2008 Texas Bluebonnet Casita Rally - Page 2 - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Brad
Trailer: Excel 30RSO "Sun Blocker"
New Mexico
Posts: 48

One new owner who has his unit on order has registered. He expects his trailer to be delivered before the rally. The factory will not have a demo there.


Will there be any of the new Oliver trailers there?

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Name: Brad
Trailer: Excel 30RSO "Sun Blocker"
New Mexico
Posts: 48
<div align="center">Bluebonnet Casita Rally
Skyline Ranch Rv Park
Bandera, TX
(800) 267-1402

Wednesday: April 2, 2008
1:00 – 3:00 Registration:

3:00 – 3:45 Meet & Greet & Announcements: Meeting Room

5:00 11th St Cowboy Bar - Bandera, TX
Bring your own steak & table service to the restaurant and cook it yourself outside on a big grill. The restaurant provides the sides for $3 per person, and live music at no charge.

Thursday: April 3, 2008

7:30 Coffee Pot & Sweet Rolls: Meeting Room
Bring your coffee mug.

8:00 Book Swap: Meeting Room
(Ongoing throughout the rally) Leave your books you wish to swap for others you may want to read.

8:30-10:00 Egg Parade: Part 1
Go at your own pace. Please try to have a list of all your mods at your trailer. If you don’t want to show your trailer, no problem, you can still enjoy seeing the others. All trailers on the North side of the park will show their trailers
Enjoy the Area Attractions for the folks who don’t wish to participate in the Egg Parade:

26 miles from Kerrville, TX 25 miles from Boerne, TX
47 miles from Fredericksburg, TX 52 miles from Lukenbach, TX
54 miles from San Antonio, TX

10:30 – 12:00 Blood Pressure Check Meeting Room
Rachel Funderburk
Rachel will be available in the Meeting Room to take your blood pressure and answer questions regarding
improving your life style.

12:00 Lunch: Meeting room available to bring your own plated lunch/sandwich & drink for those who wish to do so.

1:00-4:00 Egg Parade: Part 2
Go at your own pace. Please try to have a list of all your mods at your trailer. If you don’t want to show your trailer, no problem, you can still enjoy seeing the others. All trailers on the South side of the park will show their trailers

5:00 Potluck Dinner: Meeting Room
Bring: own table service; drink; dish of your choice. Bring a copy of the recipe for your dish

7:00 Social Time and Games Meeting Room
Bring any game(s) you wish to play

Friday: April 4, 2008

7:30 Coffee Pot & Sweet Rolls: Meeting Room
Bring your coffee mug.

10:00-11:30 Digital Photography 101 Meeting Room
Jim Upton and Charles Richerson
An introduction to digital photography. Comparison of simple “point and shoot” vs. more complex digital cameras.
Photography software, example photos, printer demonstration, and more. If you wish to have a critique of your photos, please bring several on a camera memory card. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the session

11:30 Lunch
Meeting Room will be available if you wish to bring your own plated lunch/sandwich, table service, and drink.

12:30-2:00 Craft Class #1 Meeting Room
Rachel Funderburk and Beverly Cottingham
Rachel: Demonstrate how to crochet (No pre-registration for this demonstration)
Beverly: For those who have pre-registered for this class will make a hatband from beverage can tabs and beads.

2:30-3:30 Bolo Golf Single Elimination Tournament

4:00-5:30 Horse Shoes, Single Elimination Tournament - Blair McClure
For any experienced or novice person who enjoys some good natured fun.
6:30 Wine Tasting& Drink Swap: Meeting Room
Susan Littke: Wine Tasting, Beer tasting or drink of your choice (alcoholic or non) to share with others. Please bring Hors d'Oeuvres to share.

8:00 Music and Social Meeting Room
Bring your dancing if you want to dance.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

7:30 Pancake Breakfast & Coffee Pot: Meeting Room
Bring your table service and coffee mug.

9:00 –11:00 Session: Maintenance Meeting Room
Larry Gamble
How to rivet, cut fiberglass, water heater anode replacement, brake and bearing service and more. Women are encouraged to attend this session!.

11:00-12:00 Craft Class #2 Meeting Room
Rachel Funderburk and Beverly Cottingham
Rachel: Demonstrate how to crochet (No pre-registration for this demonstration)
Beverly: For those who have pre-registered for this class will make a hatband from beverage can tabs and beads.

12:00 Lunch
Meeting Room: Bring your own plated lunch/sandwich, table service, and drink if you wish to visit.

12:30 – 1:30 Swap Tables: Meeting Room
Bring anything you want to give away or sell. Need not only be RV items.

1:45-3:15 Session: Financial Planning Meeting Room
Gary Lamb
Gary’s background in banking, corporate finance and private consulting qualifies him to show us as investors how to
use simple, free resources to assist us in managing our own portfolios or monitoring the performance of our funds or financial advisers. He will show us how to track market trends by using simple charts.

4:00-5:00 Open Discussion: Meeting Room
Open topics, i.e. trailers, rally event, etc. Turn in your 2008 RALLY EVALUATION form.
Brad Cottingham

6:00 Hamburger Cookout: Covered Patio/Meeting Room
Cook your own hamburger patties/hot dogs on the grill. Bring your drinks and cooked burgers & buns to the
meeting room. The mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and chips will be provided

Door Prize Drawing

7:00 Entertainment Meeting Room

Sunday: April 6, 2008

8:00 Coffee Pot : Meeting Room

See you next year!!

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Name: Brad
Trailer: Excel 30RSO "Sun Blocker"
New Mexico
Posts: 48
Due to several cancellations, we've cleared everyone on the waiting list for the park and have four openings at the moment. Unfortunately, plans change. I appreciate the fact that those who's plans have changed have notified us in a timely manor so others may take their place.


Brad Cottingham

Updated 3/14/08
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Old 03-12-2008, 12:01 PM   #18
Trailer: 1989 16 ft Casita Freedom Deluxe
Posts: 93
Are people who can't stay the night welcome?
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Old 03-12-2008, 04:04 PM   #19
Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 51
You would be more than welcome to visit. Please attend.
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Old 03-30-2008, 05:36 PM   #20
Senior Member
Name: Blair
Trailer: Evelands Inc. Scamp 5vr
Posts: 123
For those that are going to attend Bluebonnet and are from Houston or coming from the East and may be going to arrive on Monday, a few of us are planning to meet Monday at 10:00 am at Camping World West of Houston at mile post 737. We plan to shove off from there at 10:30 am and then stop at a very nice rest area just East of Seguin at mile post 622 and have lunch.

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Old 03-30-2008, 10:12 PM   #21
Name: Brad
Trailer: Excel 30RSO "Sun Blocker"
New Mexico
Posts: 48
Updated 3/30/08

1 Brad & Beverly Santa Fe NM BradBev
2 Terry & Susan Rocky Mount NC RX
<strike> 3 Alan Rocky Mount NC Al-K4GLU </strike> Cancelled
4 Bill & Toshiko Spring Tx Samarai
5 Susan & Murray Canyon Lake TX flashnbug
6 Keith & Beverly Grandview TX Keith & Beverly
7 Alan & Olivette Dallas TX Alan #1119
8 Charlie & Joyce Grand Prairie TX CDSmith
9 Gary & Marlene Richland Hills TX vanvan
10 Blair & Jeanette Houston TX TX900s
11 Gayla & Ralph Lake Jackson TX
12 Brian & Carolyn Aledo TX brain
13 Phil & Denise Odem TX Underwood
<strike> 14 David & Betty Richardson TX David and Betty </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 15 David & Rachel Morganton NC davidandrachelf </strike> Cancelled
16 Carole Georgetown TX ecf
17 Fred & Mary San Antonio TX frosin
18 Charles Grand Prairie TX Texas Charles
19 Dann & Karan Irving Tx Dann and Karan
<strike> 20 Bob & Carol Dunnellon Fl </strike> Cancelled
21 Bill & Lynn Abilene TX LynnBill
22 Nita & Marty Albany LA Ourmeka or Nita F.
23 Jim & Lorain Kerrville TX JimnLorain
24 Larry & Debbie Richardson Tx Larry & Debbie Gamble
25 Donald & Sherian Trinity TX Don
<strike> 26 Gary & Cynthia Fairview TX Gary J. Carter </strike> Cancelled
27 Walter & Jimmie Amarillo TX Walt
28 Lowell & Vicki Mission TX
29 Hollie & Janell Georgetown TX HollieJanell
30 Jimmie & Ellen Star MS kd5fuy
<strike> 31 Charles & Donna Trenton Tn Rosiet's Casita </strike> Cancelled
32 Betty Abilene TX betty specht
33 Jerry & Stelly Dallas TX jerry&stelly
34 David & Jane Aledo TX DavidMc
<strike> 35 Tony & Jean Medford OK Tony and Jean </strike> Cancelled
36 Dave & Ruth Santa Fe NM Dave & Ruth
37 Rand & Barbara Lugoff SC Rand
38 Marlene Keller TX Marlene
39 Brian Cedar Creek TX BrianTex
40 John & Chris Ingleside TX johnc
<strike> 41 Chuck & Sandie Surprise AZ cecslc </strike> Cancelled
42 Keith & Jane Thornton CO KandJ
<strike> 43 Sam & Annette Escondido CA SamH </strike> Cancelled
44 Ranger Duke & Beverlee San Antonio TX Rangerduke
<strike> 45 J Richmond TX latte </strike> Cancelled
46 Jon & Chris Franklin NC Jon C
47 Tom & Martha Jo Arlington TX Tom Trostel
48 Glenn & Sharon Canyon Lake Tx Glenn & Sharon
<strike> 49 Jim & Jane Venice Fl GUYSCLOCK </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 50 Mike & Carol Temple TX Mike & Carol </strike> Cancelled
51 Ed Nassau Bay TX Ed Harris
<strike> 52 Lowell & Barbara Tabernash CO lkbamboo </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 53 Jerry & Wanda Summit MS jerryc </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 54 Ken & Ginger Jacksonville NC Ken C </strike> Cancelled
55 Jim & Pat San Angelo TX Jim A
56 Paul & Linda Stillwater OK DulcimerPlayer
57 Bruce San Angelo TX CHThursday
58 Paul & Jean Livingston TX TX_62
<strike> 59 Donald & Irma Mandeville LA DonIrma </strike> Cancelled
60 Elmore & Bonnie Metairie LA Bonnie & Elmore
61 Hubert & Della Mandeville LA Hubert and Della
62 Eddie & Diane Altus Ar ehawkins7
63 Neil & Barb Fredricktown OH neilbarb
<strike> 64 Stephen & Cyndie Katy TX Superdogsteve </strike> Cancelled
65 Frank Corpus Christi TX frank.parkos
66 Arlis & Nina Houston TX adtexas
67 Thomas & Katy Alma AR KTBarRanch
68 Pete & Sharon Richardson TX pete&sharon
69 Troy & Donna Mount Calm TX TroyDonna
70 Susan & Sandy Longmont CO Sue and Sandy
71 Albert & Gail Carmine TX Al&Gail.B
72 Maurice & Jane Tyler TX Tayside
<strike> 73 Ann Fairway KS AAMargi </strike> Cancelled
74 Errol & Mary Grace Mandeville LA Robby
<strike> 75 Chris & Cynthia Wharton TX ChrisP </strike> Cancelled
76 Jim & Fonda Shongaloo LA jhat & Lucille
77 Jim Dallas TX Jim Hawkins
78 John & Barbara Lubbock TX john&barbara
79 Buddy & Patty Mobile AL Patty & buddy
80 Jim & Carolyn Houston TX PodPeople
81 Vicki & Marv Fountain Hills AZ Marv
82 Steve & Cynthia Galveston TX Steve Nussenblatt
83 Jim & Carol Canyon County CA CarolnJim
<strike> 84 Don & Nancy Hartwell GA DonB </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 85 Eric & Leta Plano TX rick </strike> Cancelled
86 David & Sandy Brenham TX twoclinks
87 Jim & Glenna Waxahachie TX
<strike> 88 Jane Henderson TX Jane Williams </strike> Cancelled
89 Robert & Karen Duncanville TX Robert Elling
90 Gary & Lucille Tomball TX Gary & Lucille
91 Sean Lafayette LA Kjunman
<strike> 92 Jack & Booty Lubbock TX Jack&Booty </strike> Cancelled
93 Ronnie & Suz Glen Rose TX Ronnie
94 David & Angie Lake Charles LA GooseEgg
<strike> 95 Wesley & Maggi La Quinta CA </strike> Cancelled
96 Carson & June Eastover SC
97 Don Weatherford TX Don and Carol Curtis
<strike> 98 Herschel & Darlene Van Buren AR Herschel </strike> Cancelled
99 James Denison TX Jasebo
100 Harry & Wanda Bardwell TX HarrySmith
101 John & Lou Etta Cortez , CO
<strike> 102 Jerry & Mary Ann Georgetown TX JerryB </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 103 Jim & Yvette Georgetown TX eagledriver </strike> Cancelled
104 Phil & Tonya Dallas TX Flipit
105 David & Helen Eastover SC
106 Don & Martha Pipe Creek TX YellowJacket
107 Teresa , Betty & Peyton Bayou Vista TX Surfgirl
108 Lewis & Lanna Buffalo TX LLStone
<strike> 109 Bill & Bonnie New Wilmington PA </strike> Cancelled
110 Suz Keller TX Suz
111 Charlie & Mary Chandler AZ AZCharlie01
<strike> 112 Don & Ethel Cleveland GA donethel </strike> Cancelled
113 Tom & Joyce Milford KS Tom&Joyce
<strike> 114 Wayne & Doris Harleton TX WAYNE & DORIS </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 115 Dave & Marge Dunnellon FL Silverwheels </strike> Cancelled
116 Monica & Ron Austin TX moniki
117 Tim & Sammie Sugar Land TX Bigfoot
118 Ed Biloxi MS Ed.M
119 Don & Trudy Dunnellon FL
120 Morey & Carol Saline MI Morey
121 Vince & Virginia Houston TX
<strike> 122 Jim & Karen Denton TX JaKar </strike> Cancelled
123 David & Lue Hot Springs AR Dave and Lue
124 Jerry & Phyllis Fort Worth TX Jerry&Phyl
<strike> 125 Bill & Sharon Mead CO Bill & Sharon </strike> Cancelled
126 Martin & Nell Luling TX
127 Jack & Millie San Antonio TX
128 Johnny & Teresa Lubbock TX
129 Glenna & Glenn Nacogdoches TX
130 Lawrence & Marilyn Orange TX marilynmcshan
<strike> 131 George & Betty Lake Havasu City AZ HPYCMPN </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 132 Ed Billings MT MT Dutchman </strike> Cancelled
133 Pete Fair Oaks Ranch TX bugeyedriver
<strike> 134 Randall & Peggy Corsicana TX RunningR </strike> Cancelled
<strike> 135 Bill & Cookie Friendswood TX retire </strike> Cancelled
136 Gary & Tawny Temple TX tawny&gary
137 Don & N/A Stratford TX
* 138 Eddie & Marshal Waller TX
139 Dan & Rene Nashville TN danl
140 Billy & Hazel Pollok TX hhteague
141 Martin & Rita Allen TX MartinR
142 Tom & Joan North Richland Hills TX tomsrig
143 Lonnie & Tonya Hitchita OK Ownby
<strike> 144 Marilyn & Larry Austin TX emminell </strike> Cancelled
145 Mike & Debbie Iowa La Eggtoufee'
146 David & Liz Dripping Springs TX The Smiths
147 Bill & Sandra Grand Prairie TX Bill&Sandy
148 Jacque & Gregg The Woodlands TX
149 David & Terry Sunnyvale TX David & Terry
150 Troy & Sharon Dauphin Island AL Troy and Sharon
151 Barbara & Bob Roseville CA Wool
* 152 Billy & Leah Keller TX TEXAS_SUMMER
153 Jim & Toni Willis TX TonitheTGR
* 154 Kathie Ft Worth TX Kathie
155 Eddie Austin TX
156 Gerry Marie Elsah Il
157 Gordon & Rheta Georgetown TX GandR
* 158 Ray & Cookie Bay St. Louis MS buddybleau
* 159 Merrick New Braunfels TX Merrick
<strike> 160 John & Verna Garland TX JohnandVerna </strike> Cancelled
* 161 Ted & Priscilla Thousand Oaks CA Ted Tuchsen
* 162 Mill & Linda League City TX Willinda

We've had several cancellations due to health, work related issues, and unfortunately one vehicle accident. So, if anyone who would like to attend has not registered, please do so and join us in Bandera. There is no waiting list for the RV park. I'm guessing we have around 1/3 of the rigs here already.

Bandrea, TX
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Trailer: Scamp 16 ft Side Bath
Posts: 706
Wow, this sounds like it will be a terrific event! After visiting with Pete & Sharon in Gila Bend, AZ we hoped to attend, but there are just too many miles (and gallons of gas!) between the California coast & Bandera. Have tons of fun and we look forward to participating in this rally in the future. Regards - L 'n D
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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Name: Bill & Sandra Hanna
Trailer: 13 ft Scamp
Posts: 207
Send a message via Yahoo to bill&sandra
Well, just a 'hey' and to say I do believe this one beat last year's! It was so nice to have several first-timers around us and I do hope they frequent the fgrv site now. All were new Casita owners,fun loving and good humored! I hope we made a good enough impression on them for them to return!
Thanks to all who did the behind the scenes work as I know it is a big job and we all appreciate it! Thanks to Beverly with the craft hat band project! Took a while to get us in the groove, but it sure looked fancy when we finished!
Let me know if anybody wants the Shanghai Jimmy's Chili Rice casserole recipe. It's a bit involved, but I thought turned out tasting like I remember from the old days in Dallas in the 80s.
PS: I have a small connection where we might get to have a visit/mini song or two --or a reading from his latest book and book signing--next time by Kinky Friedman if interest is there. It's always iffy with Kinky, but hey, askin's free.
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Old 04-09-2008, 01:51 AM   #24
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Trailer: Scamp 16 ft Side Bath
Posts: 706
Wow, sounds like you-all had a great time! We couldn't be there, but Shanghai Jimmy's Chili Rice Casserole sounds too good to miss. Might it be possible to post the recipe in the "Recipes" thread here on our wunnerful forum - puleeeze?
If so, thanx in advance, LdB

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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