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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
Someone over @ Escape tows a 19' with a Pilot, not sure if a w/d is used.
That would perhaps be another Jim:
Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
I don't use a WDH with my Pilot and Escape 19, but have considered it.

1979 Boler B1700RGH, pulled by 2004 Toyota Sienna LE 2WD
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Name: Joe
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My wife and I are full timers and live in a 17' Casita SD. I first tried the SUV as a TV but it wasn't powerful enough to go up the big mountains out here in the wild west. After talking with many Casita owners I settled on a Toyota Tundra 4x4 Access Cab with a camper shell with windoors. This system is the cats meow. A perfect tow vehicle for our Casita. Seeing how you live back east you may want to check out the Toyota Tacoma it might get better gas mileage. I use to have white knuckles driving a SUV but the Tundra with a 4.7L engine is good power and pulls the Casita fine, in fact I have to check the rear view mirrors to make sure the trailer is still back there as the truck cruises like a Cadilac even when hooked up.

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Name: Gene
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Welcome to the group. I have a Chrysler Town & Country mini van. It has a 3600 lb towing capacity. They can be had with an included towing package that includes a load leveler, & transmission cooler. It comes with the receiver hitch and towing power hookups. It has lots of cargo room especially with the stow N Go seats down. They get pretty good gas mileage too. They can be had with the backup camera too. I believe the new ones also have a new motor with more power and a transmission better suited for towing. Mine is an 06 that I added a receiver hitch to and it works great with my 16' Casita. I added a WDH since it doesn't have the load leveler. I believe that units are very well suited for any fiberglass camper 16' or under.
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Name: Bill
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I think a point many of us are missing here is that the original question asked for an adequate (I assume) tug that will return DECENT fuel mileage while towing a 16' Casita.
My Cherokee drops to 17 mpg while towing my 17 foot trailer and in my humble opinion this is very unacceptable for 2012. I have not seen a recommendation offered for any tug that will do much better while towing a 16' Casita accepting the one that is pulling considerably more weight than the manufacturers rated limit and that one is only returning 22 mpg while towing.
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Another way to look at the question is that there is no adequate tug that gives you good mpg not hitched and the same while hitched. It possibly may not exist for various reasons and you may need to make concessions in one area or the other.
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High mpg and high torque. The diesel is the solution. The only one available that I know of is the VW Touareg. Raz
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Originally Posted by kdingo View Post
My husband and I have decided to look for another casita or scamp (had a 13' previously and now would like a 16'-17' one) My husband is retiring next year and we want to enjoy it. Problem is we need a small SUV that gets pretty good gas mileage to pull it with. The vehicle will be my car for everyday so decent mileage is a plus. In reading the posts it looks like a vehicle like the Ford Escape, Toyota Rav-4 or Honda Crv would be good. Does anyone have experience with any of these or can suggest another one? We are starting our search today so any and all help is appreciated. Thanks bunches, Karen
Hi: kdingo...We used to tow our 13' Boler with my wife's daily driver. A Ford Taurus Wagn. Although it has a V6 its tow cap. was only 1250#s. Highway mpg's was in the low 30's not towing but in the low 20's pulling the Boler. Think pulling a parachute!!! Doesn't weigh much...but what a drag.
Trading up to a 5th. wh. meant always having a pickup, and we now have a great truck...but alas it's not the champion of mpg's. Then again you can't pull a 5th. wh. with a Honda Ridgeline.
In the end there's always a trade off...what's best for you???
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Originally Posted by Bob Miller View Post
I think by "Integrated" that they mean that it's integrated with the bumper and the hitch cover.........
This makes sense to me. One advantage of integrating the hitch into the bumper would be to maximize ground clearance, which is in short supply on vehicles like the Toyota Sienna, which seem to otherwise be good tow vehicles. I've notices that on the Can Am RV site, they add an additional structural extension from the hitch to a point forward on the body to counteract the high moment from a WD hitch.
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Originally Posted by Bill in Pittsburgh View Post
I think a point many of us are missing here is that the original question asked for an adequate (I assume) tug that will return DECENT fuel mileage while towing a 16' Casita.
I didnt think I misunderstood the original question. The OP wants suggestions of an "adequate" tug for towing a 16' trailer with and stated "Problem is we need a small SUV that gets pretty good gas mileage to pull it with. The vehicle will be my car for everyday so decent mileage is a plus."

Unfortunately for all of us, as you have noted there isn't anything out there that gets 20 mpg or more with while towing a 16' trailer that would be classed as "adequate" by most people. The suggestion of a Touareg which you will pay dearly for up front was made but I am not so sure about that one either Wish it was as I had been eyeing it up myself. If you read this Review of the 2011 Touareg it only got 16.5 mpg while towing 4000lbs - you might get a bit better if towing a 16' in the 2700 lb range but I would not expect it to jump up to the 20's or over either.

With the rest of tugs rated to pull the weight of a 16' IMO the best you can expect to get is in the mid/high teens while towing and low 20's when not. My Outback gets between 17/19 mpg while towing a 2500lb trailer depending on the speed and terrain I travel on but as I mentioned its low tongue weight spec doesnt make it in MHO a real "adiquate" good choose for towing a 16' trailer either, its better suited to a 13' trailer. It actually gets about the same mpg while driving in the city and not towing, so not outstanding MPG for a daily drive either.

In regards to the one you sighted as the only one returning 22 mpg while towing a 16' fiberglass trailer all be it 1000lbs over the manufactures recommendations, well what can one say about that? Other than "adequate" is a very subjective term. As you also know the MPG one actually gets while towing is also very subjective. Note another party here towing a 13' with the same tug isnt reporting 22 mpg but instead claims to be getting down in the teens as well. I also know of another party pulling a 13' with the same tug and they claim to be only getting in the teens as well and they dont even feel comfortable/safe pulling a 13' with the tug - so again its all very subjective.

If an adequate tow tug means to you that you are not risking your tugs warranty or being sued in the future for towing more than the manufactures specs and not having to worry about every little thing you put in the trailer every time you pack up. Or having to add additional equipment to the tug to keep it from wagging the tug then the reality is you just aren't going to get better than the mid to high teens while towing with whats currently offered.

Not so many years ago it was actually hard to find anything that was rated to safely tow 3000lbs or more and return MPG in the mid to high teen range while towing and low 20's when not. Fortunately things have improved on that front somewhat. Hopefully with a bit more time we will start to see more improvement but we are sadly not there yet. Wish we were as I am getting close to needing a new tug myself.
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Well, it won't get you out of the mid teens, but I've put in 33,000 miles towing a 17' Escape around the US & Canada with a RAV4 with V6 & tow package. I tow at 55-57 MPH, primarily on secondary roads & get 15MPG towing. The advantage is when I drop the trailer I get 25MPG highway & around 22 around town. The combination works well, including both eastern & western mountains.
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As far as putting the 'horse before the cart' or is it the 'cart before the horse'? Anyway, someone on another forum gave some wise advice when we were looking. Find the trailer that you like first, then get the TV to pull it. Good luck in your search and Happy Trails.
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I'm disappointed in you Carol. You were suppose to point out that if you can afford the 60k price tag for the Touarag, the mpg is probably not a big concern. Raz

p.s. That's 60 k U.S. I'm sure in Canada it's more. A lot more.
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Name: Jason
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Hmm, I fall into the group that is mechanically inclined and can outfit their TUG.

The way I look at it is to look at my dad's '72 C10. I have bigger brakes, ABS and ESP, about the same HP and more torque (in current tune) then his truck. And we did weight his truck once - my car is within a couple hundred pounds of his truck (VW's a little porky). I added appropriate upgrades such as airbag helper springs, custom receiver hitch in the location specified by the manufacturer, and trailer brake controller.

The trailer axle is 3500lb for a 2000lb trailer. Brakes are a little over kill also - it will lock the tyres at 30 MPH with the trailer loaded (I know that from being cut off in traffic).

And for the work I put into it I get 28 to 33 MPG depending on tow speed, headwind, slope of the road, when towing.

That said, there are people who want "turn key" and this won't work for them. I, on the other hand, don't like anything "off the shelf" and prefer to build my vehicle to my specification.

And as far as legal concerns, if you can be sued by the thief that just fell through your sky light, then I'll save the fuel from my higher MPG to a legal fund.


PS; the Touareg is on my wish list to replace my Golf down the road.
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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
Someone over @ Escape tows a 19' with a Pilot, not sure if a w/d is used.
I've been following discussions on this subject at a Pilot owners' forum...

Opinions on the utility/ "necessity" of a W/D hitch are predictably mixed. My impression has been that those pushing the outer edges in terms of weight/speed etc. are more inclined to think of adding W/D than those a bit more conservative in their overall approach to towing.

Prior experience also seems to operate as a factor- those who've always towed big trailers behind trucks using W/D systems seem to automatically presume that it's just standard practice.


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