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Name: Dave
Trailer: Trillium
Newfoundland & Labrador
Posts: 355
Wreck house

We have had a Unik, 15ft Trillium & 13ft. Trillium. I few times here on the island I have had to get off the road due to high winds. The isthmus heading to the Avalon Peninsula can be bad but the worst is Wreck House.
[you can google it] Box cars used to get blown off the track and now, tractor trailers get blown over. When wind warnings are up for the Wreck House area we just pull in and wait it out. Most sensible truckers do the same. It sure messes up the ferry schedule too. Just another advantage of living on a island.
Scouter Dave. "Thank God we're surrounded by water."

Originally Posted by Anndm1960 View Post
Hi I was wondering about wind gusts and how your little scamp holds up? I would like to full time in a 16 ft fulltime yearround in Fl. I know Florida gets some pretty high gusts so I'm wondering about how stable they are? Any insights?

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Name: Dylan
Trailer: 2001 Scamp 13'
British Columbia
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Originally Posted by Scouter Dave View Post
We have had a Unik, 15ft Trillium & 13ft. Trillium. I few times here on the island I have had to get off the road due to high winds. The isthmus heading to the Avalon Peninsula can be bad but the worst is Wreck House.
[you can google it] Box cars used to get blown off the track and now, tractor trailers get blown over. When wind warnings are up for the Wreck House area we just pull in and wait it out. Most sensible truckers do the same. It sure messes up the ferry schedule too. Just another advantage of living on a island.
Scouter Dave. "Thank God we're surrounded by water."
OK, my 13' Scamp has not been in winds that would knock down a box car or tractor trailer! In that case, all bets off!! Good luck, your on your own!

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Name: Philip
Trailer: Escape 13 /Hyundai Santa Fe
Posts: 460
We spent 6 weeks in our 13' this past spring. Two weeks on the road and a month sitting still in Palm Springs. We mostly "camped" in places with hookups. The trailer worked out just fine for the 2 of us. That trip made us confident that we could spend almost unlimited time in the trailer.
We plan to take an 8 month trip starting next February.
We did learn a couple of "tricks" to make life easier but that comes with experience and everybody's needs are a little different.
Good luck!
It's not the size.....
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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
Posts: 5,023
Originally Posted by Daniel A. View Post
My view would be go to a 17 foot unit the extra space would make life easier.
When the wife and I go out it works fine but at times I think if we were full time I'd look at the 21 foot Bigfoot.
I'm usually out alone most of the time and the 17 is great for me.
We love our Scamp 13D front bath and have no plans to change, but if you want to upsize (not upgrade) then a Scamp16 side dinette, front bath would fill the bill nicely while remaining towable.
The 17s presently available start to cross the class line in terms of size/weight, demanding the consideration of a larger tow vehicle.
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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
Posts: 5,859
Originally Posted by Jerry-Janelle View Post
We are thinking of spending anywhere from 6 to 10 months a year in our Scamp in a couple of years. We have wondered if the 13' will be big enough but have a couple of years to test it out as we have to sell our house in this market and find a different home base. If we "upgrade" if you want to call it that, the Lil' Snoozy comes to mind as well as the Casita 17. We were thinking of putting everything we might need for a small home base in storage, then spend at least a month or two in several different places to get the feel of the neighborhood. Has anyone else done it this way? We can't stay where we are and spend that much time away, too much property to take care of an too hard to come and go in the winter. Thanks.

Jerry & Janelle
Hi Jerry and Janelle.

Full timing or semi full timing is a state of mind and life style. Anne and I have spent over 3 months the last two winters traveling the southwest in our 13'.
Another couple spent 4 years in 13' before they bought a 16' Scamp.
We mostly travel the National Park and National Forest circuit. In the winter in the southwest there's lots of people doing the same thing. We've stayed up a month in once place, but usually only a week or two. There's just too many interesting places to see to stay put too long and there seems to be two stay limits, 14 days and 30 days. You learn where to go and where to stay when talking to other "snow birds". Some are full timing some are semi and others just for few weeks. But it's all good.
One of the nice things about our trailers is that we can go weather suits us, this allows us to spend most of our time outside.

Go for it...
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Janelle & Jerry
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 21
Thanks, we really think we can manage in the 13, we love it now and never feel cramped. The only changes I think we might have to make are air conditioning and a fantastic fan. Where we travel now, we don't need air but to mostly full time and venturing into the South, I think we will.
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Trailer: Scamp 16 ft Side Bath
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Hi Jerry - Janelle -

We are the full-timers Byron mentioned. We are in our 6t year and have no regrets.

You are wise to not sell out before doing a 'test run' just to be sure this lifestyle is for you ... as stated above, each of us is different. We did a test of 7 months in our Scamp 13, spending quite a bit of time in Quartzsite and traveling along the Gulf Coast as far as St. Augustine, FL. On the way home we KNEW we were done with horse care, hay stacking, barn and fence painting, gardening and all the maintenance of a sticks & bricks property. We LOVED our place but it was time to turn a page. We had the "Mother of all yard sales" sold the house and hit the road ... we have never looked back. After all, there's too much out front and down the road to see!

We loved every moment and every mile in that 13 but eventually we found the 16 with a side bath ... The Royal Flush. We like the side bath because DH can be working on his laptop up front on the sofa whilst I'm working/reading/sleeping in the back. We keep the bed made up all the time and generally eat our meals outside.

In fact, the trailer is more like a large suitcase - we live out of it rather than in it as we are usually walking, hiking, sunning or touristing. As you have probably already learned, the Golden Rule of a small RV is "when something new comes in, something old goes out". My e-reader has cured DH's concerns about a lot of extra weight and we are really careful about the weight issue.

Well, that was kinda windy but hope it helps with your planning. Remember, whatever you do, you can always make other choices if one doesn't work out, And it's a wonderful way to explore our terrific country, Perhaps our travel paths will cross some day. Wishing you safe journeys and great memories - L 'n D
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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Name: Janelle & Jerry
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 21
Thanks L 'n D! We have had some very good advice, nice to know you started in a 13'. Byron and Anne, Norm and Ginny have all had great advice and encouragement also. We can't wait, like you said, we love our place, 2 acres, small house we built but, our first love is jumping in the car a heading out.

The reader is a great idea, I thought of that too since my books would take over the place .

Thanks, our goal has been moved up to 2 years and there's a lot to do getting everything ready to sell. Can't wait.

J & J
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Name: Roger
Trailer: 2009 Trillium 1300 "Homelet"/2014 Subaru Outback "Rosie"
Posts: 2,155
Cool Our Experience

We just returned from an 18 day, 1184 mile trip to the Kootenays.

On June 29th there was such a storm in Midway, BC, that it sounded like someone throwing handsfulls of pea gravel against the side of Homelet. We had no problems, nor did any of the big rigs camped with us at the BC Samboree despite some good sized branches down. There may have been some awnings damaged, but no one tipped over as I thought possible. The storm was so loud, we had to shout to hear each other inside our rig.

For the last three years, we have spent Jan/Feb in Arizona and Southern California and had no issues. You just do with less. However, it is nice to be back in our non-moving home.
A charter member of the Buffalo Plaid Brigade!

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
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Name: Cat
Trailer: Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 3
Getting ready for some workkamping in 2013.

We spent 3 wks together in our 17' Casita in March both beginning in Fl at Disney with 4 grandchildren and then last 10 days at Gulf Shores, AL.

Traveled to Maine from TN and back over the entire month of June. We really enjoyed our week in ME at Searsport and Acadia Natl. Park. Then we returned by way of the Grand Canyon of the East in PA, Cedar Point, OH and visited our grandson in IN.

The first two weeks of August we will be at Myrtle Beach, SC. Then I have to hit the books for my final semester at St. Mary of the Woods College.

My husband has done several mods to assist with storage and livibility in our Casita. Our closet now has 5 shelves in addition to space for 6 hangers. He has added new jacks for stability and installed toolboxes to the tongue and back bumper. We added a Jack antenna and tv, but opted to keep the space for storage rather than the microwave. Instead we purchased a Cube online which is fine for those quick warm-ups and has a handle to carry back out to the truck. We also have a screen room for additional living room. We have a nice ARE cap for the Silverado where we hang additional clothing, store bicycles and "stuff". My husband calls it his SHED. We love it and can't wait to spend more time on the road.
Jim and Cathy Randolph
2011 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17'
2012 Chevy Silverado
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Trailer: 2008 Taylor Coach 17 ft
Posts: 56
We vacation/camped with our daughter in a small popup for 15 years and learned a number of things about tight spaces and trailer layout that we either liked or disliked. We put that knowledge to good use when we bought our 17' trailer in 2008 and have used it the last 4 winters camping for 2 to 3 months in the Southwest.

We knew that we did not enjoy spending the evenings reading at the popup's dinette with the straight backs and pillows didn't help. Thus our first priority was a trailer with a gaucho which can be slid in or out to adjust the back to what ever angle we want - delightful. Secondly, this allowed us to have separate beds (gaucho at one end of the trailer and dinette at the other) because one of us snores like her father and the other is a light sleeper even with his ear plugs. This also allows us our own personal-spaces during the day.

Finally, my wife made each of us our own "cowboy" bed rolls with a pad (from Ikea) fitted into sewn up sheets (bottom and top) that simply unroll onto the beds at night and during the day are rolled up and placed into an overhead storage space. (She is so smart - and I grew up in Detroit always wanting to be a cowboy.)

Cheers John
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Name: Rick
Trailer: In the Market
Posts: 14
I would also thing the Tow vehicle will have an impact. With a Minivan for towing it also can be great for storage or to be set up as a separate space for computing or reading.--I spend a bit of time in the Passenger seat of my Dodge Minivan reading.

When I was just a Baby my Momma told me "Son, Always be a Good Boy, don't ever play with Girls???"
Using a Jump Start Battery for Camping
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Name: Tyler
Trailer: 72 Cloud
Posts: 208
I to want to full time some day. I calculated my retirement the other day as I was dreaming and found I will be able to retire before my birthday in 2024. I figure by the day after my birthday ill be halfway to Washington. I can't wait and I write this as I do a little cold weather November camping with my oldest son and I know I won't have a problem full timing in my 13' Cloud. I have some modifications in kind for the future such as removing the old furnace and replacing with an a/c unit and a little kitchen update which will be mostly cosmetic. I can't wait.
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Name: Janelle & Jerry
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 21
First Step Completed

We completed the first step of our transition from a stationary abode to the Scamp. We traded our poor old Honda Element with 160K miles on it for a 2010 Ford Flex.The Flex will tow up to 4500 lbs and has tons of much needed space. We brought it home in a surprise snowstorm and it behaved very well. We will have to wait for Spring to complete the rest of the transition, hopefully by this Fall we will be on the road. Looking out at the snow that day can't come soon enough!

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