Scamp wants a porta poti holds a lot of food in a storage tub.

Examine all you take and only take what you need instead of trying to stuff more and more stuff inside the trailer. You can get by with much less than you think and actually enjoy your trips more when not encumbered with a whole lot of stuff.

We travel for 3+ months at a time and don't seem to have a lot of problems.
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
Posts: 7,350
Our Stuff

All this storage talk got me thinking about what we take with us and do with our various storage compartments. Though it may sound like we have a lot, our trailer is relatively light at 2400 pounds. What we have is a lot of storage places.

Hopefully this will help someone. I tried to think of most everything we have. This is pretty long. Hopefully it will post.

Scamp 16 Storage

Below Couch Passenger's Drawer.
Ginny's Shorts

Behind Couch Drawer
Soldering Iron, wire, solder, small extension cord

Below Couch Center Compartment
Two large plastic bins, Ginny's underwear, Ginny's jerseys.

Behind Plastic Bins, two plastic shoe boxes on shelf with miscellaneous small tools.
Below shelf, folding hand saw, duct tape and aluminum tape.

Below Couch Driver's Side Compartment, Top Access
1200 watt Inverter, 35 amp Converter, battery powered electric drill.

Behind Couch Back.
2 Alps inflatable sleeping pads.

Above Couch Closet.
Right door 4 shelves, 27” deep. Four shelves for sweaters, long sleeve shirts and jerseys

Left door 2 shelves. Shelf for dress slacks and pants. Shelf for paper work, greeting cards and extra blanket in rear.

Sat dish hangs from bottom of closet. Two e-book holders on right side of closet.

Solar controller on top front of closet.

Under Bathroom Door.
Four pairs of shoes slide under this space.

Bathroom Wall.
Medicine storage on Couch side wall on a shelf.

Bathroom Door Frame Storage
4 Plastic bins on door frame for small things like razors, nail files, …
Two hair brushes mounted on door frame blow 4 plastic bins.

Toilet roll pipe in corner next to toilet.
Plastic Basket next to bathroom wall beside toilet for shampoo and big tube items.

Laundry detergent and plastic basket on door side of toilet for hair dryer.

Back of bathroom door.
Two towel racks, toilet paper holder, plastic bin for hand soap, Magazine rack.

Front of Bathroom Door
Full length mirror.

Small Cabinet above heater
Bread storage.

Utensil Drawer
4-5 pieces of stainless steel ware, one large knife, 3 small knifes, peeler, and misc. kitchen items.

Tall Cabinet below Utensil Drawer
24” deep 2 slide out pantry drawers for canned goods,
Below slide outs is a bin for root vegetables.

4 shelves. Plastic tray for 5 cans of soda. 1 lb butter, quart of milk, quart of ˝ and ˝, pound of bacon, dozen eggs, couple bottles of water, 1 uncooked meat entree, usually some left overs, and a block of cheese.

Below Fridge Compartment
a dozen cans of soda and a plastic bin with boxed pasta and a few cans.

Under front edge of this cabinet are 2 crumb sweepers used on rug.

3 Overhead Stove-side Cabinets.
First,contains Norm's jerseys,
Second, contains 3 bowls and 2 large plates,
Third, contains 6 nesting small storage containers, sweetner and a couple of small bowls

Four plastic trays on overhead cabinet support.
Pencils, pens, glasses and small miscellaneous items.

Small, shelf between oven counter cabinet and rear overhead.
Four books, on trees, rocks, birds and flowers.

Rear over dinette cabinet, 3 compartments.
2 small side compartments for jeans.
1 large center compartment for bedding, 2 sets of sheets, electric blanket, comforter, 2 individual small blankets.

Small, shelf between sink counter cabinet and rear overhead.
Two plastic bins for glasses and pill containers.

Oven Side Dinette.
Two Drawers, one for shorts and the second for underwear and socks.
Crockpot, electric heater and electric fan stored beside drawers,
Toilet paper and lanterns and misc stored behind drawers.

Sink Side Dinette,
Spare water hose, picnic table table cloth, misc stuff. Water tank usually half full.

2 Overhead Sinkside Cabinets.
First,contains plastic and paper plates, 2 large soup bowls.
Second, contains 4 plastic glasses, 2 wine glasses, 3 ceramic cups, blood pressure meter.

Kitchen Drawer.
Apron, kitchen towels, pot holders.

Fold-out Sink Front Drawer.
Toothpaste and two toothbrushes.

Right-side Under-sink Cabinet Storage,
Paper towels, Cooking oil, Wine and Windex.

Back of Door.
Plastic Bag Storage.
Hanging plastic bag for trash.

Left-side Under-sink Cabinet Storage.
Shelves for 3 pots, 3 frying pans and bathroom scale.
Below shelves, grease can, small screw driver set, bungee cord container.

Back of door.
Kitchen towel rack,
Plastic container for sponges and kitchen brush.

Kitchen Closet.
Bottom of cabinet contains 5000 BTU air conditioner.
Above air conditioner is a dirty laundry storage bin.
Above the laundry storage are three shelves.
The first shelf contains the coffee, filters, toaster and coffee pot.
The second shelf and third shelf are used for food stuffs and paper goods.

Back of Door
Hanging kitchen utensils and strainer

Small Shelf above Doorway.
Badge, keys and bungee cords.

Rear Bumper Storage.
Large box contains wooden blocks, water hose, 30 amp power cord, small tool box.

Below bumper box are two fence posts.
One holds a long sewer hose, the other holds posts for the rear bumper clothes line and awning posts

5 Under Floor Storage Boxes
These boxes are attached to the outside bottom of the trailer.

2 large boxes on slides, one contains a sewer flo hose, the second miscellaneous rachets, sockets and screws.
3 small boxes, one contains a 50 foot construction extension cord, and misc. electrical parts.
A second contains misc. plumbing parts. The third contains misc. stuff.

Roof Mounts.
2-40 watt solar panels mounted to roof.

1 battery and one propane tank.

Car Stuff.
4 aluminum chairs on shelf in rear of CRV.

4 Plastic Bins.
Bin 1. Misc fluids for car and trailer, distilled water, Red Maxx, oil, grease, paint.
Bin 2. Blanket, outside mirrors, polishing clothes.
Bin 3. Rain jackets and 1 sweater each.
Bin 4. Ginny's road books and maps

24 bottles of water
Small Compressor
Battery Jump Starter
Bottle Jack
Sat Dish and tripod.

Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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