Tire blowout/Andersen WDH - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Henry
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Tire blowout/Andersen WDH

Just got back from a 3 month trip out west we left 7/5/2016. I have a 2013 Casita Spirit, pulled by a 2011 Toyota Tundra 4x4, 5.7L engine. The original tire blew out while going 60 mph in Nebraska early in the trip.

I heard a loud bang and felt a slight jiggle in the steering wheel. So slight in fact, that my first thought was that the propane tank must have blown. The bang startled my wife, who looked back and yelled flat tire, so I immediately pulled over. Even then I did not think it was a blown tire because of the way the truck was handling, way too smooth for a flat tire.

I can only say the Andersen WDH worked perfectly. Again, I only felt a slight jerk on the wheel. I cannot say enough good about the WDH, truly amazing. I have had flat tires before while driving, so I know what it feels like.

We just got back Monday, 9/26, and have yet to scrape off the rubber residue from the wheel well, but I have inspected the fiberglass and there are no cracks or gouges, so at this point it seems OK.

A couple of issues:

1. I had 2 new 5 ton scissor jacks with me. The rim was sitting directly on the pavement. I could only get the jack under the frame with it being fully closed. However, in that position I simply could not screw the jack up, even though I used a long helper bar. I am 230 lbs, and am a strong person, yet I could not get it to go up. A fellow stopped to help and had a small hydraulic jack, which I was able to insert at a point between the frame and the road, and raised the frame enough for the scissor jack to become operational. I now carry both a hydraulic jack AND scissor jacks.

2. I attribute the way the truck handled the blowout mostly to the Andersen WDH. What a great device. Having a heavy and large TV also helped, of course.

3. I stopped at TireRama in Glasgow, MT and bought 2 new tires and a rim. I was told the original rim was scuffed and unsightly, but roadworthy; they suggested I keep the rim, use my spare tire and replace the spare with a used tire. Instead I bought 2 new 10 ply tires and a new rim. Upon reflection, I probably should have bought 2 new rims, but the new one looks exactly like the other rim so I did not. In addition, they put me at the head of the que because we were traveling on vacation. I cannot say enough good about TireRama and the service I received.

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Name: Byron
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I have this strange feeling that the blow out wouldn't have happened without the WHD.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Kevin
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Woodstock, IL
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Just curious...Why do you think the WDH contributed to the blowout?
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Name: Sergey
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Which tire blew out, on the truck or trailer?
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Name: Michael
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From the OP it seems apparent to me that the blowout was on the trailer. WDH does put a bit of extra weight on each tire, but unless one is close to the max weight on the tire the extra bit should not matter.
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Name: Carl
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I had a blowout on my 2014 16' scamp last year. There was only a few thousand miles on them. never heard the tire blow or feel a thing, my wife said, something is wrong, pull over. At that time I took my foot off gas and felt the jiggle as I was pulling over. No WDH was on. No damage to the wheel well area. Called Good Sam, they were there in an hour, in that time 2 campers and a fellow camper stopped to see if they could assist. And they say people do not care, wrong. Next exit was a mall with a tractor supply store. Bought new wheel and tire all mounted. The wheel was dniged up on the edge so i just chucked it at the next CG trash bins. I tow with a Rav4 V6, tow pakg. carl
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Name: Henry
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The tire was on the trailer, passenger side.
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Name: Dave
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Originally Posted by Byron Kinnaman View Post
From my limited knowledge there's three main factors that can and do cause trailer blow outs.
1. Over loading the tires. WHD hitches put extra weight on the trailer tires. How much depends on how tight or stiff you make the connected between the trailer and tow vehicle. Many years ago there was an advertisement about WHD hitches using a Toranodo as the tow vehicle, they removed the read tires since tow was front wheel drive, where that the entire weight of the tow vehicle and the trailer was put on the front tires of the tow and trailer tires.
2. Under inflating is probably the biggest cause of blow outs.
3. Old tires, tread wear and mileage have nothing to do with condition of trailer tires, only age, and there's lots of different ideas what that age is. I suspect any trailer tire over 10 years old, from the born on date, is likely go at any time.
The OPs TT is a 2013, tire age can pretty much be ruled out and as he is not a rookie, I would also rule out under inflation. I'll go with the glass half full, he picked up something on the road. I remember that ad but as picky as egg owners seem to be, do you really think anyone would load the WDH like that even by accident ? Naaaa
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Name: Henry
Trailer: BigFoot
Posts: 779
I checked the tire pressure before I left: 50 lbs.
I torqued the WDH as specified in the owners manual.
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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
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Every time I read a thread like this, with the mention of driver's hardly being able to tell when a trailer tire went bad, or when it does, the large amount of damage that can be done, I am happy that I invested $155 for a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). In case of a slow leak, it will insure that I do not continue driving with under-inflated tires. In the case of a sudden pressure loss, it will instantly alert and, if I can stop in time, then damage to the camper might prevented or at least minimized. Of course a sudden blow out at 65 MPH is still likely to do some damage so the TPMS is no substitute for proper tire maintenance, regular inspections, etc.

A few months ago I put metal valve stems on my trailer's wheels and ordered the TST 507 RV (non-flow through model) from this retailer who is a couple who full time RV and have a small business selling a few products. I was happy with the seller and I am still happy with the product.

(BTW, I do remove the sensors when not traveling to conserve battery life).

Originally Posted by Rzrbrn View Post
The tire was on the trailer, passenger side.
I have noticed that the passenger side tire on my Scamp seems to take the heavier load and more abuse.
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Name: JD
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Due to the normal road crown the passenger's side would have a slightly higher load than the driver's side, but not a great deal.
Also any curbs hit would most likely be on the passenger's side as well.
Since the car turns tighter when turning to the right (usually) the inside tire would have a little more scrubbing, but again a negligible amount.
SO the passenger tire probably works a little harder, but not very much.
At least on a single axle trailer, anyway.
The sidewalls are stronger and stiffer on a ST to make up for this side loading on trailers, especially in tandem axles.
Probably much less on the single setup anyway.
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Name: Jon
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 13 S1
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I suspect many side dinette layouts carry more weight on the curb side. Most of the major appliances and storage areas are on that side. Scamp also puts the fresh water tank on that side; not sure about Casita.
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Name: Henry
Trailer: BigFoot
Posts: 779
JUST FYI; I replaced the GoodYear Marathons with Rubbermaster ST 225/75R15 load range E tires, 10 ply, purchased in a small Montana town, with no other brand available at the time. Max PSI for the tire is 80 psi. Max speed 81 mph.

The trailer is now at home, but we expect to go out again in a couple of weeks. I will put 80 psi in the tires before I leave.

My truck tires are Michelin LT 275/65R18, Load range E, Max 80 psi. I have been running with 40 psi in front and 45 psi in the rear. However, I may increase to 50 or even 60 psi in the rear to level out the truck: That is, to have the distance from the rim to the pavement the same in the front and back after hooking up the trailer and loading the pickup box.

I probably will be installing air bags to help with leveling the trailer. Right now the loaded trailer is slightly tongue down. Pulls great as is however.
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Name: Lynn
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Originally Posted by Jon in AZ View Post
I suspect many side dinette layouts carry more weight on the curb side. Most of the major appliances and storage areas are on that side. Scamp also puts the fresh water tank on that side; not sure about Casita.
Yes, our 2013 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17 has the fresh-water tank on the rear passenger side, plus the 'fridge, furnace, stove, and sink. The battery is on the driver's side; I guess the other tanks are more or less centered (without looking).

/Mr Lynn

"The Molded Fiberglass Obsession"—From a Pickup Cap to a Casita

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