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Name: Tom
Trailer: Scamp 16'
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WDH and sway control for Scamp 16 ft

I have a 16' Scamp approximate total weight = 1750lbs, which I load to about 2500lbs. Tow vehicle 2005 VUE V6 with 3500lb tow wt rating. Tongue wt will not exceed = 450lbs. Under windy conditions I have experienced some sway issues therefore I am considering two Reese hitch options with weight distribution and sway control. The RP66151 has friction pads for sway control and RP 66086 has a dual cam sway control design.

Do you have any experience with either of these systems?
Is there a better system / brand to take into consideration?

Thank you


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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
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No answers just trying to get more info.

Our Scamp 16 weighs 2400 lbs and we do not have a weight distribution hitch.

Do you know your actual tongue weight?

What are your trailer and tow vehicle tire pressures?

Is your tow vehicle sitting flat when you are connected to the Scamp? (i.e. Is the Scamp lifting the front wheels making the steering light?)

Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Bigfoot, Trillium, Scamp 5th Wheel
Spokane Wa. and Las Vegas, Nv.
Posts: 1,312
I had a Trillium 4500 that fluttered like a balloon on the back of my truck whenever I exceeded 55 mph. I was beside myself with this extremely unsafe circumstance. I went about researching everything I could in person and on the internet in regards to this issue. I discovered that I should try some type of sway control device. Not wanting to spend the money for a new hitch and friction device I dragged my heels for a few months and puttered around, under 55 mph, with a considerable amount of stress. One day I happened upon a yard sale and there, for sale, was a semi home made hitch with an "old" friction device for $5. I went to my local trailer supply and purchased the ball to attach to my trailer, went home, installed it, and haven't looked back since. It is absolutely AMAZING the improvement this made to the towability of my trailer. Tempting fate I even went to the windiest, most desolute stretch out in the desert I could and opened it up. I could not get the Trillium to flutter no matter what speed or maneuver I tried to make it do so. I eventually cut off the attempt at 80 mph feeling this was far above the speed I'd ever want to drive a single axle trailer safely. By the next season I had invested in a quality fully adjustable hitch and friction sway control device. Now I am totally sold and would never pull a light weight single axletrailer without one.
PS I did have all the weight distribution bars etc that went with the hitch but I found them to be totally uneccessary. The friction device made all the difference and wasn't much of a hassle to hook up and unhook.
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Name: Bob Ruggles
Trailer: 2015 Escape
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Can't say about any other brand trailer but we were told by Jim Palmer (Egg Camper) that we SHOULD NOT use a wdh with it.
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Name: Tom
Trailer: Scamp 16'
Posts: 6
Hi Honda 03842 - thanks for your reply and thank you to other relies as well.
Tongue weight is about 300lbs, minimal weight in VUE behind the rear axle. Tire was checked before trip and was 35 to 37psi on VUE; Scamp tire pressure also checked before trip was about 45 to 47 psi. The Scamp was new as of June 2012. After some trial and error I have the Scamp fairly level with the VUE. The times I sense sway are when going down hill into a gusty wind, down hill also means 65 mph; granted I usually run at 55 - 60 mph. Also encounter sway when interacting with rough road and heavy truck traffic. Sway is not a big problem for me, but I want a more stable towing trailer for those conditions I will occasionally encounter while on the road, especially when gusty quartering and side winds are involved.
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Name: Kinga DeRode
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Tom, do you bike racks or other heavy objects mounted at ends of trailer? This will accentuate sway.
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Name: Carol
Trailer: 22' Airstream Formerly 16' Scamp
British Columbia
Posts: 11,729
Tom, I have a 16' Scamp as well and have towed it in some pretty serious winds without a sway issue and no weight distribution or sway bar. One such case was last winter when a semi traveling in front of me ended up sideways on the highway in Mid/east California. I hadnt even realized it was that windy (desert area no trees to see) until that happened. I often when traveling in areas with no trees only realize it is really windy out when I see the gas consumption read out do a big drop.

I have though had a slight sense of sway if traveling at 65 downhill but fortunately have not had it do the big wag the tail that we all live in fear of. Downhill & high speed are a fairly common cause of sway. In my situation I have always felt it is due to my having to keep my tongue weight on the light side of the standard towing practices due to my vehicles limitations as I have found it to be a lot more stable tow when I push the tongue weight up a bit more.

It may be worth your time to have the trailer weighed while you have it loaded up - axles separately if possible to see if you have an imbalanced stow or perhaps a little to much tongue weight - to much weight on the front or to much at the rear rather than more over or close to the axle can also cause the sway. As can to much on one axle vs the other - for example if your trailer is the same as mine if I were to put water in the hot water tank and the fresh water tank which are both located on the passenger side and behind the axle and not have something to counter balance that added weight on the drivers side I would expected to feel a slight feeling of imbalance when traveling at higher speeds down hill. Not to mention the simple fact that on mine the hot water tank sits above floor level - which in itself impacts stability.

If you weigh the trailer and find its well balanced then it may be the wheel base length or something else in regards to your tow vehicles design that may be a contributing to it. In which case you may find that just adding a sway bar rather than an equalizer hitch may be all that's needed. Oh and slowing down a little on the hills as well
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Name: Steven
Trailer: 2002 Scamp 16 ft / 2014 Ford Escape
Posts: 39
We towed a 16' Scamp with a 2005 Vue v-6. We did not use a WDH but did use a friction sway control. Worked fine. Our weight is similar to yours. Towed the Scamp for many miles through all kinds of terrain. We tow with a Ford Edge now. It has a bit more power. Still use the friction sway control.
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Name: Tom
Trailer: Scamp 16'
Posts: 6
Hi to all that responded: Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate your time spent and inputs. I have installed a friction sway control and have purchased a good scale for managing tongue weight. I will try it out later on the weekend.

Bye for now.


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