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Originally Posted by honda03842 View Post
As well very often gasoline is more expensive at interstate exits though as prices rise, a few pennies per gallon between stations is not critical.
Isn't it funny that we used to drive a few blocks to get it for $.36 instead of paying $.38.

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Name: Tom
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hook it up correctly under dash

There are several connections at the brake light switch on the brake pedal. If the wrong one is used then the tailer brakes will function incorrectly. There is a brake light ONLY wire that is separate from 4 ways / ABS / and in the case of a pickup the high mount stop lamp. My Vehicle (GMC) has 6 wires connected to the brake switch and all perform a separate function for different systems.

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Name: William
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Originally Posted by Bill in Pittsburgh
I like the pace of the old highways that parallel the interstates. Restaurants are often less expensive and it is easier to avoid the large restaurant chains. You can still, on occasion, support hometown retailers.
It has been said that, "Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, you can now travel coast to coast, without ever seeing anything."
Have you read "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon? Since reading it 15 or so years ago I have happily avoided interstates when possible. Easier to do west of the mississippi than east though. Seen so much and met so many people I never would have met.
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Originally Posted by CallDon View Post
Isn't it funny that we used to drive a few blocks to get it for $.36 instead of paying $.38.
How true... I tow my trailer many thousands of miles each year. When I first hit the road a few years ago I used to check gas prices ahead of time on my planned route to determine where best to stop for the best price; not now. As I get older I have come to better realize the value of my time. If I'm going to pump 10 gallons at my next top up and there is $.05 difference... it's just 50 cents. I wouldn't cross the street to pick up 50 cents, why would I inconvenience myself at a possibly small and difficult to maneuver station for that? It's just not worth it to me.

However... I can easily save much more than 50 cents per top up by driving at a safe and reasonable speed.

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Name: Bill
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No, but I will look for it. I do understand what you are saying about greater experiences available when traveling the byways rather than the highways.
I also found these experiences available when touring by bicycle and hitch hiking. My former wife and I hitch hiked cross country and back in the early seventies. Wow! I guess the only think I want to add about that trip was we experienced things our children of today's generation will never know (and many, we wouldn't want them to know).
Thank you for your tip on the book.
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Name: george
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Since this old thread has come back to life, I'll throw a few thoughts in. Texas.....it's been years since I have driven down here. I seem to remember Texas from years past as being the wild west of fast driving. But this trip I'm on now ( been here in Texas for going on three weeks ) I'm finding that in general, traffic is not rolling at super high speeds. I like to tow at around 55 mph, and I'm finding while it's true that most traffic is catching and passing me, they are not zooming up on me and blowing by a huge difference. It actually seems most folks are running at or pretty close to the posted limits. It seems most two lane roads I've been on have a nice "full lane width" shoulder. Apparently it's considered normal here to move over onto the shoulder to let faster traffic pass. That is what I have been doing, and most folks ease on by, and give me a wave or flash of the lights as thanks, then ease off into the distance.
Even the miles of insterstate that I've traveled, the traffic seems to be running pretty close to the posted limits, and folks are simply being reasonable. One thing Teaxs drivers certainly understand well is that as they merge into traffic at the end of the on ramp, they are on the gas and moving....not hitting the brakes in a wimpy attempt at trying to figure out the merge !

I'm averaging right at 13mpg pulling my "not-a-FG-camper".

And I had almost forgotten how far it is between places here ! Enjoying wandreing around here and there. Had some really nice days camping in the hill country.
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Name: Bob Ruggles
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"Blue Highways" by Least Heat Moon. I read it several years ago and enjoyed it a lot. My daughter-in-law HAD to read it as a college freshman and hated it. So, years later after she became my daughter-in-law, I gave her a copy for her birthday.
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Originally Posted by CallDon View Post
<cut> How do I know the guy in front of me wasn't drunk and allowed his 11-year old boy to drive? How do I know the guy in front of me wasn't you in cahoots with the emergency vehicle testing me personally or testing a large sampling of drivers simultaneously? How do I know it wasn't Candid Camera?

Stopping abruptly in the middle of the lane is not appropriate action.
Actually in some states and provinces stopping in the middle of the lane is appropriate as it is the law. Trust me if you are ever driving in the middle of Portland or Vancouver and an emergency vehicle approaches from behind its a good bet the person in front of you will stop dead fast in the middle of the road.
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Originally Posted by Roger C H View Post
... I have also ridden on the autobahn where the drivers were visiting with my wife and me while pegging their speedos at 200 & 240 kph (125 & 150 mph). One does get places quickly, but I also understand that Germans have some horrendous crashes.
It's been a couple of decades for me since, but didn't you love the discipline of it?

Pass and move over to the right. Simple. Disciplined. Attentive driving. Everyone makes progress at thier own speed. (Except for the speed limits in sections now due to congestion) And if you didn't, one very quickly had the lights of someone faster coming up in one's rearview to remind you!!
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180 MPH ticket, ouch.

Originally Posted by CliveAlive View Post
It's been a couple of decades for me since, but didn't you love the discipline of it?

Pass and move over to the right. Simple. Disciplined. Attentive driving. Everyone makes progress at thier own speed. (Except for the speed limits in sections now due to congestion) And if you didn't, one very quickly had the lights of someone faster coming up in one's rearview to remind you!!
I drive often on German freeways but these days heavy traffic results with limited speed posted on overhead digital signs. My personal maximum speed is about 130km/h which is about 80mph. I do like drivers discipline in Germany and other Western countries but not all. When you drive in Switzerland you need to more cautious, tickets are somehow related to either your salary or wealth, ouch. Swedish driver gets world's largest speeding fine after 180mph chase | Mail Online

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This thread has gone way off topic and disrespectful. It has been suspended for a time out.

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