Towing Casita Freedom Deluxe With Subaru Outback - Fiberglass RV

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Trailer: Casita
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We are considering purchasing a Casita 17' Freedom Deluxe and would like to tow it with our 2007 Subaru Outback. the Outback is equiped with an automatic transmission and a 4 cylinder normally aspirated (non turbo) engine and is rated for 2700 lbs. towing capicity. The Casita dry weight is 2385.

Casita recommends a class III hitch and the Subaro has a Class II rated for 3500 lbs.

We would get a brake control device and 7 pin plug installed.

Anyone have experience with this combination.


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Hi James,

I think most members will agree that you would be over the tow capacity once the casita is loaded. I am towing a 13' Trillium with our 2005 Forester (same engine as your Outback). It's a great combination and I would not hesitate to tow a 15' Trillium which is closer to 1500lbs dry. However, the 17' Casita is realistically closer to 3000lbs loaded. I better choice would be Minivan like a Honda Odessay, a V6 SUV like the Rav4 or a small V6 pickup like a Tacoma or Ranger.



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I think the deal breaker is the tongue-weight of the casita. I have heard that a loaded trailer can approach 450 pounds; the official rating is, I think 300 pounds. WDH are required by vehicles larger than the Outback to cope with the weight.
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I feel compelled to provide input because I'm a bit of a Subaru nut. I did a lot of research when we were considering buying a trailer to tow behind our Forester. I really wanted to minimize wear and tear, because I truly adore both of our Foresters (yes we have two) and I want them both to live long and happy lives. Based on the information on this website and others, I came to the conclusion that a 13 foot is the safest bet. I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

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I wonder if a new Trillium 4500 should be considered as well? It's a bit bigger than the 13' trailers, but smaller than the 17 footers. Link to Trillium 4500
Donna D.
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Name: Patrick
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Jim, I think the Casita is too heavy for the 4-cylinder Subaru. Most end up at 3,000-3,500 when loaded with stuff, and the tongue weight is significant, although a WDH will mitigative that.

You should either switch to a 13'-15' trailer, or get a different tow vehicle, but you might want to do a search over at the Casita forums for Subaru experiences.
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Old 04-11-2009, 09:33 PM   #7
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Trailer: 2009 17 ft Escape
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I wonder if a new Trillium 4500 should be considered as well? It's a bit bigger than the 13' trailers, but smaller than the 17 footers. Link to Trillium 4500
But the Trillium 4500 has the same shell as the fifteen-foot Escape, and they will not be in production until this fall. Which is why we are planning on towing a 13' Escape behind our 2000 Forester.

But we are considering buying a used Ford Escape with 3500 pound capacity and a 17' Escape trailer. The Fords can be had for well under $10,000 US, (although I think older ones are only rated for 3000 pounds).

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Rated hitch weight on the deluxe is currently 365 lb. Most likely the battery and propane are not included in that figure! The class 2 hitch is only rated to handle 350 lb. tongue weight, I believe. Like Cam A said, that's the big problem you face even if you load lightly and manage somehow to stay under 2700... which is pretty iffy. I would not feel comfortable towing a deluxe with less than a class 3 hitch on a vehicle made for class 3 towing.

Sure, your engine and tranny might survive if you took it easy, but you don't want the hitch to rip off at highway speed.

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Jim, the Subaru is not capable of "towing" the Casita. There is a huge difference in moving an rv from one spot to another and safely towing it. We evaluate every item we place in our Casita. When loaded for an extended trip I have had the hitch and the entire unit measured on certified scales. The hitch weight was 505 lbs - total weight 3409 lbs. The most this weight could be reduced if we took off all food and half of everything thing else carried is 350 lbs. We never carry full water tanks, gray and black are empty and the propane tanks are usually half filled,

You are heading for failure with this one in my opinion. Do not discount how much weight that 3000 lbs really is when trying to stop or lug it up hills or mountains. Martin

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Old 04-12-2009, 06:49 AM   #10
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Trailer: 17 ft 2001 Casita Freedom Deluxe (one eyed CatSita)
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we bought our freedom almost exactly 7 years ago.
we went to a rally in kentucky in may, and there was a couple giving a seminar on trailer safety, etc.
they weighed any trailer for $35. and provided a computer print out with recommendations, etc.
we weighed about 3500 and were told that we were "light" compared to others. there were about
70 trailers there, don't know how many were weighed.
we were "light" partly because we had had the trailer for only about a month....not enough time to "fill it up"....we now probably weigh near 4000.
in fact we bent an axle about 5-6 years ago and replaced it with a 4500 lb axle.
hope this gives you something to think about.
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Old 04-12-2009, 06:53 AM   #11
Trailer: 73 Boler (modified)
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i have a 1997 impreza L AWD, and as i know it is tough and gutsy and torquey and solid, my 73 13' boler made the headlights point in the trees. the hitch bent, and i almost wore out the clutch. it was just too much, and also braking was scary. the boler was within the limitations of the capabilities of the car, but it was too much to handle.
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We use to tow our 13' with my aging full size SUV and I felt the car was getting
too old. When we upgraded to a 16' Casita I retired my SUV from towing
and bought new Honda Odyssey with the engine that cuts off cylinder for the econo
mode when not towing. I would not have a TV any smaller. Our 13' weighed in
at 2000 lbs. fairly empty. We have not been to the CAT scales yet with '06 Casita but, know
it is at least 500 lbs. more. I'm looking at a Forester to use as a daily commuter car so we
will go down to only one TV.

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A bit OT, but has anyone seen the info on the new 2010 Outback? I was trying to find tow rating and couldn't.
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bad combo in my opinion. your to far at the top of your towing cap. plus you have to figure in the weight in the car too. gear, people etc. i like to keep my rig a minimum of 1000lbs under the rating capacity. and like someone said earlier towing is a lot different than moving your trailer across town. you get into trouble on a hill and you could have some Major problems.

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