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I have been interested in purchasing a small diesel pickup truck to replace my 1994 Chevy S10, and it may finally happen. After over a year of talk Mahindra has finally announced that it will be releasing two such trucks, the TR20 and TR40, in March and selling the trucks in April.

For information on the vehicles, see

What are your thoughts? Obviously I am talking conceptually since it only exists on paper.

My thoughts are this meets my fuel efficiency goals, and at 5000 pounds tow capacity can pull all of the semi-finalists I have for RVs. My wife agreed to visit an fiberglass RV get together near my house in April, so maybe she will consider something smaller than 19 feet. And of course I have to drive the thing. But for now, there is a good chance this will be my next vehicle.

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There is a ton of interest in fuel-based vehicle improvements. I see this vehicle is claiming 30mpg. I hope when I finally make my purchase of new tug and tow, I'll be able to buy a vehicle that will get high fuel mileage. That said, Mahindra is going to be a new player in the U.S. I'd be concerned about getting work done on the vehicle... and we all know it will need it, at least occasionally. The last thing I would want to happen is to find my travels restricted because I'd fear getting to an area of the country where the vehicle can't be serviced. Sure, I could always take it to a no-name-brand shop, but would that invalidate the warranty?

Lots of questions still to be answered about not only this particular vehicle, but Mahindra in general. Buying a motorized vehicle can be the second or third largest asset owned. I'm not willing to be a test case for dependability. YMMV

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Sure, I could always take it to a no-name-brand shop, but would that invalidate the warranty?
Warranty FAQs Link

[b]If my vehicle is serviced at a non Ford Dealer, will my Ford warranty be invalidated?

No, but you must ensure that:
• Your vehicle is serviced as recommended by Ford (timing and content).
• Your vehicle is serviced using genuine Ford branded parts or parts that match the quality of genuine Ford branded parts.
• Your vehicles Maintenance Record is completed and receipts are retained as evidence that the vehicle has been serviced at the correct intervals, in line with Ford Service Schedules, using the correct parts and fluids. This will assist in the event of a warranty claim for defects that may be influenced by incorrect maintenance intervals or content.
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I was always leery of any company that advertised without an actual picture of the item in question. My thoughts are, " huh??! they are trying to sell which they have yet to make!"

Historically these before production predictions seldom if ever matreialise as the item offered if indeed, they are ever produced at all. If they are, they fall short of projected performance or price. Or both.
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Mahindra is a well known manufacturer, already for many years. They are just not established here yet! I only would be worried about where to get it serviced, when in need somewhere in the boonies.
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Hi: All... Somewhere in all the promo. info. I missed seeing any tow cap rating???
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Mahindra's websites are very typical for the nation India. A certain style you will always find there. Here just for fun a little video posted on one of their url's:

I actually like the style of the pickup a lot! Love also the idea of a Diesel engine. My parents back in Germany drive a Toyota 2002 LandCruiser Diesel, and it gets about 23 miles to the gallon! The American counterpart gets barely 13 miles to the gallon!!! I just wish I would have had the option of a Toyota 4Runner Diesel version...
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One thing being missed here is that although Mahindra is new to the U.S. auto industry they have been here for a number of years in the tractor business ( 1300 plus dealers ). The Mahindra tractor is highly regarded around the world ( ranks very highly in customer satisfaction and reliability ) and recently received an award, in the U.S. ,as number one in reliability and customer satisfaction in the diesel tractor field from an entity that is to tractors what J.D.power is to automobiles. they have a rather complete line of tractors and many of these tractors are diesels. From what I have read they are keeping their autos/trucks seperate from the tractor dealerships but I would bet that in a pinch a tractor dealership could do repairs on the automotive offerings. Lee Oops I can't confirm the 1300 dealer number so let's just go with numerous.
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Yes that is true! The tractors have been around for a while here! Good point with all those dealers. I also looked that up, and Mahindra has a little map online. Alone in Wisconsin there will be several dealerships. BTW, Mahindra is manufacturing vehicles since about 60 years.
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I found a test report for the Mahindra trucks:
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Interesting post, Alan. My husband had read about these last year. We've long been unhappy that we don't have the same types of small, compact, efficient diesels enjoyed by much of the rest of the world. Of course I wish it had been developed here by an American company. I understand the diesel pickups will be shipped into the U.S. in sections, with final assembly in the U.S. SUVs will be shipped fully assembled.
The Mahindra "pik-up" has been available in Australia for over two years. Take a look at their Australian website, ( the customer testimonials, and reviews. Quite impressive. Their Indian website for the Scorpion is in English as well. Again, quite impressive.
I signed up for a test-drive on their U.S. website. Mahindra is targeting their limited marketing budget at Indian ex-Pats already familiar with their name and reputation, and eco-conscious segment looking for great mpg, low impact clean diesel vehicles. Specs show 5,000 pounds towing capacity.
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What Sherry said. I signed up too. The dealer map has numerous dots in the Missouri, Illinois, Indiana area. Price point was 22,000. Towing 5,000. 2400 lbs payload. Odd thing in the specs was that it doesn't come setup for towing. It's an option though. I really love the look.
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Hehe, I have the feeling many of us will be testing the Mahindra... I signed up as well, even though I don't consider changing my TV anytime soon... But who knows...
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Sorry, this is venting; Lack of diesels in the US is just absolutely appalling. All US manufacturers would not be able to successfully introduce a new model in the EU without a diesel option; so, they have diesel technology. While over 50% of cars sold in the EU are diesels (over 80% in Austria) we are still inventing The Kryptonite technology after killing electric car success. Manufacturers’ claim that people have bad memories of the 1980 GM diesel disaster is simply bogus; people who remember are over 50 years of age. GM advertizing claiming successful 30 mpg on the highway seems peculiar if my VW Jetta diesel gets close to 50 mpg. I hope that Mihandra will lead our small trucks manufacturers incapable of leading themselves.



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