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I'll be talking to her and let her know. I'm the one that wanted a view of the water. If there is water in the area of any campground I'm wanting to see it if not be near it.

I'm getting anxious. Blast off is 5 weeks from this Friday.
Joy. Your view is also of the water, which laps on the shore just a short walk across the road. There is a large open group picnic shelter between us and the bay, but it really doesn't obscure the view all that much. This campground is so close to downtown that it only makes sense to walk there. If folks like to swim, there is a nice indoor pool across the street from the campground office.

By the way, I neglected to mention the wonderful scenic drive up the North shore from Two Harbors through two tunnels. People will surely enjoy it, especially if they take the time to check out some of the roaring rivers, kettles, clifts, and waterfalls along the way, and of course a stop at Split Rock Lighthouse.

Can't wait.

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David, We've got an indoor room reserved but if the weather is nice we'll use that open outdoor area for "who knows what" I think Nancy said there was a firepit down there are well. We need a group fire somewhere.

Lily is going to enjoy the short walk to the water. That's one of my reasons for being near water.

I liked the idea of being able to walk to town. I'll also have my bike along to use. We'll be there for 5 nights.

I'm coming from Ely so I look forward to the drive down the coast to Two Harbors area. I'll most likely camp somewhere north of Duluth my first night, or two, after GM. I've got about a week of willy nilly before reservations in Preston. I can't dally too long though, as I have some things I want to see along the way.

Thanks for the info

Joy and Lily, too

Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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This sounds like a GREAT time! We have a lot of things going on around here-very ill brother, some health issues of my own...but, it would be fantastic to attend.

Any Dutch Oven events planned? If I can make it, I'd be bringing a couple and share a recipe or two if anyone wishes.

And, any ARTIST'S out there who are bringing easel? It looks gorgeous there!

BTW, there's a great campground near Sioux Falls, SD, called Palisades. It's a state campground and is very pretty. The campsites overlook the river gorge flanked by tall, plum colored quartz walls. I highly recommend it.

And, the Badlands of South Dakota are just breathtaking-particularly early in the morning with the sun rising. Make sure you take a trip through them on your way to Minnesota!

Gooseberry Falls are worth seeing, too as is Duluth and Lake Superior.

I would appreciate people posting on various campgrounds they use enroute to the GTG. It's always great to get reports firsthand. Bloggers?

Hope to see you there!
Gigi-formerly of Minnesota, now of Dakota!

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Hi Gigi,

Hope you will be able to make it. The campground will be much fuller than I thought before we had so many registered. People who register with me or Joy will get a packet when they come in, so if you ever firm up your plans try to let us know so we are prepared for you.

No Dutch over workshops planned. Actually no workshops planned as Grand Marais is just too neat of a place to sit at campground. Artist point is just across the way from the campground by the coast guard station. Lots of photo opportunities there (don't need paints).

If there are any sewers out there who would like a project workshop (maybe a Christmas gift idea) I would be happy to do that, as I can see Grand Marais any time I want. Would need to have feedback as I do not want to carry a sewing machine and fabric if there is no interest. It would be a shame to be indoors doing a sewing workshop if the weather was beautiful. If the weather doesn't agree then it would be a nice activity. I can be available.

Thanks for mentioning the place near Sioux Falls. I'll have to look that up as we drive the I-29 a few times a year. Always hit Stones in Watertown at lunch time for their hot beef combo. Terry Redlin art place is just across the interstate from Stones if you haven't seen that, quite large and impressive.

If you can come up/over do you need campground stop ideas? If so, what is your route?

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Aren't we all lucky. We get to see Joy's "mods over the winter" projects. That new TV stand is beautiful, but I'm not sure I quite understand how it is supported.

Really looking forward to seeing these. We will be having an open house hour or two for anyone wanting to show or tell.

We will post an optional schedule in the rec center. Open house time, picture taking time, pot luck, etc.

There will be a bulletin board in the rec center so if people want to post anything for/to others the option will be available. For example if anyone wants to post that they want to get together for cards or car rides to hikes/casino etc they can put it up.

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I just got the look of disappointment from hubby I was informed that this camp out is over Fathers Day. Kids and hubby not happy with me for going away on "his day", I may have to just pack up and head home early so as to spend part of the day with hubby and the grown kids that want to be with their dad to celebrate his day. I never gave it a thought that I would be gone over Fathers Day.
Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

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I didn't realize it was on Fathers Day until I was watching golf "today" and they mentioned the next major tournament dates. I thought Oh good I'll be at GM with my satellite dish deployed. Then they said something about Fathers Day.

I never gave it a thought when choosing the dates. Nancy & Fred said we should have a gathering when I go through Minnesota and I said OK but I get to choose the place. I chose GM as I wanted to spend some time there not just a day or two. That meant the dates were June 12 to 15.

We'll see if anyone backs out when they realize it too.

I'll be there no matter what. My Dad's in California and I'll be in Minnesota.
Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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Me too!!! I'll trade you.

It's been like summer here already. We haven't had measurable rain since February. Was in the 70's near 80 yesterday. Too warm for April.

Say Bob, I don't have you on my list. Are you coming to GM??? If so, when you make your reservation be sure to let me know where you are from, what type trailer you have & year, as well as your in and out dates.

No excuses now, you Minnesotan's shouldn't be scared off by a little snow, rain or cold. It would be I who should be and I'm not. I'm coming. Now, ice is another thing.
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Here is some information on camping areas in and around Duluth for those who might want to spend some time in the Duluth area before heading up the Shore to the Grand Marais Gathering.

Name: Black Bear Casino/Resort
Location: I-35 Exit 235
Description: Will allow overnight parking in lot.

Name: Jay Cooke State Park
Location: I-35 Exit 235 then 6.3 miles east on Hwy 210
Description: Park pass required. Suspension foot bridge over the St. Louis River is just a short walk from the parking lot. The river thunders over slabs of ancient, exposed rock right beneath your feet.

Name: Spirit Mountain Campground
Location: I-35 Exit 249, past Mc Donald's and Country Inn and Suites, then west on West Skyline Drive
Description: Easy access from I-35.

Name: Indian Point Campground
Location: In Duluth, 75th Avenue West and Grand Avenue then south.
Description: A privately operated campground on the St. Louis River on the western edge of Duluth. Access to the Munger Bike Trail. Duluth Zoo within walking distance.

Name: Lakehead Boat Basin Marina and Camping
Location: Lake Avenue South and 10th Street
Description: Camping available. Call for reservations 1-800-777-8436. Within walking distance to lift bridge, Canal Park and LakeWalk. Watch ocean-going freighters and 1,000-foot lakers go by in the Duluth/Superior harbor. Might want to wait until Grand Marais to take your shower.

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Here are some of our favorite trailer-friendly waysides and points of interest on Lake Superior's North Shore from Duluth to Grand Marais.

Name: Thompson Hill Tourist Info
Location: I-35 Exit 249
Description: Tourist information center and wayside. On a clear day, you can see forever! Great overlook of city of Duluth and St. Louis River valley. Nice stop before descending the hill into Duluth (steep grade - gear down). Same exit as Spirit Mountain Campground.

Name: Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
Location: Lake Avenue South. I-35 Exit 256.
GPS Coords: 46 46′ 44.5″ N, 92 5′ 33.9″
Description: The iconic image of Duluth, MN, is the aerial lift bridge. Parking difficult on weekends. Be sure to check out the Corps of Engineers Maritime Museum at the foot of the Aerial Bridge.

Name: Two Harbors Ore Docks and Edna G. Tugboat
GPS Coords: N 47; 1; 6 W 91; 40; 33
Description: History center and museum. World's largest locomotive. Working iron ore loading docks. Historic tugboat.

Name: Two Harbors Lighthouse
GPS Coords: N 47; 0; 84 W 91; 39; 90
Description: Large parking lot. Walking path. Portable toilets. Historic lighthouse is now a B&B.

Name: Two Harbors Campground
Milepost: 26
GPS Coords: N 47; 1; 35 W 91; 39; 43
Description: Easy access from highway. On Burlington Bay. Look for agates on the beach!

Name: Gooseberry Falls State Park
Milepost: 39
GPS Coords: N 47; 8; 375 W 91; 28; 408
Description: Minnesota's best waterfalls! Free parking and visitor center with large clean restrooms, gift shop, theater. Be sure to check out the sculpture-clad pillar on the outside southeast corner of the building. Short walk to middle falls is handicap accessible. If you are able, the loop walk around the falls is beautiful. From the middle falls, walk down (counter clockwise) to the foot bridge below the lower falls. Cross bridge and follow the path back up to the highway. The trail goes under the highway bridge allowing you a view of the upper falls on your return to the visitor center. To drive to the mouth of the river or to the lava flow picnic area you must have a park pass.

Name: Iona Beach
Milepost: 42
GPS Coords: N 47; 10; 11 W 91; 25; 54
Description: No turn lane from highway in either direction. This gem is easy to pass by. There is only satellite toilet here. Two parking lots. Both have drive -through slots. Upper is better for trailers. This spot is a boat launch and bicycle path access point. We like the beach of quarter-sized pebbles just a short walk from the upper parking lot.

Name: Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
Milepost: 46
GPS Coords: N 47; 12; 33 W 91; 22; 9
Description: Turn lanes from both directions into the park. Park pass required: $5 daily or $25 annual. Parking at lighthouse. Also, parking and very nice views of lighthouse at picnic area/beach below lighthouse.

Name: Tettegouche State Park
Milepost: 58
GPS Coords: N 47; 20; 38 W 91; 11; 78
Description: Turn lanes from both directions into wayside. Go past entrance drive to park to the free wayside parking areas. Six hour limit. No camping in the wayside areas. Nice walk to mouth of Baptism river. Great walk to, and around, Shovel point with beautiful views of Lake Superior shoreline from of top of tall cliffs. Shovel Point walk is about 2 miles round trip with some long stair sections. Very nice visitor center.

Name: Cross River Falls
Milepost: 79
GPS Coords: N 47; 32; 75 W 90; 53; 60
Description: View of Cross River falls from highway. Parking on uphill side both before and after the bridge over Cross River.

Name: Temperance River State Park
Milepost: 80
GPS Coords: N 47; 33; 29 W 90; 52; 41
Description: Possible highway parking (depends of traffic). No facilities. Fee required for campground, which has facilities. Great short hike from highway. The river has cut narrow and deep gorge through the rock resulting in waterfalls and cauldrons which can be viewed from seven overlooks.

Name: Cascade River State Park
Milepost: 100
GPS Coords: N 47; 42; 42 W 90; 31; 41
Description: Possible highway parking (depends of traffic). No facilities. Fee required for campground, which has facilities. Nine miles from Grand Marais campground. The Cascade Park and river are aptly named. An easy trail follows the river and provides many views of the river cascading down the hill.

Name: Grand Marais Campground
Milepost: 109
GPS Coords: N 47; 44; 95 W 90; 20; 66
Description: Welcome to the Grand Marais Gathering!

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Loren & Elaine H.
St. Paul, Mn
2005 Casita 17' LD
2005 Ford Explorer
Made reservations today for site #W147 for 6/13,14 Leaving on the morning of the 15th
to get home for Fathers Day evening
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Loren and Elaine,

Glad to have you coming. I think Joy already has the name tags made, you may have to write your names on yours. Looking forward to seeing you.

Hope the cold weather is gone by then!

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Got my printer with me, so I can make any name tags necessary.

Am at Minden, NE right now at the Fiberglass rally. Been having a great time seeing folks I haven't seen since the Turkery Creek, MO gathering 5 years ago. I will leave Monday for MN.

The weather has been terrible. I think it hitched on to my bumper.

Some one told me it was 47degrees in GM the other day. Well, it was 47 degrees here in Minden yesterday and was a great day for Lily and I to walk around the town.

Bye for now.
Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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We are up to 47:

Site# Name/State

29W David & Sharon C. - MN
30W Doris L. - IA
31W Joy A. - CA
32W Don & Dianne L. - MN
33W Lyndon & LouAnn L. - MN
34W Dwayne (Pete) & Kathy P. - MN
35W Dave & Dianne P. - WI
43W Don L & Donna K. - TX
45W Ron & Loretta S. - IA
45WA Bruce & Marsha W - MN
46W Jim & Autumn B. - MI
47W Dave & Kathy B. - MN
67W Frank & Pat G. - WI
68W David & nancy C. - MN
69W Murray & Shirley D. - WI
70W Sunnie N. - WI
71W Lee & Lynda D. - MN
72W Jack & Judy F. - PA
73W Bill & Deb M. - MN
74W Blake & Bette H.- MN
75W Debra F. & Jill H. - MN
76W ????
77W Ken & Carol B. - MN
78W Gerald B. - MN
82W Paul O. - MI
83W Tony & Darlene N. - WI
84W Patty Mc. - MD
85W ?????
87W Merle L. - FL
97W Karalyn A. - MN
103W James & Bonnie E. - MN
116W Dean & Virginia M. - IA
117W Bob V. & Lucille K. - IL
130W Lowell & Mary R. - MN
131W Robert & Jan K. - MN
132W Randy & Connie - IL
145W David & Nancy - MN
147W Loren & Elaine H - MN
156W Ted & May A. - IA
157W Fred & Nancy H. - MN
158W Bill & Carol M. - IL
159W Dave & Virginia P. - MN
160W Randy & Janet N. - MN
161W Karen H. - MN
162W Bill S. & Greg D. - IA
172W Pat, Joanne & Elizabeth J. - MN
----- Ron & Linda W - NE

The 2 ???'s have registered with the campground but haven't advised us so I don't know anything about them.

Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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