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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
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Originally Posted by pbraunton View Post
I would not hesitate to tow a Boler with your NEW VW, even if it was slightly over the N. American tow rating, the car can handle it, so long as you drive accordingly
This kind of quote amazes me. Although in this case it doesn't matter, because the original poster has decided to get a car that IS rated to tow her trailer (*with* the load she expects to carry), but don't you worry a little bit advising this sort of thing? I mean, if she goes out and tows over the legally rated capacity, and gets into an accident, I guess you'll take responsibility?

I know I probably sound a bit cheesed off, but that's because I have to share the road with everyone out there. Even people towing over their capacity. It just makes it worse when others say hey, no problem, I think you can tow over your capacity just fine.


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Name: Paul
Trailer: 13' Boler 1977
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well, she is not towing over her capacity, the car is rated for 3200#, albeit in Europe

trailer is nothing close to that!!!!, ......don't know where the discrepancy is!!!

and i guess i am up **** creek as well, cause MY car is only rated for 1000 # according to the manual, ............ the trailer is easily, lets say 950 # (it is most likely more than this), so add me and a passenger and two dogs, camping supplies, food.....etc........ I am way over the limit, ..........

and you never speed either right, ....towing or not?

just my .02

why would i be responsible for someone else's actions? SHE would be choosing to pull it, and SHE would be hooking it up, you believe everything you see on TV, ......I mean i saw a guy last night on tv, who fell 6 stories down a stair well, landed on a guy who he previously shot, and he walked away, going to go and try that???

Common sense prevails........but it is still not ill advise, just stating the facts!!!!

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Trailer: 2007 Casita
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Really? Why would anyone recommend towing with improper equipment? Seriously this floors me every time it happens.

#1, it's a family that your saying, you wouldn't hesitate to tow despite maybe being slightly over the tow recommendations.

There have been several post about the liability of doing so as well. Is it worth it?

Being an avid rv-er for most of my life, ummmmmmmm since I was 4 (my parents purchased their first bumper pull) I am 50 now! I can't tell you of how many situations I have heard of over the years where someone was hurt or even killed due to a over weight tow getting out of control and causing serious issues. As an adult, seeing accidents where a "perfect towing situation" got out of hand and the scene of the accident the trailer is strewn all over the road is not a pretty scene.

With perfect towing set up's things occur that can cause accidents all the time. So let me assure you, there more likely to be a bigger issue when the tow cap exceeded.

Have you ever been towing when the trailer your towing gets going crazy? It's not a fun experience even with a vehicle that has more tow capacity. Not fun at all! So I can assure you, you don't want to be in a vehicle that is pushing it's limits to start with.
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Old 09-10-2010, 11:42 AM   #46
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Name: Paul
Trailer: 13' Boler 1977
Posts: 124
Soooooo you guys have not really read my post did you?

In my first post where did I mention that she was pulling over the limit of the CAR!!!!???
Please point this out to me cause I have re read my post a couple of times and I keep missing it???

I did say however that the CAR in question with a proper European hitch is rated for 3200#, so your saying a boler is over 3200#'s???

How is this giving wrong advise? That is a FACT! Look it up, better yet call an European VW dealer like I did and ask them!!!!

The car is rated for 3200#'s with a proper hitch

The limiting factor here in N. America is the way the hitch is attached to the car, NOT the car itself ,and the reason we don't have European hitches here in N. America is because of the 10 mph bumpers,(or whatever you want to call them) when adding the European hitch you no longer have the required 10 mph bumper and therefore it is not allowed in N. America, but this has nothing to do with towing or capacity of the car

And have I had a trailer "get crazy" on me, no, how fast were you driving for that to happen? Obviously you were driving outside of the ability of either the trailer or the TV, yeah there are always those what if's and things out of your control, but if you have had a crazy trailer situation then you did something wrong period!!!

Do you homework before you post!!
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
Posts: 3,012

Robin and I understood the original poster to be towing with a North American car on North American roads, therefore she would be towing overweight.

There is no speed limit on the Audubon (in places); by your logic that means I can drive 120mph here in the US.

It does sound like you are towing considerably overweight. All of the Boler 13's I know of are closer to 1500# loaded. That said, the only way to know for sure is to have an individual trailer weighed.

At any rate, of course you can do what you choose to, even if it contradicts the owner's manual of your vehicle and/or the laws of your country. But advising others to do the same seems inadvisable to me.

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Name: Greg
Trailer: 2008 Casita 17 SD
Posts: 1,114
Thumbs down

What is it that you don't understand about the fact that we are NOT IN EUROPE dude?

IMO, your advice is totally an unrealistic bunch of crap, and could easily place others in jeopardy if they were naive enough to listen to your half-baked "advice".

I hope that I never have the misfortune as to be on the same piece of road with you on it.
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Old 09-10-2010, 04:11 PM   #49
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Name: Paul
Trailer: 13' Boler 1977
Posts: 124
So my car the OP's and most VW's in Europe are all made in the same place, MEXICO!!!, and all of them are made to the same specs, so why can they tow more weight in Europe? Regardless of the country it is driven in the cars are the same!

The difference in the tow rating here is because of the HITCH!!! Not the car, all the cars are the same

If you were to put a N. American hitch onto a car driven on the roads in Europe, the tow capacity is reduced to 2000#'s because of the hitch, not because of the car and if they were to tow 3200#'s on a 2000# hitch they would get in trouble even though the rating for them in Europe is 3200#'s

So going back how is this bad advise? The car with a proper hitch (a European one) can tow up to 3200#'s

With a north American hitch it can town 2000

As for legal actions, if you got into an accident using a European hitch towing 3000#'s in north America there is really no charge involved as the car with that hitch is rated for 3200#'s regardless of what country you are in

You would however be in violation of the 10mph bumper restriction cause you have to remove it from your car to properly install the European hitch

Hope this clears things up!!!
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Name: Jesse
Trailer: 1984 Scamp 13'
Posts: 815
You will not win this argument. I have tried, and failed. I used tomdrivemamGolf TDI, so I know where you are coming from. The Toyota I drive now has a zero pound tow rating in the US. It has a 1,700 pound rating in Europe. Europe is magical... That's all there is to it. ;-)

I was towing my un-braked Scamp today and heading for a red light when a BMW decided at the last second to squeeze between me and the car ahead of me. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the car stopped the trailer without a fuss. I was nowhere near the limit of the brakes. The weak point of my setup is power. My engine has little torque at low RPMs. Still, I'm only going 50-55 MPH, so that's no sweat... I'm just avoiding the Rockies for now.
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
Posts: 3,012
The thing is, there is nothing to "win." I agree with both of you. The cars you speak of are rated to tow different amounts in different countries. That may be a function of variation in the cars themselves, variations in how trailers are set up (e.g. lower tongue weights in Europe), or there may be no difference at all.

But the fact is, the cars are rated to tow a certain amount in North America. When people tow with those cars in North America, they are rated to tow a specific amount. This is a fact, and not a contest.

If people want to tow more than their car is rated for - in the country for which the car was built, and in which they are using the car - that is their choice. But that does not mean that it fits within the ratings.

You may be able to tow a 3,000 pound trailer with your North American Golf. But you will not be towing within the guidelines that were published earlier in the thread (from the owner's manual). That's your choice. I don't see where it is an argument to "win."

If you were to have an accident while towing over the rating, I wonder if the other party would figure "Well, this would not have been a problem in Europe, so we'll just let it go"? Hopefully you never find out.

Again, my problem is not that you are towing over the limit published for your car in North America. That is your choice, and the odds of me meeting you on the road are slim. But I do feel that I need to speak out when you are recommending the practice to others.

Luckily the person who started this thread (as I'm sure you noticed when you reviewed it) has decided to buy a car that is rated appropriately. She not only had a trailer to tow, but four passengers and gear. But still, other newbies may search it out from the archives and read it.

I tow with a 4-cylinder car myself, so I am not one to recommend a Mack Truck for everything (I realize that there are people who do that; I am not one of them).

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Name: Todd
Posts: 29
I saw two dudes ride a small goped to colorado in a movie once. I wouldn't do this.

I am not shocked to hear people openly declare they tow more than their cars are rated for. I see trailers whizz by me at 75 in the fast lane on the freeway sometimes. I see kids ghost ride the whip

They have a place for all this stuff. It's called the Darwin Awards...

We actually have an MK6 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Would never consider towing the Scamp with this.

You can't really argue with people who are set in their ways. The original question might as well have been "what religion is best". Maybe they'll go their whole life and never have an issue with an underrated rig. Maybe they'll have a blowout on their first trip, fly off the road and be seriously hurt or killed. No one knows.

I just like to go camping...
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Old 09-10-2010, 11:15 PM   #53
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Name: lee
Trailer: trailswest campsterl, 1996 Scamp 16 foot
Posts: 430

I think that we digress. The situation appears to me as follows. Melanie asked for advice on the subject of towing a Boler with her current vehicle, received the requested advice, evaluated the advice and made what she thought was the appropriate decision as it relates to the safety of her family. I agree with her decision and admire the way she went through the process ( I really like the fact that the Boler is still in the running when an appropriate vehicle is on deck and hope to meet Melanie and family at one of our gatherings in the future ). All the rest is the same old rhetoric we have seen on this forum on numerous occasions and serves no useful purpose.. Lee
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
Posts: 3,012
Yes, as I mentioned, the original poster has solved her problem, and is going to purchase a different vehicle when the time comes to purchase and tow a Boler.

That said, there are many threads on FGRV that continue on after the original poster is "done" because the threads stay open (and I'm glad they do). As in this case (apparently), someone finds it via search, or just paging back, and then pipes in. Sometimes the thread comes back to life, regardless of whether the thread starter knows or cares.

The threads aren't necessarily always brilliant, but then that's the Internet - a mix if there ever was one.

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Name: Donna D
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Y'all will never convince anyone of anything in print. Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. There's a saying, "Opinions are wonderful things, they allow you to rapidly reach a conclusion without facts." In order for something to be an actual FACT, all information must come from the same box. You can't just pick and choose the information you would like to believe to be true, ignore the rest and develop a FACT. Whatever is going on in Europe for instance, does not apply on this continent.

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
Whatever is going on in Europe for instance, does not apply on this continent.
Actually, we do have the same laws of physics and the gravity here is very similar.....

But the big, big difference is how (and at what speed) trailers are towed and what the driver is expected to be able to deal with. If you want to use a European tow rating, you need to apply European towing practices - and few North American tow-ers will be willing to do that.

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