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Name: Bert
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Question Tow Capacity RAV 4

I have a Toyota Rav 4 rated at 1500 lbs and I want to buy a Scamp 16' which I read will weigh 1750 - 2000 lbs. Does anybody have experience with exceeding the rated load capacity by only 250-500 lbs?

Thanks very much from a "soon to be" Scamp owner.


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Name: Glenn ( second 'n' is silent )
Trailer: 2009 Escape 17B '08 RAV4 SPORT V6
British Columbia
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How badly do you want to destroy your RAV4? That would take care of it.
Not to comment on safety factors, or the ride.

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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Name: Frank
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You must have a 4 cylinder, my v6 is rated at 3000+.
I was thinking of getting a new RAV4 and I find out that they no longer make 3 row seating or a v6 in a RAV4. Nissan is selling the equivalant unit and they can't make them fast enough.
Frank F
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Name: Wayne
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Those Rav4's are tough, reliable vehicles. They are probably the most popular vehicle in the city where we live. Set up of the car and trailer can make the difference between a great handling combo and one that doesn't work as well.
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Name: Carl
Trailer: 2014 16 scamp side dinette/Rav4 V6 Tow pkg.
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I have the V6 tow pkg Rav4 3.5L 269hp 4 WD rated 3500/350. Tows my 16` Scamp very well. I don`t think i would tow a 16`trailer using a 4cyl , maybe a 13` would work. Carl
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Name: Bob
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First, one would be hard pressed to get a 16' Scamp much under 2000 lbs. Look here to see some typical real world weights, where the first 16' Scamp weighed in at over 2400 lbs.
Trailer Weights in the Real World

Next, while there are a very few hereabouts that seem to see manufacturers towing limits as merely "Suggestive", discussions of towing over mfgs. towing limits is sorta like division by Zero, that is, "Not Defined".

If the owners manual for your vehicle sez 1500 lbs, then 1500 lbs it is.....
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita 17 ft DLX SD
NW Wisconsin
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My 1999 16 ft Scamp weighed 1960 lbs when it left
the factory , totally empty. NO supplies. NO water NO Propane, NO nothing . , The trailer weighed in the 2500 range when ready to travel with minimum water in the grey and black tanks. I am sure if you wait long enough you will find someone to tell you it is not a problem with your vehicle or the proverbial " Tows like a dream ,I don't even know its back there" but I am not that someone.
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Name: gary
Trailer: 16' 1998 Scamp
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This past summer we took our V6 Rav4 on a 7,800 mile road trip Out West. Across the plains Up and Down BIG mountains... narry a problem.
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Name: Jon
Trailer: 2017 Escape 21
Oswego, NY
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Tow ratings for the RAV4 (Pre 2013) were 1500 for the 4, 2000 for the V6 & 3500 for the V6 with tow package.

As others have pointed out, the real weight of a Scamp 16 would be well over the rating of a 4 cylinder RAV4. I wouldn't be concerned about towing within the rating of the RAV4 (I tow a 3010 lb Escape 17B with a 2010 RAV4 with tow package) but I wouldn't be comfortable going over the factory rating.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
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I see you live in Ontario. Can-Am RV is located in Ontario, they are well recognized for setting up tow vehicles. One of our members tows a Boler 17 with a Toyota Corolla I believe set up by Can AM RV, probably the same Toyota engine as the Rav 4. His site name is Borden.

If I were that close to Can AM I would ask their opinion.

In our travels we have met a few people that have gone to them and have successful 4 cylinder tow vehicles.

The web site is loaded with articles by their owner.

Hitch Hints - RV Lifestyle Magazine

Can-AM is not a Johnny come lately company. They have been around for a long time and have a marvelous track record.
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: stefan
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Waterloo, Ontario
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I'm kind of glad that Norm chimed in. He towed all over with his CRV with a 2.4L 4 cyl. He is why I'm planning to tow my Trillium 1300 with my 2010 4 cyl Rav4. I'll add the tranny cooler and keep it under 100k. I realize my trailer is lighter than what you are planning to tow, but Norm and Ginny towed a much heavier load than mine. Yes, you'll be over spec. for towing. Keep in mind that the brakes and suspension for the V6 and I4 are the same. I know because I've worked on them enough. Mounting for the trailer hitch is the same. The main difference is the horsepower and torque of the engines. If you look back to the late 1980's, as an example, people used to tow heavy 17' - 20' tent trailers behind vehicles with much less horsepower and torque. Doesn't make it right but I worked on lots of them and the most important thing was to keep the automatic transmission cool and drive with good sense.

This is my opinion and my opinion only. Lots of people here have towed with 4 cylinders and had great success. I've had customers with 3/4 ton pickups with big V8's have problems because they shouldn't be allowed to drive with or without a trailer on the back of their vehicle.

I'm sure you've looked here
Tow Vehicle & Trailer combos - POST INFO

Hope this helps
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Name: jim
Trailer: Escape 21 Nov.2016
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I believe the weak link would be the tranny and maybe the wheel and tire package . I've looked at the older rav4's(2013 and below) for towing a Lil Snoozy with the 3.5 v-6 with a 3500 lb tow rating . We had a owner of a Lil Snoozy towing with a rav4 with the v-6 and no problems .He later traded it in for a Jeep GC. better towing mpg then the Rav 4
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Name: Bob
Trailer: 1973 Hunter Compact II
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Oh Dear.... and now for the Elephant in the room:

While some will provide support for towing over limit and have done so without "Reported" problems to support their positions, at least in the lower Provinces (Meaning the US of A) towing over a vehicles manufacturer's specified limits can be seen as unsafe operation of a vehicle by the courts should an accident happen that can be attributed to any number of issues.

As I also advise, before going to Can-Am, or making your own decision to tow overweight, get at least one opinion of the possible consequences of that decision should an accident happen from both your insurance company and your attorneys.

And YES, I know that some will quickly whip out the story about having done that, but they can't back that up with an accident/issue to prove that it was also Okey-Dokey in court.

Think about this... If you can be found guilty of causing an accident because you were using your cell phone while driving, how can intentionally towing overweight be overlooked?????
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Name: Glenn ( second 'n' is silent )
Trailer: 2009 Escape 17B '08 RAV4 SPORT V6
British Columbia
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Originally Posted by fusedlight View Post
This past summer we took our V6 Rav4 on a 7,800 mile road trip Out West. Across the plains Up and Down BIG mountains... narry a problem.
For crying out loud. The OP doesn't have a V6 RAV4 with 3,500 lb tow rating. They have a four-cylinder with a 1,500 lb. tow rating.
So, your experience with a V6 matters not a bit.
I also have V6.

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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