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I've been reading various posts related to trailer tires and this is what I've gathered:

- Folks seem to have issues with the Goodyear Marathons
- Folks seem to have issues with Carlisle's tires
- Kumho seems to make trailer tires, but not in the 13" size I'm interested in
- Duro tire wants me to fill our personal info to tell me if there are Canadian dealers
- I am better off with ST rated radial tires for my Trillium 1300
- My old (8-10 yrs?), externally cracked bias ply tires are likely to leave me in an "undesireable" situation should I choose to ignore the cracking and use them (beyond getting the trailer from the "there" to home the first time)

So, my question is (to you Canadian trailer tire buyers...), are there other manufacturers' tires (other than the three above - 13" size) I should be looking for? (or is this an exhaustive list?)

And, which retailers have you folks had good luck (and prices) with?

Thanks, Dave
(the more I look, the more I find to do "before" and the farther off our first camping foray looks...but the new drapes look smashing!)

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I've been running 13" passenger car tires from Canadian Tire on my 13' Boler for 4 years and have not had any problems.I have had the trailer loaded with a weight of 2500 lbs for one 2000 km trip and still no problems.

I may switch to a trailer tire this year as the present tires are starting to get cracks in the sidewalls. I have seen them at Canadian Tire however I am not sure what brand they are.

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Hi David,

I just replaced mine today on the 76 Trillium. Most of the tire stores don't stock ST Trailer tires for our 13's so I had to order them. Just waiting for my wife to get back in and I will tell you what they are. The 1972 I just sold had Kenda Loadstar 185/80 ST 13's and the previous owner had bought them in January.

My tires were at LEAST 20 years the guy at the store said - they were so old he could not look up a replacement in his tire guide - they were 78C's.

EDIT: David, I paid $291 with tax for 3 tires as I replaced the spare at the same time. The 1972 with the Loadstars was $193 for two (owner gave me the receipt for them on sale).... going to post some pics of the new drapes?

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Hi David,

The tire brand is Nankook's, not Hankooks. They are a new brand (maybe even a house brand as only O.K. tire has them) and apparently same factory as the goodyears etc.. in China. Not a lot about them on the web. I probably would have got Loadstars if I could have found them in Courtenay, I have read good things about them.


EDIT: ... so then I do a search on Kenda Loadstars and 3rd item is about how all these Chinese tires are blowing out including the Loadstars. Since I was pulling this trailer around with 20 year cracked tires with no issues this isn't something that will keep me up at night =)

2nd EDIT: Shesh, what a day. Got home and discovered my wife had given me bad info. The tires are Nanco ST trailer tires which are easily found on the web - should have known something was up when I couldn't google them.
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Hey David,

I just got a set of Prometer tires installed, they were 13" tires. Never really heard of them, and not too much on the net about them but the place where I buy my tires from all the time said they were good.

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i am also tire shopping. i am redoing my wheels in gloss white and i purchaced some new origional half moon chrome center caps. i am looking for trailer tires with a white wall. anyone know of an st tire with a white wall in 175 80 13. i have a 76 1300 trillium. i called kal tire and they suggested that i just get passenger tires for my trillium as they are more than acceptable to handle the weights etc. of our little trailers. sorry to hijack thread, but i figure its all related.
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Nope, the fact your are looking at passenger tires means that this is still part of the discussion.

My understanding is that you should avoid regular passenger tires because they a.) don't have enough pressure and with that b.) they have flexible sidewalls which makes sense when you are steering or corning a car but not much sense when needing to carry a load. ST Tires are trailer specific and though our Trilliums are comparatively lightweight I figured I would stay with something designed for trailers.

I haven't seen any whitewalls during my shopping for tires. I am guessing you will have to special order those.

EDIT: Passenger VS ST Tires
Trailer tires vs. Auto tires
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Hi: My local R.V. Dealer had the best price on tires for our Boler!!! 13" Goodyear Marathons 3 @ $78.00 ea. Our 2007 Escape 5.0 5th. wheel has 15" Marathons. I don't think a trailer as nice as Reace builds would be caught riding on bad tires!!!
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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I haven't seen any whitewalls during my shopping for tires.
I had wanted to put white sidewall tires on my Fiber Stream's Red 12" wheels with Chrome center caps. My trusted tire retailer directed me to his supplier's website that had a chat function... The Tire manufacturer told me that White Sidewalls were only available in passenger car tires, and that they were structurally weaker than regular passenger car tires. He strongly advised me NOT to install white sidewall tires on my trailer.

Just my $.02
Frederick - The Scaleman
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- Folks seem to have issues with ....

- Duro tire wants me to fill our personal info ....

And, which retailers have you folks had good luck (and prices) with?
Folks have issues with everything, remember the old fable of the kid, the old man and the donkey?

I created a ficticious person years ago with a hotmail account to provide the personal info. If they want to be tricky, so can I.

I've bought Carlisle tires on rims from Princess Auto on sale, cost me the same as buying a replacement tire from Canadian tire and having it installed on the rim.

Princess auto was in and out in one trip. Canadian tire was two trips to the store and a line up at the parts counter, five lineups at the service counter and one lineup at the cash ... suffered the usual indignities of being a customer with staff that really don't care. They could not put the tire on my rim unless their %$##@# computer had recorded the type of vehicle the tire was going on.

The kid looked at me like I was crazy when I said a '72 American Boler and she could not find it in the system ... we compromised, the tire was supposedly installed on my old Pontiac T1000 that was still in their system even though it was scrapped backed in the 80's ... simply not worth the hassle.
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I've supposedly got 14" Kumho trailer tires being mounted for me tomorrow. Given that my Trillium came with 14's on it, I hope these fit! I'll report back tomorrow with an update

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Howdy, I run auto tires on both my 13' and my 17' Bolers.....I have had no sway problems in the last 6 years and both trailers track real well.....never know if the 13 foot is behind my tow....also the tires hold the road well in evasive driving situations where traction could be a problem......these tires also ride real smooth with about 35 psi, not running thick sidewalls at 55 psi or more.......most of the stuff in the trailer stays put because of the shock absorption of the auto tires I believe......I will take the 10% load reduction.....most trailer tires have a speed limit during towing of something around 55-60 MPH....I`ve towed at much higher speeds with no problems.......Benny
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I have my Kal Tire bill in front of me.
We just replaced our tires and rimes--we had el cheapo tires from Wal Mart for years.
These are 175/80R13 C/6P Rak Super Trailer tires...(brand from them? I think)

Total cost with balancing, taxes, enviro fee etc was $239.10

We haven't driven the trailer very far with them--less than 5k from the shop. (More mods on the way)
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Nanco ST185/80 13's installed.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Picture_002__Small_.jpg
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Size:	54.0 KB
ID:	13395

Tim, 14's should be fine if the tire is lower profile which I am sure they are. My tires are fairly high profile as was the norm when then these trailers were built.
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