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Just a quick FYI to check the farm supply for X pens as well. They may carry them cheaper than the big box pet stores. We got ours from a pet food distributor rather than a pet store. They only sell food and supplies not animals. Sometimes you can pick up pet supplies through online classifieds but be wary of second hand. They have to be thoroughly disinfected. One of our local rescues had a bunch of crates stolen but they had been used to transport dogs from the north many of which were carrying Parvo and mange so a warning went out not to buy second hand in case anyone got the infectious crates. Thieves will sell anything!!

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Jeffers Pet (online) also sells xpens at a good price.


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Xpens plans and ideas

Ok, I've been thinking about how to solve the issue of pet containment systems and have found a pretty nice pen on Amazon, for example, that includes 8 panels that are approximately 32" X 32" made of metal and painted (maybe powder coated).

While I was a Lowe's picking up a new lock set for our Scamp door I checked the price of 1" Schedule 40 PVC in 10' lengths and found them at $2.69 each. I also found plastic garden fencing material that can be cut with a scissors, similar to orange construction fencing, and could be zip tied into the panels.

That means I should be able to build plastic panels of similar size for about half the price that we can buy the set from Amazon and the home built set will be significantly lighter weight. A set of panels could ride inside the Scamp in the center isle and be brought out and set up quickly upon arrival at any destination that permits such yard ornaments.

Of course, that lighter weight panel may not stand up to the stress of a bigger animal but our little dogs should be fine. Another issue is that the lighter weight panels would move if a neighboring animal lunged at it from the outside. However, since our dogs would never be unattended...that shouldn't be an issue. Just thinking out loud here...

Also, Mac has a good idea so I'll be checking the local farm supply retailers to see what they offer. I'm particularly interested in Tractor Supply because this sounds like something they'd stock. Thanks Mac.
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Originally Posted by Old Macdonalds View Post
We have four little ones as well, 2 rescues, a peke and Italian greyhound and 2 "swiffers" of unknown parentage, I have had from pups. Not allowed anymore without a permit in our city or we'd be crazy enough to have half a dozen. Yes, we are THAT childless couple!!! We camped with all four last year and will do it again this year but the leash thing sucks as ours end up tied in knots even with the non tangling cables. We own a 14ft Surfside with an awning and we set up a pop up screen tent from Walmart against the edge of the awning. The challenge is the gap between the trailer and the screen tent. A few extra pegs secures the screen tent edge so the dogs are fine in there. Recently bought an exercise pen which we use to kennel all four at home (easier than 4 crates) We will take it when we do weekend camping just for ease of set up but have been giving some thought to the vacation camp of two weeks. Was at the local farm supply and they have light weight step-on posts for temporary fencing (usually electric) but they should work to run a pvc fence around. Bought some deer fence which is a really lightweight mesh so hoping with a post at the corner of the trailer and the corner of the screen tent, front and back, we can block both ends. It can be cut too, so can stretch a short piece along the bottom of the trailer without blocking the door. The peke sneaks out that way. Will tack the bottom down with a few extra tent pegs. The mesh comes 7ft by 100 ft so plenty to play with or double up and can be secured to the post with cable ties. It rolls up the size of a throw pillow and weighs less than a pound. 35$ cdn. The posts are 5 ft high, plastic or fiberglass and about $6 a piece Cdn so maybe $4 US. Whatever mesh I don't use for fencing will be used in the garden for peas etc. That's my two cents worth.
Whatever you decide be mindful that with very small dogs that they are also vulnerable to eagles and hawks so even if you just do an x-pen, a tarp over part or all, offers shade and safety. Good luck. Our dogs love camping.
Originally Posted by Mitzi Agnew-Giles View Post
Thanks Old Macdonalds- I'll be checking at Tractor Supply! The youngest Indoor kitty was only a few weeks old when he fell out of the bottom of a tractor trailer we were tailing. He was one big fluffball and the tractor trailer hit him in the head and then the turbulence blew him airborne- think Wile E Coyote when he runs off the edge of the cliff. All his legs were in motion while he floated to the verge- fortunately next door to the vet, who gave him IV steroids to reduce brain swelling. He is the sweetest thing, the size of a small collie. DH thinks he is a RagaMuffin, developed fro the Ragdolls, but slightly larger. We named him Roadkill.
Our "Big brother" indoor cat was dropped off in our yard when about 48 hours old. We heard him yelling all night- thought he was an adult cat in distress he was so loud. Found him at dawn. He refused goats milk thru a dropper, so we took him to the vet and found 3 other couples there with kittens the same size. Got an KMR starter kit and bottlefeeding lessons. DH had dreamt about a week before we had a marmalade cat named Yuki, so we named him Yuki. We were cat less at the time, having returned DD's cat to her when they bought their first house. Yuki was bottlefed by DH every 2 hours ATC and his little bum wiped to stimulate elimination. We didn't let him sleep with us as DH was afraid we would roll over on him. He understands English and did not realize he looked different from us till the first time I passed a mirror, while holding him on my shoulder-aged about 6-7 months. We started to have problems with him at about 9 months of age- he thought he was a human and he was hitting adolescence. DHs niece at this time determined she was going to take her daughter's 8 month old cat to the pound - this was AFTER having all 4 claws removed- because her youngest son was allergic. Of course the youngest son was allergic at the time they got the cat...we thought Yuki might do better if he had a playmate so we took Angel. Of course SHE was so upset at losing her family...But Yuki was absolutely fascinated. Stuck to her like glue for months and she taught him about cat-dom.
We have "Sucker for Cats" in big bold letters on our foreheads, I guess. Had a series of yard cats we would feed and pet and love, try to get to the vets for neutering and vaccinations..It appears our yard's carrying capacity is for 3 cats. We had a wonderful huntress who cleaned out a rat and rabbit infestation that was destroying my vegetable garden. She had a litter before we could get her spayed. The sole survivor is named Orangesoda. He was orange and had a brother who was cream colored so we called that one creamsoda. The feral was a great mother but we have red tail hawks, bald eagles, owls, coyotes, wildcats, foxes and feral dogs in our area. Momma died this past autumn, peacefully under the oak tree. The putative papa, Fathercat (for lack of a better name) called and called for her for weeks. He and Orange Soda became much friendlier. We know orange soda was feral because he was born in our hedge. The vet says none of them act like ferals, but it takes a lot of love to win their trust. And the latest one is named Nightfall. She is a little black cat who showed up around Christmas, just a skeleton draped with fur. Her front legs are bowed inwards and she has a funny gait. I think she was thrown from a car in motion. Very very affectionate, and now gaining a little weight. 3 weeks ago at the vet they said she weighed almost 7 lbs. I have started to give her chondroitin treats because her shoulders pain her. There used to be damp spots on her shoulder where she had licked and licked them- none since the chondroitin was started.
The 3 outdoor cats had wanted to be inside cats so bad they would attack our "insiders" when we let them go out out to play and try to chase them away- and then try to come in the house. Since the one momma died the two "former" males are much friendlier and we let them come in- but try not to keep them inside overnight. Not sure about their litter box habits- Fathercat was dropped off about 4 years ago, if he's not a feral...and Orangesoda, of course, never learned. I think Nightfall could use one but she'de have to have a very edge to step over- and we have a 3 1/2 ft by 18 inch litter box with 4 inch high sides that most all the others prefer to use- with a backup standard size kitty box in the back bedroom for "traffic jams" at the main box.
So when I say I have 3 kitties- I mean the inside ones- but I keep hoping to see the "outsiders" actually use the litter box, since that is kind of DH's requirement for adding to the indoor pride....
A bit of advice and request thrown into one here. It would be awful kind if posts like these were formatted with proper paragraphs.

I know I can't follow these type posts without my eyes going buggy on me a part of the way in, and I lose track of where I am reading, and either need to start over, or more likely, to skip the post. And I do want to read what you good folk have to say.

Pretty sure I am not the only one, as this has come up before.

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Message received!
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I have been camping with 2-3 large dogs for many years. We tried the rope/long leAsh thing, but I spent most of my camping down-time untangling. A few years ago, I purchased 3 of the 8-panel pens and they were one of the best purchases I've ever made! I currently have about 250 lbs of dog. They are all farm dogs that don't spend much time on leashes.
With the amount of fencing I have, I can usually enclose the picnic table and fire pit, and bring the fencing right up to the trailer door. I put down the big patio mat and they're usually very happy. I never leave them unsupervised.
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Travelling with pets

Interesting thread.

I have trained working dogs & traveled with them for over 30 Years. We do retriever field trials & hunting tests. Traveling with my dogs to participate in retriever training & competition is the only reason I got a travel trailer.

Now every minute of the day I need to worry about my dogs' safety: I need to make sure they are comfortable, secure, have access to water. I need to make sure they are regularly "aired" and fed on time. I spend my springs in Montana, many times all alone at a training site & am always on the lookout for bears & other predators. I need to protect them from fleas & tics. But my car is set up for the dogs: crates with water buckets, space blankets for the windows, bug spray close at hand, etc.

They are very well trained & socialized. But I never let them off leash in the field without an electronic collar.

This all takes time & commitment. But traveling with my dogs has given me great pleasure - and feelings of safety. I would never go camping without a dog.Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0657.JPEG
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